The 5 Greatest Rolling Paper Substitutes

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If you smoke, chances are you’ve experimented with rolling papers before.

Rolling Papers are one of the oldest ways to smoke on the fly.

They are used to store dried herbs, tobacco, or other smoking components.

It may be created from thinly sliced cannabis plant leaves or even thin sheets of cigarette paper.

Rolling Papers are often sold in packs with the most magical influence over marijuana consumers.

Nonetheless, if you discover that your smoking routines have been disrupted because you forgot or ran out of rolling papers, don’t give up.

Every difficulty can always be solved.

What are Rolling Papers?

The 5 Best Substitutes for Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are a form of cigarette paper meant to roll marijuana into a joint and are one of the most popular cannabis accessories on the market.

The smokeable material may be compressed or rolled into form using a rolling machine.

Rolling papers are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including hemp and rice.

Rolling papers are known differently in various regions of the globe.

In the United States, they are often referred to as rolling papers or just papers.

Blanks, skins, spliffs, cones, wraps, fatties, doobies, tapettes, Joints, or rizlas are other names for rolling papers.

When it comes to rolling papers, the material is crucial.

While paper quality has an influence on flavor, it also has an impact on other parameters like as burning speed and smoking comfort.

Softer sheets are simpler to roll.

Paper burns quicker and is thinner, making it excellent for doobies.

Yet, the absence of natural oils in the paper affects the flavor as well.

Thicker sheets, on the other hand, burn slower and taste better but are more difficult to roll.

Conical joints may need the use of special rolling sheets.

Paper with a glue strip may also be used for this purpose; however, particular precautions must be taken to ensure that the glue does not come into contact with the material in concern.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Rolling Papers

Consider these alternatives to rolling papers if you need to replace them.

1 – Corn Husks

Corn husks, like rolling papers, may be used as a replacement for rolling a joint.

It is crucial to remember, however, that the last thing you want is a corn husk in your throat.

You may make a perfect smokeable joint by removing all of the silk from the husk, then placing an equal quantity of marijuana on either end and rolling firmly with your fingers.

They prepare the maize husks in a variety of ways.

The first method is to remove the silk and place your stuff on both sides of the husk.

Next roll it firmly with your fingers so that no material appears when you finish wrapping both ends.

Another approach is to tear out all of the silk and roll the paper with no marijuana included.

Smoke it like a cigar or cigarette instead.

2 – Bible or Dictionary Pages

A dictionary of bible pages may be a good solution for rolling papers.

To begin, pull off a book page and remove the cover.

Finally, trim any exposed corners to verify that nothing is visible.

Fold the paper in half, then lay your substance on the crease line before folding it over again to ensure that it is well packed.

Depending on the kind of paper, you may need to use a lighter to adequately burn the material.

Yet, since bible pages are thicker than typical rolling sheets, they may be more difficult to roll.

3 – Gum Wrapper

A gum wrapper works well in place of rolling papers.

While unwrapped gum is preferable, it may be unavailable in certain countries or locations where chewing gum is prohibited.

To begin, gently peel a portion of the wrapper off by removing one end of the gum and ripping it solely from that side.

Next gently peel the foil away from the package.

Following that, lay your drug on half of the paper and slowly wrap it up till part of your weed can be seen below.

Next, while exerting light pressure with your fingertips, softly roll the other side over to thoroughly cover the material.

4 – Tissue Paper

When you don’t have any papers or rolling instruments, you may use tissue paper.

While it is not the finest alternative, it is a good replacement when no other options are available.

To begin, cut out several sheets of tissue paper large enough to cover your marijuana equally.

Next, carefully wrap up the stuff within them like a joint, but not too tightly so that it does not burn properly.

You may also gently twist the end with your fingers to keep the junction closed.

Before lighting it, inhale the smoke from the end that is still open.

Then exhale to prevent the paper from burning too soon so you may enjoy your substance.

5 – Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is another wonderful replacement for rolling papers.

It should be noted that it works best with a water pipe since the material may fall through a grinder or other machines meant for rolling substances into joints.

To begin, cut a sheet of paper large enough to entirely cover your material.

Next, using your fingers, gently wrap it firmly around the material until no THC is visible.

After you’re done, carefully twist both ends together so you can hold it like a joint without being burned.

Next, to guarantee that the marijuana burns evenly, ignite the twisted ends and exhale into the paper.


There are many different kinds of rolling papers, but there are many other types of papers that may be used as alternatives.

They also have the advantage of being simpler to locate when rolling papers or gadgets are unavailable.

Bible pages, gum wrappers, tissue paper, parchment paper, and various forms of paper such as notebooks or printer paper are the five greatest alternatives for rolling papers.

Depending on the kind of paper, you may need to use a lighter to adequately burn the material.


What can I use to roll without rolling paper?

ROLLING OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES. If you run out of rolling papers, remember that various paper-based products may be used as alternatives. Cigarette papers, gum wrappers, and even the Yellow Pages may be used in place of standard rolling papers.

What are the healthiest rolling papers?

The Top Rolling Papers And Covers For The Health-Aware Smoker
Elements Rice Rolling Papers – King Size…. Zig Zag Organic Hemp Papers…. OCB Bamboo Slim Rolling Papers…. Juicy Jay Blueberry Papers…. Vibes Hemp Rolling Papers…. RAW Organic Papers…. Bob Marley Rolling Papers.
Additional details…•August 2, 2021

What household things can you roll with?

Here are some tips on what to use around the home to get your smoke on—legally, of course.
Corn Husks Can Be Used for More Than Tamales. Corn husks, which are often used in tamales, are easily accessible in most Latino kitchens. … Toilet Paper Rolls…. Aluminum Cans…. Tin Foil.
Apr 20, 2021

What’s the closest thing to rolling paper?

Pages from a Dictionary

The Bible and Dictionary paper is very thin and similar to standard rolling papers. It’s preferable to avoid dyed paper altogether, including the ink used for text. Nonetheless, there are several exceptions to this rule. Rolling paper possibilities include both bible and dictionary paper. Bible

How to make rolling paper?

Rolling Paper Made from Corn Husk

All you have to do is dry the husks in the oven (if they aren’t already) and cut them into the correct size and shape. Cooking your husks over low heat for 30 minutes should do the work.

Is it better to smoke papers or wraps?

High-quality blunt wraps burn slower than any other rolling paper because to its thickness, moisture content, and air permeability. When you combine the slow-burn feature of a superior blunt wrap with its size, you get a smoking technique that will outlast most other ways.

What rolling papers do rappers use?

For many decades, Zig-Zag rolling papers have been a major hitter in the cannabis scene. Being one of the best rolling papers in the smoking world, they are revered as a classic rolling paper by your favorite rappers and artists.

What is something you can roll?


What material do you roll a joint with?

You’ll need three items to roll a joint: dried flower, a grinder, and rolling paper. The optional filter, or tip, may be manufactured from a tiny rectangle of cardboard or thick paper, or you can buy prepared tips with rolling sheets here.

What materials are safe to smoke out of?

What Are the Safe Materials for Smoking Weed?
Glass. Glass is an excellent smoking vessel! …\sCeramic. Ceramic pipes are excellent, as is aluminum. For many new pot smokers, aluminum foil may be a quick and easy way to create a pipe…. Titanium…. Brass…. Silicone…. Acrylic…. Plastic.
More to come…
•Nov 18, 2020

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