The 5 Greatest Halloumi Cheese Substitutes

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Halloumi cheese is a kind of cheese that originated in Cyprus.

Halloumi is a relatively unknown cheese that can be grilled to high temperatures without melting.

Halloumi Cheese is an excellent choice for grilling and frying.

It is packed in saltwater, which gives the cheese a salty taste, but it is ideal for traveling.

Halloumi cheese is very popular across the Mediterranean and Greece.

If you live near a Mediterranean Greek deli, you should sample this excellent Halloumi cheese.

What Exactly Is Halloumi Cheese?

Halloumi cheese is a classic cheese from Cyprus that combines cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and sheep’s milk.

The texture of Halloumi cheese is similar to that of mozzarella cheese, however it has a delicate white tint on the exterior.

Additionally, Halloumi is a salty, unripened cheese with no rind.

Due of these characteristics of halloumi cheese, you have two alternatives for enjoying your salty cheese: fry it or grill it.

Some people like to eat raw Halloumi cheese; high-heating when grilling or frying helps to improve the natural salty flavor of Halloumi while also making its texture thick and appealing.

This unique halloumi cheese has a high boiling point, so you won’t have to worry about it melting.

Raw Halloumi cheese tastes salty and rubbery, but when fried or grilled, it develops a delicious, crispy cheese coat on the exterior and melting cheese on the inside.

The texture of halloumi cheese is similar to that of grilled marshmallows.

The nicest thing about this Halloumi cheese is that it is high in healthy fat, vitamins A and B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, minerals, and protein.

But, if you do not have Halloumi Cheese on hand, you need not be concerned; moreover, if you want to know what the greatest Halloumi Cheese replacements are?

Next, have a look at these five excellent Halloumi Cheese replacements to help you enjoy your favorite foods without losing flavor or texture.

5 Greatest Halloumi Cheese Substitutes

1 pound feta cheese

Feta cheese is a good alternative for Halloumi cheese since it has comparable properties to Halloumi cheese.

Both of these cheeses originated in Greece and have a similar flavor.

If you’re searching for a salty cheese, Feta is the way to go. It’s also a great substitute for Halloumi.

Feta and Halloumi cheese are both manufactured from goat or sheep milk, which gives them the similar texture and creaminess.

The only distinction between Feta and Halloumi is texture.

Feta has a more crispy and crumby texture, but Halloumi is unripened and has a rubbery texture that makes the cheese chewy.

Additionally, feta cheese has a saltier flavor than Halloumi, so use it as a replacement for Halloumi only if you wish to use salty cheese in your dish.

Kefalotyri 2

Kefalotyri is one of the greatest Halloumi cheese alternatives since it is more comparable to Halloumi.

Kefalotyri cheese has a very high boiling point, therefore it is suitable for frying and grilling.

You can be confident that your meal will have the same texture and taste as Halloumi cheese.

The nicest thing about Keflotyri cheese is that it has a very hard texture, which means that heating it takes longer to get the texture of Halloumi cheese.

Both cheeses have comparable flavors; there isn’t much of a variation in taste.

Yet, if the Kefalotryri Cheese texture becomes firm, the cheese tastes saltier than previously, and the slat level rises when cooked.

3 Paneer (Indian cheese)

Paneer cheese is an excellent substitute for Halloumi cheese.

Paneer cheese is one of the greatest possibilities for making your food stand out since it works well as a replacement for Halloumi cheese.

Paneer has the same appearance as Halloumi and a comparable texture, making it an excellent option for your recipe.

When you replace panner with Halloumi, you will obtain a comparable texture and look.

Moreover, because of its high boiling point, paneer cheese may be fried or grilled.

When Paneer cheese is fried, it produces a cheese dish that closely mimics Halloumi cheese.

Panner, on the other hand, is produced with milk and lemon juice and has a light taste.

4 slices provolone

Provolone is another excellent replacement for Halloumi cheese, however it lacks the thick texture of Halloumi and melts quickly at high heats.

