The 5 Greatest Pecorino Cheese Substitutes

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Pecorino cheese is one of the better options since it works well in a variety of dishes.

The Pecorino cheese has a distinct texture and flavor.

The cheese is created from sheep’s milk and tastes somewhat saltier than other forms of cheese, thus the fragrance and straw-white look immediately distinguish the Pecorino cheese.

This cheese has a stronger taste than most others. It works best as a garnish for pasta, salads, and soups.

Nevertheless, with so many health advantages to include cheese in your diet, finding vegan substitutes might be challenging at times.

Yet, it is not impossible. A dairy-free or vegan replacement that works just as well as Pecorino cheese is generally available.

Thus, if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, this is the post for you.

What exactly is Pecorino cheese?

Pecorino is an Italian phrase that refers to all Italian cheeses manufactured from sheep’s milk.

Pecorino Romano is a cheese from Rome, whereas Pecorino Sicilian is from Sicily.

All Pecorino cheeses are hard and shaped like drums, with a brownish rind.

Pecorino cheese is typically manufactured between November and June.

Pecorino Romano is popular because it adds a delicious, acidic, and salty taste to the meal.

Pecorino cheese is prepared in several areas of Italy, mainly from unpasteurized milk using the traditional process.

Before they are available to the public, the cheeses are typically matured for two to three months.

Pecorino cheese is claimed to enhance the taste of various foods, and it is also prized for its high nutritional content.

This cheese’s peel is frequently left on since it helps preserve the cheese, and many people like its distinct look and taste.

5 Pecorino Cheese Substitutes

1 pound Parmesan cheese

One of the greatest Pecorino Cheese replacements is Parmesan cheese.

When it comes to bringing a similar flavor to your meals, Parmesan cheese is the best alternative.

Parmesan cheese has a similar feel to Pecorino, although this salty cheese comes in a variety of saltier varieties.

That is why you must double-check the amount before adding it to your recipe.

If you are substituting Parmesan cheese for Pecorino cheese, taste it beforehand.

Reduce the salt amount or avoid salt if you find it saltier than Pecorino.

2 oz. Grana Padano

Another Italian cheese that is widely used as a replacement for Pecorino is Grana Padano.

It has a similar flavor and texture to Pecorino and is often used in recipes since it has less calories than most other cheeses.

It may provide a unique taste to your dish since the flavor of Grana Padano cheese is rich and distinct from that of Pecorino cheese.

When you add Grana Padano cheese to your recipes, it will taste fine in most of them, albeit the tastes will vary from those of Pecorino.

Grana Padano cheese comes in both salty and sweet varieties.

The texture of this cheese is less flaky than that of Parmesan, but it is largely the same as that of pecorino cheese.

When substituting Grana Padano for Pecorino, use a 1:1 ratio; however, check the salt since Grana Padano has less salt.

3 Asiago Cheddar

Asiago Cheese is another Italian cheese with a somewhat sweet flavor that tastes similar to Pecorino.

This cheese is often used in soups and sandwiches, and it has a creamy flavor that complements the main meal.

Yet, Asiago cheese is not as widely accessible as parmesan cheese.

Asiago cheese is a delicious cheese that is difficult to get across the world.

But, if you can replace Asiago for Pecorino, you will appreciate your meal since it has a milder taste than other options.

In addition, Asiago cheese has a softer texture than other alternative cheeses.

When you add the cheese in the prepared foods or on top of the hot dishes, it melts fast.

Asiago cheese may be served as a side dish or on its own for a delectable flavor.

As Asiago cheese matures, the texture becomes firmer and more similar to Parmesan and Pecorino.

4 Piave Cheddar

Piave Cheese is another Italian cheese that may be substituted for Pecorino.

This cheese has a sweet and nutty flavor that you may use into your creations.

Nevertheless, this cheese should not be added to cooked or heated foods since it hardens rapidly.

This cheese resembles Parmesan cheese and is regarded as the greatest substitute for Parmesan cheese.

Piave cheese is the greatest substitute for Pecorino since it resembles Parmesan.

