Top 5 Best Butane Torch Reviews 2022

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If there is one tool that should be in every handyman’s toolbox, it is the butane torch.

They are portable, small, and simple to use, with several applications not just in industrial workplaces but also in our homes.

You may use them in your home to melt frozen pipes during the winter, as a jewelry maker to solder a piece of jewelry, and as a chef to produce the ideal crme brulee.

The highest temperature of a butane torch is 2,610 degrees Fahrenheit.

They can melt most common metals, such as aluminum and copper, at this high temperature.

Choosing the greatest butane torch is challenging, particularly if you want one that can be used for a number of purposes.

5 Best Butane Torch 2022 Reviews

1 – Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

There are several reasons why this butane light is regarded as the finest.

It has several qualities that set it apart, such as its nozzle, which enables for accurate flame emission to the target.

Its precise characteristic is essential for managing delicate work in dental laboratories, jewelry production, and plumbing.

The maximum temperature of this model is 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a flame length that may vary from 1.25 inches to 5 inches.

This temperature and flame length combination is great for blasting a metal like titanium to caramelize the sugar on top of a dessert.

It has a burn duration of up to 35 minutes, which is long enough to do your activity without interruption.

To keep your hands free, utilize this mini flashlight with the attachable handle.

You can manage the flame length with a dial adjustment on the gas flow, and since it does not need an electric connection, you will love its mobility.

turn off the ignition. Unlike other versions, it is also fuel-efficient and has a low noise level. This butane torch has an instant on feature.

This butane light is fitted with a manual lock for your peace of mind during transit and storage.


  • This torch has a long-burn time on the maximum flame.
  • It offers a precise flame for detailed work.
  • Designed to work with small projects and small spaces.
  • It has gas flow dial to have a complete control over the flame length.


  • It does not have a quick start function
  • The flame has barely any adjustability.
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2 – Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch

One of the finest aspects of this butane torch is its 75-minute burn period, which is longer than the others.

It comes in a set including tools, tins, sponges, solder, a soldering tip, a flame diffuser, a deflector, and a blower.

It provides value for money and convenience since you do not have to purchase expensive accessories individually.

This torch is ideal for DIY projects since it can be used as a fixed torch by attaching its retractable foot to a table.

You can do other things with your hand if you don’t hold the torch. It also warms up quickly and is simple to replace the butane gas.

This butane torch has an automated ignition button as well as temperature and flame settings. This offers the ideal environment for soldering and cooking.

Nonetheless, there have been allegations of leaks and anomalies in the torch’s igniting mechanism. The tool’s two-year guarantee may make up for this flaw.

With the equipment included, this butane torch may do a number of tasks such as soldering, pipefitting, jewelry making, and dessert making. The flame length is constant, and there is a safety lock for further security.

The excellent thing about this butane torch is that it is fairly priced for what it includes.


  • It comes with a complete nine-piece kit that is good as a starter kit.
  • This butane torch includes a precise flame.
  • It also has a detachable base for ease of use.
  • It is durable and approved to be used at home.


  • The ignition is unreliable; you might need matches on some occasion.
  • There are reports of leaks after heavy use.
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3 – Heavy Duty Micro Blow Torch Flame Forte

This torch has a 60-minute burn duration and can reach temperatures of up to 2600 degrees Fahrenheit.

The flame lock makes it easier to work with the flame always on.

The safety lock is there to provide safety and additional control.

Like with other butane torches, the retractable stand allows you to operate hands-free.

Because of the extended nozzle, it creates a tremendous flame.

This high-quality butane torch has a professional appearance.

It is also lightweight and small, making it simple to transport.

This light is suitable for both rookie and expert handymen due to its portability and ease of use.

But, there are irregularities in the temperature of the flame.

This problem is solvable since the warranty covers it. Even though the accessories are not included, this is still a good deal.

The design allows the operator to manipulate the torch, making the process simpler. The user benefits from its comfort and simplicity of use, and even a novice may use it.

It is of high quality and may be used for plumbing, jewelry making, cooking, and a variety of other tasks.


  • Flame lock to have a steady flame while working.
  • The safety lock feature can guarantee peace of mind.
  • The adjustable flame is ideal for small and big tasks.
  • It includes a temperature control.


  • Inconsistencies in the butane torch temperature.
  • The flame length is not consistent.
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4 – Blazer GB4001 Stingray Butane Torch

Another butane torch type from the Blazer brand, whose key characteristic is the exact flame output from its nozzle head.

This accuracy is useful when utilizing the torch for intricate tasks like as soldering in electrical repairs, jewelry creation, and brazing in dentistry laboratories, to name a few.

Because of the anodized finish on its body, this butane torch has a thick and durable body.

This makes it corrosion resistant.

It also includes an automated ignition mechanism and a flame length adjustment lever.

Since it is hands-free, the removable stand is great for multitasking.

This butane torch has a maximum flame temperature of 2,500 degrees F and can operate continuously for two hours.

