What Does Moonshine Taste Like? Does Moonshine Taste Good?

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You may think of some illegally distilled liquor when you hear the phrase moonshine!

Another often asked question about moonshine is if it would make you blind. But such beliefs are centuries old!

Moonshine has grown in popularity in recent years. From whiskey and rum connoisseurs to cocktail connoisseurs, practically everyone enjoys a little moonshine in their cocktails.

But the key issue is, how did moonshine, one of the most prohibited liquors in the US, become a beloved American drink?

So, if you want to understand more about this unaged whiskey and get answers to all of your queries, keep reading.

In this essay, we will go over all there is to know about moonshine. What is moonshine, how to produce moonshine, and how does moonshine taste?

Without further ado, let’s get right into the content!

What is Moonshine?

What Does Moonshine Taste Like? Does Moonshine Taste Good?

Moonshine is a sort of unaged homemade whiskey with a unique, clear hue, a high alcohol concentration, and a maize basis.

That is the finest way to define authentic moonshine. Most people referred to it as a clear, unaged whiskey.

The traditional assumption that moonshine was a dangerous spirit capable of causing paralysis, death, or eyesight loss is largely gone. Moonshine is become one of America’s favorite alcoholic beverages!

During the 18th century, Irish and Scottish immigrants brought moonshine to the United States.

Taxation has grown in popularity as its popularity has grown. There was a levy imposed on whiskey manufacture in 1791.

As a result, the untaxed manufacture of moonshine was deemed unlawful.

This is why moonshine was often made at home and sold at night in order to dodge any taxes.

Today, however, there are numerous approved distillers and firms that produce high-quality moonshine spirits in accordance with the state’s legal criteria.

What Does Moonshine Taste Like? Does Moonshine Taste Good?

Moonshine is just unaged whiskey that has been bottled directly from the still.

Traditional moonshine was made using a maize basis and a substantial amount of alcohol, up to 190 percent. As a result, some people equate the flavor of moonshine to that of 151 rum.

If you’ve had 151 rum, you’re probably familiar with the burn and kick of moonshine. Most traditional moonshines may taste earthy.

Today, however, multiple firms create various types of moonshine. As a result, various moonshines may taste different.

To give you a better understanding, below are the tastes of some of the most popular Moonshines from different makers.

Tim Smiths Climax Moonshine: Made from rye, maize, and malted barley, this 90 proof moonshine is produced.

It has a spicy and sweet taste profile. This spirit packs a punch but is also pleasantly smooth.

Midnight Moon Moonshine is 80 proof and made from maize. The booze isn’t overly powerful, but it tastes like vodka.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is corn-distilled and 100 proof. Some say the flavor of this moonshine is comparable to that of month-old Chinese white rice.

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey: This moonshine is made entirely from New York corn. As a result, anticipate some rich maize taste in this liquor.

Kings Country Distillery Moonshine: According to some, the taste of this moonshine is particularly savory, with a hint of genuine corn tastes. Some people even compare it to the taste of Tequila. This alcohol is corn-distilled and 80 proof.

Best Ways to Drink Moonshine

The nice thing about moonshine is its versatility. As a result, you may make it into a cocktail with Jack Daniels, vodka, or rumchata!

Here are a few of the greatest ways to consume Moonshine:


Lemonade and moonshine go well together. How? Because moonshine’s powerful taste may cut the sweetness of conventional lemonade.

Mix some moonshine with lemonade and serve over ice for the ultimate summer cocktail!


Who doesn’t like the traditional combination of coke and whiskey? Because moonshine is a form of whiskey, it makes an excellent coke-whiskey drink.

Also, certain sweet moonshines with a high maize content generally include cola flavors.

Pickle juice

Many people prefer sipping moonshine with a cup of pickle juice on the side. Of course, you don’t have to combine the two beverages!

Most people, however, take a taste of pickle brine immediately after drinking a moonshine shot. This aids in reducing the burn produced by moonshine.

If you’ve never had whiskey before, the pickle juice approach is a terrific way to try it!

Sweet Vermouth

If you want a bolder cocktail, combine your moonshine with sweet vermouth.

Though it is not the original Manhattan, you may still utilize the standard whiskey-to-vermouth ratio of 2:1 when preparing the beverages. Once the beverages have been mixed, add some ice cubes for the ultimate mixture!


As of today, moonshine is not outlawed! Traditional moonshine, with its strong earthy taste and intense burn, was not as enjoyable.

However, you can now purchase a large variety of moonshine products in a variety of tastes.

The alcohol concentration varies from moonshine to moonshine. As a result, it is much simpler to locate a moonshine that meets anyone’s tastes.

If you’re a whiskey connoisseur who hasn’t tried this unaged whiskey yet, you’re missing out on something special!

So, go purchase a bottle of the best moonshine from your local shop and try making these delectable moonshine drinks!

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