When you add Piave cheese to your dishes, you will undoubtedly love the additional tastes in your food.

Piave may be discovered in five phases of aging. The texture of Piave cheese becomes tougher as it ages.

Piave’s initial stage is the young cheese variant, which may not be a good alternative for pecorino cheese.

To add flavor to your recipe, replace stage-5 aged cheese in a 1:1 ratio for Pecorino cheese.

Manchego Cheese 5

Manchego Cheese is the ideal option for a hard cheese since it has a high melting point.

This cheese has a nutty flavor with touches of sweetness that goes well with salads.

You may use a Spanish cheese in the same way that you would pecorino cheese.

Manchego cheese is a salty sheep’s milk cheese that has a similar taste and flavor to pecorino cheese, which is why you obtained a similar taste and flavor when you used Manchego cheese as a substitute for pecorino cheese.

Manchego cheese, like Piave cheese, comes in a variety of maturing stages.

When substituting Manchego cheese for Pecorino, use aged cheese that is at least a year old.

Manchego cheese is sweeter than Pecorino cheese, so before serving, check to see whether your dish needs extra salt.


Pecorino is a popular cheese that has a distinct flavor when eaten.

The cheese is created with great care by artisanal farmers from sheep’s milk, and it is most popular between November and June.

If you run out of Pecorino cheese, you may use the alternatives listed above.

All of the recommended substitutions are accessible in grocery stores, but if you can’t locate them locally, you may order them online.


What cheese tastes like Pecorino Romano?

Aged Parmesan cheese, like Pecorino Romano, grates nicely and has a strong, nutty taste.

What French cheese is similar to pecorino?

Manchego is arguably the most comparable to Pecorino in that it is manufactured from sheep’s milk, matured for a particular period of time, and has a very strong, salty taste as well as a gritty, crumble texture if you get the old form.

Can I substitute pecorino cheese with Parmesan?

THE BOTTOM LINE: You may use Pecorino Romano for Parmesan, but use one-third less to keep the salt level and taste consistent.

What is a substitute for pecorino in cacio e pepe?

Variations on Cacio e Pepe

Pecorino Romano is a firm sheep’s milk cheese from Italy. It has a strong, rich nutty taste that makes it ideal for this simple pasta meal. If you don’t have it or can’t locate it, Parmigiano-Reggiano is a fine substitute.

What is the closest thing to pecorino?

Dairy Parmesan is one of the best Pecorino substitutes. Parmesan is similar to pecorino in appearance, but it is manufactured from cow’s milk and has a saltier, more savory flavor that is less acidic.
… Feta…. Goats Cheese…. Cheddar…. Ricotta Salata.

Can you substitute cheese for pecorino?

One of the greatest Pecorino Cheese replacements is Parmesan cheese. When it comes to bringing a similar flavor to your meals, Parmesan cheese is the best alternative. Parmesan cheese has a similar feel to Pecorino, although this salty cheese comes in a variety of saltier varieties. What exactly is this?

What are the 4 Italian cheeses?

Mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, gorgonzola, and ricotta are among the most popular Italian cheeses. Some of these cheeses are best served as appetizers on crusty Italian bread, while others are essential components of main dishes, pasta toppings, or even desserts!

Which is stronger Parmesan or pecorino?

Pecorino Romano has a stronger taste than parmesan and should be used in classic Roman dishes such as pasta all’amatriciana, carbonara, and cacio e pepe.

Is Manchego similar to pecorino?

Manchego cheese, from Spain’s La Manch area, is a popular substitute for pecorino romano cheese. Manchego cheese, like authentic pecorino romano, is manufactured from sheep’s milk. The sheep used to manufacture spanish manchego are all from the manchega breed.

Which is more expensive Pecorino or Parmesan?

Parmesan is far less costly, which is something to consider if you need a large amount for a dish. Domestic Parmesan, on the other hand, does not have a rind – benefits and downsides! Pecorino is a sheep’s milk-based aged cheese. Pecorino, like Parmesan, has a whole other universe in Italy.

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