This combination is useful for melting hard metals as well as in cooking. The ignition has a new safety function.

While no one is utilizing the ignition system, it is locked. This torch, however, is not permitted for use in the home.

Experts strongly suggest this torch for folks who are new to soldering. The flame is quite exact, which is really handy for crafting jewelry.

Because of its small size and mobility, it is ideal for a variety of purposes, including soldering jewelry and caramelizing sugars while cooking.

This characteristic, together with the tiny flame, makes this torch ideal for precise and intricate work.


  • With a precise and l burn time.
  • The design offers a good grip on the handle.
  • It can be used hands-free.
  • It has an automatic ignition.


  • This torch has less powerful and smaller flame.
  • The igniter is sometimes unreliable.
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5 – Blazer ES1000 Angled Head Butane Micro Torch

The design of this butane torch distinguishes it. The tilted head of the ES100 may aid in task accuracy.

It is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport. It is very lightweight and can be stored anywhere.

The nozzle head can precisely aim to an item, enabling intricate applications such as jewelry soldering, brazing in dentistry laboratories, and cooking simple.

The base can hold the whole torch and be used hands-free.

This mini torch has a steady burn that can withstand wind.

It also has a flame adjustment so the user may control the duration of the flame.

They will also be able to control the flame’s color, strength, and length.

This butane torch has a maximum temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and a continuous burn period of 30 minutes.

Because of its exact flame and short burn period, it is ideal for minor soldering demands like as jewelry production.

Another important feature is the hands-free operation through the attachable stand. This may be highly useful and convenient for a multitasking hobbyist.

While operating the torch, the tilted head design aids in accuracy. It may be used to precisely target pipes that need to be thawed or to solder a tough material.

It also enables for simple mobility, giving the user convenience. Another advantage of this design is that it keeps the flame away from the user.

The sole disadvantage of this gadget is that it is not intended for usage in the home.

This butane torch is not inexpensive. Yet, considering the capabilities that come with it, the price is justified.

Even though it is not professional quality, hobbyists find this instrument to be dependable. It is very durable and can tolerate repeated usage.

This mini torch’s combination of features makes it an excellent pick.


  • The angled torch head is easy to use in detailed jobs.
  • It has an automatic ignition system that requires no electric connection.
  • It has an airflow control switch to change the flame precision easily.
  • The torch flame is also adjustable from yellow to a more precise hot blue.


  • The ignition system is sometimes not reliable.
  • This butane torch is not approved for home use.
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Because of a butane torch’s flexibility, it is in great demand in the market. The finest butane torch is most often used in the home for cooking.

This tool’s high temperature is used to quickly caramelize sugar on top of your favorite dessert.

It may also be used to melt cheese and glaze ham without sacrificing taste. A butane torch is very useful in jewelry manufacturing since it is used to solder earrings, little links, and anything else needed to complete the design.

Your butane torch may be used to solder electronics, forge metals, cut ropes, and do other household repairs.

It is also useful for ad hoc tasks around the home such as quick defrosting, defrosting frozen pipes, and resolving plumbing difficulties.

Things to Look for in a Butane Torch

Whether you are purchasing a butane torch for the first time or replacing an old and damaged torch, here are some things you should know before making a purchase choice.

IgnitionInstant off

The greatest kitchen torch can switch on and off the flame with the push of a button. It should feature an internal ignite mechanism that does not need electricity. This is a prerequisite for simple and convenient operation.

Flame Modification

A butane torch should feature a flame adjustment switch so that you may regulate how large or little the flame is. You should be able to modify the color of the flame with a simple setting tweak.

Security Lock

A safety lock is required on the finest mini torch. It will be very beneficial to the user’s safety, particularly for new and inexperienced users. The safety lock may also help to avoid leaks and mishaps while the torch is not in use. A safety lock is essential when you have little children in the home to prevent mishaps.


A butane torch must be versatile in order to do all of the tasks that it is intended to perform, such as minor welding projects, soldering jewelry, and many more. To do this, it needs have attachments to perform various tasks.


A butane torch should have a lightweight design and a removable base. It should also feature an ergonomic grip for comfort and simplicity of usage.

Time to Burn

While purchasing a butane torch, consider the burn time. Some may burn for half an hour, while others can last an hour or more.

The burn time of your butane torch influences the sorts of jobs it can do. You must choose a butane torch that is appropriate for the work at hand.


A good butane torch is essential for handling little activities like cooking, repairs, and even crafts. Since there are so many various butane torches, the first step is to identify what characteristics you want.

While searching for the finest butane torch, there are various aspects to consider that will effect how you use them.

turn off the ignition. To make an informed purchasing choice, you must carefully evaluate each feature in each model. Consider the burning period, flame temperature, fuel gauge, flame adjustment, design, and so on.

When it comes to selecting the finest butane torch, there is no question that the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch is the clear victor. The flame is regulated by a gas flow dial and has a removable base for convenience. This torch can do a variety of tasks. It is also the most robust and dependable option, and it is suitable for both small and big applications.

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