The 5 Greatest Lemongrass Substitutes

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Lemongrass has recently become highly popular, and many cuisines from all over the globe include lemongrass taste in their dishes.

Lemongrass taste complements various foods, and it is prevalent in Vietnamese and Thai cuisines.

Everyone should experiment with lemongrass in their cuisine; otherwise, you will never appreciate the splendor of its original taste.

While lemongrass may not have the distinctive lemony scent, it can offer a more robust taste to any meal.

If you don’t have lemongrass on hand, there are several replacements for this plant.

Learn how to replace lemongrass in your recipes by reading our article below.

What exactly is Lemongrass?

Lemongrass, formally known as Cymbopogon Citratus, is a tall, perennial grass that comes in 45 different kinds.

Lemongrass grows in Australia, Africa, and Asia in subtropical and tropical regions.

According to statistics, India is the greatest producer of lemongrass, producing over 2 million pounds each year.

This grass is grown in Sikkim, in the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan Mountains and the Western Ghats mountain range.

It has a brilliant yellow hue and a delicious lemony taste.

Lemongrass has no perfume, but its intense lemon flavor is enough to delight the taste buds of any gourmet master.

This herb has an unique sweet and sour flavor and may be used in a variety of cuisines.

It has several health advantages and is used as medication in many Asian nations.

Lemongrass is well-known for its fragrant characteristics and has long been utilized in traditional herbal remedies from India to China.

Lemongrass oil has been included to the list of essential oils in Thailand, and it has various medical benefits.

It has been used for generations in Southeast Asia and is now an important component of every Asian home.

Lemongrass is often used in Asian cuisine, and it is also found in many therapeutic medicines.

5 Greatest Lemongrass Substitutes

1 teaspoon lemon verbena

Lemon Verbena, a powerful plant produced in South America, is one of the greatest alternatives for lemongrass.

Lemon Verbena leaves contain potent oil, and the citrus taste of this plant is not bitter like that of its other family members, making it a preferable substitute for lemongrass.

Lemon verbena has pointed, gleaming green leaves.

It, like lemongrass, is utilized for culinary and medicinal purposes.

It also emits a strong green scent that is greater than that of lemongrass.

That is, if you use lemon verbena instead of lemongrass, be sure to use less lemon verbena than lemongrass.

2 leaves kaffir lime

Kaffir lime leaves are often used in Asian cuisines, particularly Thai cookery.

Kaffir Lime Leaves have a similar flavor to lemongrass, although they are more bitter.

Kaffir Lime Leaves have a citrus flavor and go well with fish and red meat meals.

This herb is available fresh throughout the spring months and may be used in cooking.

Kaffir Lime Leaves have a distinctive lime scent and may be processed into a powder or used fresh for garnishing foods.

These leaves may also be used to marinades and sauces to improve the taste of any food.

Kaffir lime leaves resemble lemongrass, and it is a little thorny shrub with distinctive foliage.

These leaves are readily identified by their form, which resembles an hourglass.

Kaffir lime leaves, like lemongrass, are utilized in Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisine.

These leaves, also known as Thai lime, are the finest alternative if you want a mild taste in your meal. Kaffir lime is also a great option for curries or soups that include fish or coconut, and it is also a great option for adding a little twist to a drink.

Cilantro and ginger, 3

Cilantro and ginger make an excellent and mysterious pairing, and everyone should have these two spices on hand at all times.

Ginger has a long history and is the second most well-known spice on the list.

According to studies, the global consumption of ginger in 2018 was 2.

This spice is related with turmeric and cardamom and weighs 8 million tons.

This root spice is also used in Ayurveda medicine.

Cilantro, also known as coriander, is another well-known herb, and the greatest part about it is that you may utilize the whole plant.

The plant’s seeds are known as coriander, while the plant’s stalks are known as cilantro.

Cilantro and ginger may be used in place of lemongrass.

4 lemon balm leaves

Lemon balm is a fragrant shrub with great therapeutic effects.

This plant is most recognized for its soothing effects on the body, which may provide immediate relief from stress or anxiety.

Lemon balm has a similar flavor to lemongrass, however it is somewhat bitter.

Lemon Balm has little white blossoms and crisp green leaves.

