The 5 Greatest Pancetta Substitutes

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Pancetta adds a distinct flavor to sauces, soups, stews, and other foods.

Pancetta is an Italian dish with a salty meat taste that is coated with culinary spice, and it is dried by curing.

Many people confuse Pancetta with Italian bacon since they both taste and look the same.

Pancetta and bacon are also used, and both are prepared from hog belly flesh.

In classic pasta dishes, pancetta may be used in place of guanciale.

So, if you’re out of Pancetta, what are the greatest Pancetta substitutes? No worries, you can also locate the top Pancetta replacements (continue reading).

What exactly is Pancetta?

Pancetta is a kind of salumi made from cured salted pork.

Pancetta is also allowed to mature rather than being cooked directly or indirectly over heat like other Italian salted cured meats.

If you’re wondering what salt-cured meat is, it’s meat that has been preserved with a lot of sea salt, herbs, and spices for curing; all of this treatment is necessary to make the meat safe to eat even after many years.

Pancetta is a salumi cut from pig belly that is incredibly tasty and fatty. It is quite popular all over the globe.

Pancetta is a popular product manufactured from high-fat beef that delivers an exclusively strong taste wherever it is utilized.

But, selecting the greatest Pancetta alternative is critical since you don’t want to sacrifice flavor and taste.

These are the five greatest Pancetta substitutions to help you enjoy your favorite meal with comparable tastes and taste to your beloved Pancetta.

5 Greatest Pancetta Substitutes

1 pound prosciutto

Prosciutto is a good replacement for Pancetta since it has a comparable flavor and taste.

Prosciutto is another famous and preferred Italian meal that has an excellent flavor and is extremely easy to get.

Prosciutto is a dry-cured meat made from ham or pig that is cut extremely thinly and eaten raw or undercooked.

You may complement the dinner with a glass of white or red wine and a charcuterie platter.

Prosciutto works nicely with sandwiches, and it’s quick to prepare when you’re in a rush since it doesn’t need much prep time.

Prosciutto is also a wonderful option for adding flavor to pizzas, risottos, pasta, and other foods.

To acquire a comparable flavor to Pancetta, try prosciutto, which can be found at any local speciality store.

2 salamis

Salami is a popular Italian delicacy that has a similar taste to Pancetta and is one of the finest Pancetta alternatives.

Salami is cured meat that has been flavored with veggies, spices, and other seasonings.

It is a common pork sausage that is popular in European cuisines to assist people withstand the chilly winter months.

Whilst salami is mainly comprised of pig, you may also get other fillings like as veal and beef depending on where you live and what you prefer.

To increase the shelf life of salami, it is air-dried and fermented.

Salami is simple to store; it may be kept at room temperature for up to 40 days and still remain unspoiled.

Even if you don’t have Pancetta on hand, this alternative will allow you to enjoy your favorite Italian meat dish.

Salami may be added to spaghetti, pizzas, sandwiches, and other dishes.

You may warm up with biscuits and a wonderful selection of cheese before enjoying your favorite cuisine with a bottle of wine.

3 Bacon

Bacon is the ideal Pancetta alternative and one of the most popular breakfast meals that will not disappoint you with its recognizable flavor and taste.

It is also one of the greatest options since it adds a comparable fragrant and tasty flavour to any food.

People in the United States love bacon because it is a morning staple.

Bacon is an excellent addition to any cuisine; it is ideal for sandwiches, soup, spaghetti, and salad toppings.

Moreover, bacon is a low-cost option that allows you to fully enjoy your meals.

Bacon is accessible all year and may be found in any grocery shop.

It is also available in a variety of brands.

4 slices smoked ham

Smoked ham is a highly nutritious and high-quality option for Pancetta, and it has the same scent and flavor.

Ham may be used in any recipe and receives its taste from the smoke used in the cooking of the meat.

Smoked ham is not treated with nitrites or other chemicals that give smoked meat an artificial red hue.

Pancetta is also a smoked ham sliced into thin slices, therefore choosing smoked ham as an alternative is more appropriate.

You may buy a large slab of smoked ham and cut it into slices similar to Pancetta.

When making sandwiches, use smoked ham to acquire tastes comparable to what you get when you add Pancetta.

Toast or grill the bread and top with the smoked ham slices for an excellent breakfast sandwich with a drink of coffee.

5 Turkey Smoked

Smoked turkey is another popular Pancetta alternative, and it fits in wonderfully since Pancetta is also smoked meat.

Since smoked turkey is available all year, you won’t have to forego your favorite Italian recipes in order to use this replacement.

There are several methods for smoking turkey, including adding salt, pepper, vinegar, and other seasonings to improve its taste.

Those who do not like smoked ham may substitute smoked turkey.

Smoked turkey is a large bird that is soft, flavorful, and has an incredible smokey scent and taste.

You’ll love smoked turkey in lieu of Pancetta since it adds more flavor and taste to your favorite Italian dishes.

Smoked turkey may be found in the deli area of most supermarkets, and it generally comes in a variety of flavors, such as honey-glazed or maple-flavored.

This department also sells ham, giving you a choice of options for feeding your visitors.


Pancetta elevates and flavors regular meals, and it pairs well with a variety of fish and meats.

Pancetta adds a robust meaty flavor to your meal, making it more complex and flavorful.

Pancetta may be used in spaghetti, sandwiches, and salads, and it works well as a replacement for bacon in smoked ham and turkey meals.

Also, you do not have to spend a lot of money while purchasing Pancetta since there are inexpensive replacements that have a comparable flavor and taste.


What do Italians use instead of pancetta?

Salami is a popular Italian delicacy that has a similar taste to Pancetta and is one of the finest Pancetta alternatives. Salami is cured meat that has been flavored with veggies, spices, and other seasonings.

What is a healthy substitute for pancetta?

Are there any meatless alternatives to pancetta? Absolutely, marinated tofu, mushrooms, smoked paprika, olives, and parmesan cheese may be used in instead of pancetta.

What can replace pancetta in Ragu?

If you can’t get pancetta, thinly sliced bacon will suffice; the primary difference is that pancetta isn’t smoked.

Can you sub bacon for pancetta?

CAN BACON BE USED IN PLACE OF PANCETTA? While replacing pancetta with bacon will not harm a meal, many recipes advocate blanching bacon before substituting it for pancetta.

What is the closest thing to pancetta?

Pancetta is the same cut as American bacon, so it’s the first thing that springs to mind as an alternative. Other options include Canadian bacon, salt pork, prosciutto, smoked ham, and smoked sausage.

What cured meat is like pancetta?

Prosciutto, pancetta, and bacon are all cured meats that look and taste similar; however, their appearance, texture, and flavor change depending on where the flesh is sourced, the breed of pig used, and how it is cured.

Is pancetta just diced ham?

The two meats, however, are substantially different. Pancetta, which originates from a pig’s belly, is seasoned meat that has been salt-cured. It’s commonly marketed as fat cubes in the United States. Prosciutto is made from the rear leg or ham of a pig.

Why is pancetta more expensive than bacon?

Pancetta, which originated in Italy, is made from the pig’s belly and is more costly than bacon or guanciale due to the time-consuming curing procedure.

Is pancetta the same as back bacon?

Thus pancetta is cured but unsmoked, while bacon is cured but smoked, yet both must be cooked before consumption. These may be used interchangeably in meals depending on whether a smokey taste is desired.

Does Aldi sell pancetta?

This is where Aldi enters the picture. While Aldi does not carry guanciale, it does sell Appleton Farms Diced Pancetta in four-ounce packets for $3.49, and pancetta is an excellent alternative for guanciale.

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