The 5 Greatest Orgeat Substitutes

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If you want to make some cocktails in your home but don’t want to purchase all of the components, orgeat is a nice ingredient to keep on hand.

Orgeat is an almond syrup that is usually used in cocktails such as Mai Tais and Mojitos, but it also works well as a sweetener in desserts and other beverages.

It tastes sweet and nutty and may be used in place of any of your favorite syrups or additives.

Orgeat is also widely available in most supermarkets, generally in the mixers area.

If you don’t want to purchase it or need a substitution for another liquid in your drink, here are five of the most common options.

What exactly is Orgeat?

It’s worth noting that the term orgeat is derived from a Latin word that means “barley.”

But, instead of barley, the syrup is produced from crushed almonds and sugar.

Orgeat is a traditional cocktail component originating from the ancient French drink Orgeade.

Many people are probably acquainted with this syrup, which was used as a sweetener in the original Mai Tai recipe.

Orgeat is a classic syrup that has been around for generations and is often used as a cocktail syrup or ice cream topping.

Orgeat is also known as orge or almond syrup.

It has a rich taste from the almonds, but if you’re attempting to avoid them for nutritional reasons, you may substitute other nuts, such as macadamia nuts.

The 5 Greatest Orgeat Substitutes

If you need a replacement for orgeat in a cocktail recipe, you’ll discover that there are numerous suitable options.

1 tablespoon almond syrup

The flavor of almond syrup varies based on the brand.

Nevertheless, this orgeat alternative is often produced using sugar and water.

There are several solutions open to you.

Almond syrup has a milder taste than orgeat.

The two syrups, however, are approximately comparable to one another.

Also, the majority of individuals will not detect a big difference between these two tastes.

It is vital to remember that almond syrup may be made at home in as little as fifteen minutes.

If you can’t locate a company that offers high-quality almond syrup locally, you can buy it online.

2 teaspoons agave nectar

This is the uncooked sap of the agave plant.

Since sap emerges slowly from the ground, it often takes several days to remove.

The benefit of utilizing agave nectar instead of orgeat is that it provides a balanced sweetness.

Moreover, this syrup will be especially beneficial to those attempting to avoid high fructose corn syrup.

Agave nectar is normally mild in acidity and bitterness, but you will need to experiment with the dosage until you find the ideal balance.

It is critical to remember that you should only use 100% agave nectar, which is often classified as raw.

If you desire a high-quality product, agave syrup may be branded as organic.

Amaretto 3

Amaretto is a bitter almond-based sweet liquor.

This almond-flavored liqueur has a pronounced almond flavor as well as a sweet aftertaste.

But, keep in mind that since it includes sugar and alcohol, this liqueur will taste different from orgeat syrup.

Also, since it lacks the sugar present in most commercial varieties, many individuals may prefer amaretto as a replacement for orgeat.

Several individuals choose to use simple syrup for sugar.

Both amaretto and orgeat have a delightfully nutty taste.

But, you will need to experiment with the quantity until you find what works for you.

4 teaspoons orzata syrup

If you don’t want to use almonds, orzata syrup is a fine option.

Strawberries, sugar, and water are commonly used to make the syrup.

Chocolate strawberry is the flavor’s marketing name.

Orzata syrup has a highly sweet flavor with a slight berry aftertaste that makes it simple to consume.

Also, the texture is thick and deep.

Orzata syrup is widely available in supermarkets and is likely to be less expensive than orgeat syrup.

Unfortunately, this orgeat alternative will be devoid of almond taste.

5 tsp. frankincense syrup

Falernum syrup is an essential component of many tropical beverages, particularly rum-based cocktails.

It’s also known as clove syrup since it includes clove and lime undertones.

Falernum syrup is often made using sugar that has been tempered with lime or lemon juice.

This mixture is then flavored with cloves and other spices.

It’s worth noting that falernum syrup differs from orgeat in that it’s produced with lime juice, cloves, and sugar.

Falernum syrup is less sweet than orgeat because the clove flavor minimizes the quantity of sweetness required.

This orgeat alternative does, however, include traces of almond taste.

There are various kinds of falernum syrup accessible online, but you must verify whether or not the product includes genuine orgeat.

You can also manufacture your falernum syrup at home using flavored vodka and black tea.


While orgeat syrup might be difficult to come by, it’s a good idea to have a few replacements on hand.

You may use almond syrup or amaretto according on your demands.

As an alternative for this sweetener, you may use agave nectar, orzata syrup, or falernum syrup.

When utilizing these alternatives to prepare cocktails at home, its vital to experiment with the quantity until you get it correct.

While orgeat is incredibly sweet and has a distinct taste, these replacements will not provide an identical duplicate.


What is a good substitute for orgeat?

What Can I Use in Instead of Orgeat? Orgeat syrup is often derived from almonds, so keep that in mind while looking for an alternative. Make your own orgeat or almond syrup, or use ready-made equivalents like Amaretto liqueur or crème d’amade.

What is a substitute for orgeat in Mai Tai?

If orgeat is simply unavailable, almond syrup might be substituted. The end product will be less complex and balanced, but it will still have that nutty taste.

Is orgeat syrup the same as almond syrup?

Almond syrup is a sweetened, almond-flavored simple syrup that is often used in coffee beverages. Orgeat is a cocktail mixer flavored with orange blossom water in addition to almonds.

Is orzata the same as orgeat?

The French term orgeat is derived from the Italian word orzata, which signifies barley water or, in certain cases, almond.

Can you use amaretto instead of orgeat?

Orgeat, a nutty floral syrup, is used as a sweetener in tropical-themed mixed beverages. To keep the same taste profile while giving the cocktail a more strong punch, use amaretto, an almond-flavored liqueur, for orgeat.

What is the difference between orgeat and amaretto?

Amaretto is an almond-flavored liqueur, while orgeat is an almond-flavored syrup. While both are flavored with almonds, they have distinct taste profiles and bases, with orgeat being sweet and syrupy and amaretto being an alcoholic beverage. Also, the flavorings utilized to manufacture them varies.

Can I use falernum instead of orgeat?

Although both orgeat and falernum are common ingredients in tropical cocktail recipes and are often made with fragrant baking spices, sugar, and almonds, these syrups are not interchangeable.

What is the flavor profile of orgeat?

Orgeat has an unique nutty taste with a citrus undertone. Others compare it to liquid marzipan. It gives a particular richness to beverages and is so distinctive that there is no good alternative.

What is the Flavour of orgeat syrup is?

Orgeat syrup is a delicious syrup produced from almonds, sugar, and orange blossom water or rose water. Originally, it was produced using a barley-almond combination. It has a strong almond flavor and is used to flavor a variety of beverages. Orgeat syrup is a key component in the Mai Tai and many other Tiki beverages.

Can I use almond milk instead of orgeat?

Other variants, such as this one, include orange or almond essence. Orgeat can be prepared with whole almonds, but I discovered that using almond milk is simpler, less messy, and just as delicious. To get the finest results, use unsweetened almond milk.

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