The 5 Greatest Queso Fresco Substitutes

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Queso Fresco is one of the simplest cheeses to produce since it does not need a bacterial culture, rennet, or special handling.

You may add it to your recipes or consume it on its own.

This well-known cheese originated in South America.

The cheese was brought to Mexico from Burgos, Spain, and has since become a popular staple element in Mexican cuisine.

What are the finest Queso Fresco substitutes? Feta Cheese, Risotto Salata, Queso Blanco, Paneer, and Farmers Cheese are among them.

What Exactly Is Queso Fresco?

Queso Fresco is a white cheese prepared from either goat and cow milk or simply raw cow milk.

To make cheese, people warm milk and curdle it with acid.

The acid is either lemon juice or vinegar in this case.

They sift the curd away from the whey as it forms and press it into a solid sort of cheese.

It may, however, be utilized in a spreadable or cheesy form.

One of the best parts about producing this cheese is that you have total control over its texture.

It has a fresh, somewhat salty, bright, and tangy flavor.

You may consume the cheese in a variety of ways, including slicing, frying, and crumbling.

Queso Fresco does not melt like other cheeses, although it softens with heat.

5 Greatest Queso Fresco Substitutes

Here’s a rundown of the top cheese substitutes:

1 pound of white cheese

Let’s start with the simplest choice, which is to use Queso Blanco, another Mexican cheese.

Because of their similarities, many people get them mixed up.

This cheese, like Queso Fresco, is prepared with either goat or cow milk, or both.

This cheese has a crumbly, firm texture and a faint milky flavor.

It likewise does not melt, although there is a little sourness about it. Queso Blanco also has a lovely aroma and is moisture-free.

Queso Blanco complements refried beans, salads, meaty dishes, and tacos.

You may prepare it yourself or purchase it prepackaged at the grocery.

Because of the similarities, it is an excellent alternative for Queso Fresco.

Ratio of Substitutes Since they are so close, you may use the same ratio as the Queso Fresco.

Feta Cheese 2

Because of its crumbly structure, color, and creaminess, this cheese is another option for Queso Fresco.

Nevertheless, Feta Cheese is brined and aged, giving it a tangy flavor when contrasted to Queso Fresco.

Hence, rinse it with cold water to eliminate the salty and strong flavor.

Feta cheese is made from either sheep’s milk or cow’s milk.

Its creamy and rich flavor lends itself well to the addition of spices like as paprika, cayenne pepper, and cumin.

Danish feta has a creamy texture, whereas French feta has a drier texture with a more sour and salty flavor.

Ratio of Substitutes Since it is tangier and saltier, use the amount for the desired Queso Fresco quantity in the recipe.

Nevertheless, if you’re using Mild Feta Cheese, you may use the same quantity.

Paneer 3

Paneer is an excellent substitute for Queso Fresco. The taste of this Indian cheese is sweet, milky, and mild.

Paneer has a soft yet firm texture and a crumbly structure, making it a perfect substitute for Queso Fresco.

Paneer may be produced using either buffalo or cow milk.

You may simply cut it into various shapes and crumble it with your fingers.

This cheese is popular in both savory and sweet meals, and it may be used to tacos, stews, fajitas, curries, and taquitos.

This unaged cheese does not melt and is set with acid.

Turmeric is often used in Indian cuisine, although it may also be utilized in Mexican meals.

It is also used in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Maldives, in addition to India.

Substitution Ratio: Since it is mild and not too sour or salty, you may use the same quantity in the recipe as your Queso Fresco.

Salata Ricotta 4

The texture of Ricotta Salata is soft, creamy, and fluffy. This cheese is prepared from whey from sheep or cow milk.

It is aged and dried, which gives it a creamy milky flavor with a hint of salinity and tanginess.

Several people choose to age this cheese for more than two months to make it resemble Queso Fresco.

If you want to eliminate the salinity, you must age it for a longer period of time.

Because of its original flavor, it is often used in salads, soups, and pasta.

Ricotta Salata is white and crumbly with a firm texture akin to queso fresco.