This distinct property of Provolone Cheese enhances its flavor when used in sandwiches and burgers.

You may enjoy your additional cheeseburger by substituting provolone cheese for the Halloumi.

Since Provolone Cheese has a milder taste than Halloumi, it is a preferable alternative for Halloumi cheese.

It goes nicely with a wide variety of foods.

5 Panela de Queso

Queso Panela, which originated in Mexico, is another excellent option for Halloumi cheese.

Queso Panela seems similar to Halloumi because it had a comparable salty flavor, unripened texture, and strong boiling point resistance.

With toasted brine, Queso Panela does not shrink or explode and preserves its original form.

Queso Panela is often featured in Mexican recipes, and it makes the dishes wetter than Halloumi cheese, although it does not cause any problems when grilled.


Halloumi cheese is a unique type that may not be available in all supermarkets, but the replacements listed above are relatively simple to locate and may be used to replace Halloumi cheese with any of these cheese kinds.

Check that the substitution for Halloumi that you wish to use in your meal is not saltier than Halloumi to prevent compromising your recipe.


What foods are similar to halloumi?

These are some decent halloumi substitutes.
Paneer. Paneer is often manufactured using buffalo milk in India and other parts of the globe, although it is most typically made with cow’s milk in the West.
Freir’s cheese.…. Kefalotyri or Kefalograviera…. Cheese Curds…. Mozzarella.
And finally…
Nov 23, 2022

What Mexican cheese is like halloumi?

Panela cheese is also known as “queso de canasta” or simply “queso canasta.” Panela cheese, like Indian paneer or Greek halloumi, softens when cooked but does not melt, allowing it to keep its form when fried or grilled. After cooked and seasoned, it is often served as an appetizer.

Is feta cheese and halloumi the same?

Both feta and halloumi are often created from a combination of sheep’s and goat’s milk, however there are variances in manufacture. Feta may be prepared with solely sheep’s milk or exclusively goat’s milk, while halloumi frequently contains cow’s milk in the mix. Authentic feta and halloumi are excellent in any form.

Can I substitute queso fresco for halloumi?

Fresh cheese

It is created from cow’s or goat’s milk that has been curdled with rennet. The taste of queso fresco is moderate, and the texture is somewhat crumbly. It works well as a replacement for halloumi in salads, pasta dishes, and pizzas.

What is the closest cheese to halloumi?

1. Feta. Although feta has a more dry and crumbly texture than halloumi, they are both salty and cheesey. Feta will not squeak or melt in the same manner, but it is the closest substitute.

What cheese is most like halloumi?

Feta is a kind of cheese.

It is similar to halloumi cheese. Feta is a cheese produced from sheep’s milk or a mix of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk that is delicious in salads. Feta may also be chopped into cubes like halloumi cheese, making it an excellent halloumi cheese alternative.

What is the American version of halloumi?

What exactly is Halloumi? In the United States? If you’re having trouble finding halloumi, it’s possible that you’re hunting for the incorrect item! Halloumi is sometimes known as grilled cheese in the United States. While historically manufactured in Cyprus, it is also popular in Turkey and may be found under the name hellim.

Is queso blanco the same as halloumi?

Queso Blanco, like paneer and halloumi, has a high melting point, a mild flavor, and keeps its form well. This South American cheese may also be eaten raw in salads or sprinkled over tacos.

Is Oaxaca cheese like halloumi?

Although this is true, many people like Oaxaca cheese for its hard, somewhat rubbery texture, which lends chewiness to sandwiches and salads. Halloumi and Paneer cheese are not aged, therefore they will have the same salty but mild taste as Oaxaca, and neither will melt.

Which is healthier feta or halloumi?

Brands vary, but feta is typically the clear winner. Haloumi has more calories and fat than other cheeses. Also, it frequently contains more salt. Because of its high melting point, haloumi makes an excellent cooking cheese.

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