The 5 Greatest Pizza Stone Substitutes

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If you want to create and bake pizza in your oven, you’ll need a pizza stone, which is a piece of specialty cooking equipment.

Pizza stones are ceramic pieces that absorb heat effectively and distribute it evenly during baking, resulting in crispier pizza crusts.

When using a pizza stone, set it in the oven before placing your pizza on it.

It is crucial to understand that pizza stones are used for more than simply cooking pizzas.

You may also use it to season bread, cookies, and even certain roasted meats.

A pizza stone is a porous substance that allows heat to travel through it.

As a consequence, the food is more uniformly cooked.

It is also nonstick and has a long heat retention time.

This is why the pizza may be baked virtually soon after it comes out of the oven.

A pizza stone may endure for a very long period if it is properly cared for, but accidents sometimes happen.

Don’t panic if your pizza stone has broken or cracked; there are other alternatives to utilizing a genuine pizza stone.

These are 5 of the greatest pizza stone replacements.

What is a Pizza Stone?

The 5 Best Substitutes for Pizza Stone

As the popularity of cooking at home has risen, so has the variety of culinary gadgets accessible.

The pizza stone, often known as a baking dish, is one such device.

It is often composed of ceramic or porcelain materials and is used to manufacture a variety of flatbreads and pizza.

A pizza stone works by transporting strong heat from the bottom of the oven to the top of the crust, allowing it to cook more quickly and evenly.

It also aids in the retention of moisture, resulting in a crisper end product.

The key benefit is that the stone does not need to be warmed like a pan in order to function well; in fact, doing so might induce sticking.

Pizza stones are also safe to use in most ovens, unlike many cooking pans, which can only be used in particular ovens.

Consider using a pizza stone the next time you bake a pizza to make the process simpler and more fun.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Pizza Stone

While utilizing a pizza stone is a terrific method to create pizza, there are alternative choices that may provide acceptable results.

If you don’t have one but still want to make pizza for supper today, try any of these instead:

1 – Baking Steel

If you need a pizza stone alternative, baking steel is your best bet.

This product is intended to replicate traditional brick oven outcomes in the house.

The idea is that this steel has a high thermal mass and will absorb and hold heat effectively.

It’s also porous, which aids in heat transmission and results in a crisper, better-tasting pizza crust.

It comes highly recommended by professional cooks.

Baking steel is also quite simple to clean.

Just wash your hands with soap and water after each usage.

You may minimize unnecessary smoke from your oven as well as the requirement to preheat by not utilizing a typical pizza stone.

Baking steel is one of the greatest solutions for home baking.

2 – Cast Iron Pan

For baking pizza, a cast-iron skillet might be an ideal replacement.

It’s a very good choice if you prefer preparing homemade or restaurant-style pan pizzas.

When served correctly, this kind of pizza is famed for its thick, crispy crust and soft middle.

The nicest thing about utilizing a cast iron pan in this application is that it is flat, so you will only need to heat the oven once.

All you have to do is preheat your oven, brush the pan with olive oil, place your dough on top, and wait for the magic to happen.

This pizza stone alternative may be used for everything from BBQ chicken pies to conventional pepperoni pizzas.

A pizza stone may be replaced with a baking or cookie pan.

They, however, are ideally suited for thin-crust pizza rather than thick-crust pizza.

If you choose this option, it is advised that you pre-heat the tray on the very highest rack of your oven.

Placing your pizza here will guarantee that the dough cooks fast and crisply.

It will also help you make a delicate crust with nicely browned edges.

Just keep an eye on it.

This is one of the simplest solutions, but it will not give the same effects as utilizing stone or steel.

It’s also possibly the cheapest of them all.

4 – A Hot Grill

You may also use a hot grill instead of baking your pizza.

It’s wonderful for making crispy, blackened crusts like the ones you’d see at your favorite Italian restaurant.

If you’re not sure how to accomplish it, start by gently oiling your grill and preheating it on low heat.

Next, set the dough on the grill for two minutes, or until grill marks appear.

Turn it over, then add your sauce and toppings before closing the cover.

Starting with a cold grill is a good approach to get crispier crusts in general, comparable to using a stone.

5 – Pizza Pan

Consider utilizing pizza pans instead of baking stones if you want a less expensive option.

They are typically aluminum or steel pans that can be obtained at most large shops such as Walmart and Target.

The advantage of utilizing them is that they will transfer heat much more effectively than thicker baking sheets.

When you use them, your crusts will be crisper and more uniformly cooked.

It’s also a cheap method to bake pizza at home if you don’t have enough money for one of the other choices.

There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from, so you could even find one that suits your oven.


If you need a replacement for your classic pizza stone, any of them will suffice.

Although steel or stone are preferred for cooking high-quality, restaurant-style pizzas at home, any of these alternatives would do for making lower-quality pies.

Just sure to warm whatever you’re using before placing your pie in the oven.

If you want to learn more about baking procedures, please read some of our other posts.

We offer a range of items, so whether you want to bake, make pizza, or simply try a dish or two, we have everything you need.


What is a good substitute for a pizza stone?

Here is a list of pizza stone substitutes:
Steel pizza pan.
Inverting the baking sheet.
Pan for pizza.
Cake tingling.
Skillet made of cast iron.
The Dutch oven.
Bricks for the fire.
Jul 14, 2020

Can you use bricks as pizza stone?

Indeed, there is a resounding yes to this question! A brick oven will ensure that your pizza is cooked evenly and correctly every time. This is because the bricks absorb and reflect heat, allowing the pizza to cook evenly.

Can you use a steel plate as a pizza stone?

Pizza stone vs. pizza steel

Using a steel, you can create a pizza in 6 to 6 12 minutes. It will take around 3-5 minutes longer on a pizza stone. The bottom of the pizza will be much better.

Is cast iron good for pizza?

Heat: Preheating your pizza pan is essential for creating the lovely, crispy crust you remember from your favorite restaurant. Cast iron retains heat well for uniform cooking and warms up quickly! A heated cast iron pizza pan helps keep the dough warm as you create the pizza.

Can I use a piece of granite as a pizza stone?

Indeed, your granite fabricator can convert granite scraps into useful kitchen utensils for prepping, cooking, baking, and grilling meals if you’re installing new granite worktops. Since granite is so strong, it can withstand temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and be cooled to subzero temperatures.

Does a pizza stone make a difference?

When handled correctly, the stone warms up and maintains very high temperatures. As the pizza is put on the stone, the crust instantly starts to cook, imitating the cooking manner of a conventional brick oven. Utilizing a pizza stone will result in quicker cook times and much superior crust.

How do you grill pizza on aluminum foil?

Top pizza crust with pizza sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, red peppers, and salami. Lift up the foil’s edges and set them immediately on the grill. Shut the grill and cook for 5-7 minutes, or until the cheese melts and the edges begin to sear.

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