What Is the Taste of Balut? Is Balut Delicious?

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Are you open to trying new things, particularly food?

Are you constantly eager to try a new restaurant or recipe? If so, we have just the thing for you.

We’re discussing a new dish called Balut. Of course, it’s not quite new, since it’s very popular in South East Asian nations.

Yet, not everyone in the rest of the globe has tasted it or heard about it.

Balut tastes nasty and crunchy at the same time, and it tastes completely unlike from any other dish you’ve tasted.

Be daring and give it a go.

What exactly is Balut?

Balut is a growing duck or chicken egg embryo that you boil and eat from the shell. It is a common street snack in China.

Nevertheless, balut is more popular in the Philippines, where it is a staple diet.

Balut was brought to the Philippines by the Chinese around 1565 or about 1885. It has since become a part of their traditional culture.

The word Balut is a Filipino phrase, therefore you can immediately imagine where it is most prevalent.

It provides customers with a low-cost supply of protein and calcium. Locals regard it as an aphrodisiac and traditional medicine.

What Is the Taste of Balut? Is Balut Delicious?

Balut tastes like chicken soup but has a unique texture. Balut tastes somewhat flavorful with a fermented undertone.

Balut, according to Mashable, is like eating a creamy and fluffy pudding. Some have likened it to the flavor of custard.

The flavor of Balut varies depending on the egg’s incubation time.

Depending on the culture, the eggs are incubated for 14 to 21 days.

Embryos that have been incubated for a longer period of time are chewier, whereas those that have been incubated for a shorter period of time are soft.

Balut albumen has a rubbery texture that makes it difficult to eat.

Instead of consuming it, it is usually discarded with the skin. Also, it cannot be consumed uncooked.

Balut embryos are made from of chicken and duck eggs, which have various textures.

The texture of chicken yolk is runnier, but duck embryos have more yolk on them. The locals prefer duck embryos over chicken embryos.

It might be rather unpleasant to eat for the first time. But once you’ve mastered it, it’s extremely wonderful.

Balut is similar to granola or a power bar. Balut, according to Filipinos, may help you sleep better.

Before retiring to bed, many Filipinos have a Balut.

Eating a Balut egg of a duck has more than 150 calories, which is enough for a large snack, according to FatSecret, the calorie counter and diet tracker for weight reduction.

How Do You Eat Balut?

Balut is best consumed fermented, and it may be difficult to get the desired texture.

Mamas Guide Recipes recommends choosing eggs from mated flocks that are no more than five days old.

After the Balut eggs have finished cooking for five hours, heated rice is poured over them.

On the 12th day, when the eggs have been flipped twice or three times in a day, they are suitable for ingestion.

Eggs removed after the 18th day are usually the finest to consume.

Balut is traditionally eaten with a bit of salt, vinegar, chile, and vinegar to improve the flavor.

Similarly, it is eaten with only a little lime juice and crushed pepper in Vietnam and Cambodia.

The best way to eat Balut is scrambled, beaten, and fried with a little vinegar dip.

Balut should not be eaten uncooked since it might cause indigestion and possibly food poisoning.

Balut has a one-day shelf life, so it’s best to consume it right away. It is safe to consume within a week if refrigerated. But, do not consume it cold.


Eating Balut is a contentious matter since many individuals are disturbed by the sight of growing embryos.

One glance at the veins in the yolk is enough to put anybody off.

Nonetheless, it is an acquired taste. Once you’ve fallen in love, there’s no turning back. You will get knowledge from the experience.


Does balut taste good?

In fact, eating balut is a pleasurable experience. A nice balut yolk has a velvety texture that is similar to cream cheese. It contains less sulfur than regular hard-boiled chicken eggs. A decent balut, including the embryo, has a milder taste, and the embryo’s texture is nothing to be terrified of.

Why does balut taste so good?

Balut tastes like chicken soup but has a unique texture. Balut tastes somewhat flavorful with a fermented undertone. Balut, according to Mashed, is like “eating a creamy and fluffy pudding.” Some have likened it to the flavor of custard.

Is duck balut good?

Yes, Balut is completely safe to consume. The eggs are even regarded as healthful and recommended for their nutritional value. They include proteins, 188 calories, 2 milligrams of iron, and 116 milligrams of calcium. A Balut also contains Vitamin C, which helps the immune system, and beta carotene, which has antioxidant effects.

Is balut hard to eat?

The whole egg may be eaten, however the albumen is frequently thought to be too hard and rough to consume. Balut is often served with salt, vinegar, or soy sauce in the Philippines, and salt, pepper, and Vietnamese coriander in Vietnam.

How many balut can you eat in a day?

That is up to the individual. Eating three balut in one sitting may provide a significant amount of nutrition, but it may also be too much for some people. Eating three balut may provide enough protein, calories, and vitamins for a full meal, but it may also cause an upset stomach.

Why do people eat balut at night?

While there is no scientific evidence, Balut is said to be an aphrodisiac, which may explain why it is primarily marketed at night. Others even say it is an effective hangover snack after a night of drinking.

What does eating balut do to your body?

Balut Eggs’ Nutritional Value

They’re rich in vitamin C and beta carotene, two potent antioxidants that help remove free radicals from your circulation and boost your immune system. They also include niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine, which aid in energy metabolism.

Why is balut unhealthy?

Balut egg, on the other hand, is heavy in cholesterol. The yolk of a single fertilized duck egg contains around 359 mg of cholesterol. This is 59mg greater than the FDA-recommended daily cholesterol intake of 300 mg.

What does it feel like to eat balut?

Balut tastes similar to chicken soup. It has a distinct texture. Balut may be found in a few North American nations and places.

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