Lemon balm is also known as balm mint or balm by people all over the globe.

This plant is often used to brew tea since it looks beautiful and has a good aroma.

Lemon balm may be grown in your kitchen window for a fresh and pleasant scent.

Lemon balm may be used in soups, salads, and drinks.

As compared to other replacements, lemon balm is a fairly sensitive choice.

It tastes more like mint and adds more flavor to sweets, poultry, and drinks.

You may substitute three lemon balm leaves for one stalk lemongrass in your meal.

When you go shopping, be sure to obtain fresh, green leaves.

5 Lemon

Lemon is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and everyone is aware of its health advantages.

Lemon juice may be used to provide a beautiful lemony taste to salad dressings, marinades, soups, and fish meals.

Since lemon juice is very acidic, it is best to use fresh lemon instead than bottled lemon juice.

Lemon has a nice and mild flavor that adds a fresh and fragrant flavor to any cuisine.

Since lemon is quite acidic, use it as a replacement in seafood recipes.

If you want a stronger citrusy flavor in your meal, add lemon zest or the fruit peel.

When used in place of lemongrass, it imparts a very sour flavor to your meal.

Lemon has been used for generations, however it is unknown where this fruit originated.

It is also unclear if it is cultivated naturally or as a hybrid fruit of a bitter orange and a citron.

It is one of the most adaptable fruits, and the lemon zest will not overshadow the meal when employed.


Lemongrass was once used primarily for medical reasons, but it is now employed to provide a wonderful addition to recipes.

Lemongrass has recently been linked to some astounding health advantages.

Nevertheless, getting lemongrass herb is difficult, and most local supermarkets do not offer lemongrass.

That is why individuals hunt for the finest lemongrass alternatives to make their food more appealing.


What has a similar taste to lemon grass?

Kaffir lime leaves have the same delicate taste as lemongrass, so you may duplicate the flavor by substituting one lime leaf for each lemongrass stalk.

What herbs are similar to lemongrass?

Depending on what you have on hand and what you want to add to your recipe, there are several lemongrass replacements available. Lemon verbena, basil, mint, lavender, thyme, oregano, parsley, and citronella are all terrific choices. Other choices include preserved lemon, coriander stems, and arugula.

What essential oil can you substitute for lemongrass?

If you can’t get Lemongrass, try Lavender on your skin, Chamomile on your hair, or Ylang Ylang on both!

What can I use instead of lemongrass in rice?

Arugula + Lemon Zest #6

This combination comes the closest to a perfect lemongrass substitute. The peppery arugula leaf imparts a herbaceous note, while the lemon zest gives a zesty taste. To substitute one lemongrass stalk, combine one arugula leaf and one teaspoon of zest.

What is lemon grass called in USA?

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), often known as sweet rush, is a type of oil grass in the Poaceae family that is frequently used in cooking.

What spice tastes like grass?

Dill. Dill generates strong reactions: some people enjoy it because it’s clean and green, while others loathe it because it’s acidic and earthy.

What spice is lemongrass?

LEMONGRASS is a tropical grass that is often seen in Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian cuisine. Our dried lemongrass is available in powder form. Because of the presence of citral, it has a tangy, lemony flavor that is comparable to lemon zest.

Is there an herb that tastes like lemon?

Lemon-scented herbs, with their lemon aroma and taste, encapsulate the spirit of summer. Lemon balm, lemon basil, lemongrass, lemon-scented geranium, lemon thyme, and lemon verbena are among the most popular.

What is the other kind of lemon grass?

Lemongrass. Varieties.
Sugandhi (OD 19) (OD 19) It may grow in a variety of soil and climatic conditions.
Pragati (LS48) (LS48) It is a tall growing type with a dark purple leaf sheath that is excellent for subtropical and tropical climates in the north Indian plains and Tarai belt.
Praman (Clone 29)… RRL 16…. CKP 25…. Jama Rosa…. More Varieties.

Can lemongrass essential oil be used in place of lemon?

Aromatic Replacement for Lemon Want to smell the refreshing, crisp scent of freshly squeezed lemon but don’t have any Lemon oil? Not to worry! For that classic citrus aroma, try Lemongrass or Citronella oil.

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