A yellowish hue will emerge in an old Risotto Salata.

Ratio of Substitutes If your Risotto Salata has aged well, you may use the same quantity as your Queso Fresco.

But, if it is still excessively salty, you may reduce the quantity.

5 Farmers Cheddar

Farmers’ cheese is comparable to cottage cheese.

It is made from dried curds and has a delicate texture and mild taste.

This cheese may be made with any kind of milk.

This cheese, on the other hand, has a somewhat more tangy flavor than Cottage Cheese, making it appropriate for replacing your Queso Fresco.

This taste will be essential in any Mexican recipe.

Since this cheese has a low lactose content, it is ideal for dairy-free or lactose-intolerant persons.

Ratio of Substitutes Since it is milder than Queso Fresco, we recommend using roughly 1 teaspoon in a dish that calls for Queso Fresco.


Queso Fresco is a pot of fresh and delectable cooking riches.

Micronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc, and vitamin A are abundant in this cheese.

Its creamy, crumbly, and tangy flavor makes it ideal for a variety of dishes.

This cheese may also be used in baked goods and sauces.

It’s adaptable, and it’s the secret ingredient in Mexican cookouts.

You may also use any of the aforementioned alternatives in lieu of the Queso Fresco to get the same outcome.


What can I use in place of queso fresco?

Several supermarkets and Mexican merchants carry queso fresco. Feta cheese is an excellent replacement. If possible, use a mild one, or soak a block of feta in fresh water to reduce its tanginess. A young ricotta salata (firm Italian cheese available in most stores) may also suffice.

What is queso fresco compared to?

Fresh mozzarella or goat cheese are the most similar in flavor. Queso fresco is made in a unique style, which distinguishes it from other well-known cheeses. Queso fresco has a stronger, tangier taste than mozzarella but is smoother and saltier than goat cheese.

What Mexican cheese is similar to queso fresco?

Salata with Farmer’s Cheese or Ricotta

Farmer’s cheese is similar but usually a little saltier. Both of these cheeses are excellent substitutes for queso fresco since they are brilliant white, very mild, milky in taste, crumbly in texture, and do not melt.

What kind of cheese is queso fresco like?

Traditional Queso Fresco is produced with raw cow’s milk or a blend of cow and goat milk. This is what gives it its somewhat salty yet pleasantly tangy fresh flavor. As a consequence, it tastes a lot like farmer’s cheese.

What cheese melts like queso?

While a variety of cheeses may be used to create Queso Dip, I alternate between asadero and quesadilla cheese. This cheese is packed in the shape of a circular circle. Asadero cheese melts well and has a creamy-smooth, velvety feel.

Is ricotta similar to queso fresco?

Queso fresco: Queso fresco, a fresh Mexican cheese, is a wonderful substitute for ricotta in meals that call for raw cheese. Mascarpone: Mascarpone, another Italian cheese, is an excellent ricotta alternative. Mascarpone, on the other hand, is more sour and delicious, thus it should only be used in recipes with other strong characteristics.

What is the best Mexican melting cheese?

Queso asadero is a melting cheese from Mexico. It has a moderate flavor and is soft, white, and creamy. It is often used to create pizzas, quesadillas, and queso fundido.

Is queso fresco just feta?

The distinction between the two is based on origin: queso fresco is from Spain and Mexico, whilst feta is from Greece. Both cheeses are mild, crumbly, and soft. Nonetheless, feta might be a little saltier than its Mexican version.

Why not to eat queso fresco?

Safeguard yourself and your family from dangerous fresh queso! Listeriosis may be contracted through improperly prepared queso fresco. Listeriosis is very dangerous for pregnant mothers and newborns. Listeriosis may result in miscarriage, early delivery, or stillbirth in pregnant women.

What can I substitute for Cotija cheese or queso fresco?

Feta cheese is the finest like-for-like alternative for cotija cheese overall. You may use it in the same way as you would cotija (either as a filling or garnish). It has a similar crumbly texture, salty and mild taste, and is available at most local supermarkets. It’s also less expensive than cotija!

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