The 5 Greatest Guanciale Substitutes

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Guanciale is one of the greatest components for taking your sauces and meals to the next level.

This ingredient is used in many recipes.

Whether you’re making spaghetti or sauces like Sugo allamatriciana, you’ll need this cured beef, which is popular in Italy.

Yet, not everyone can get their hands on this wonderful cured beef, owing to its limited availability in Italian stores.

It’s not impossible, but finding Guanciale outside of Italy is challenging.

So don’t be concerned.

Several common ingredients may be used in place of Guanciale.

What Exactly Is Guanciale?

Guanciale is a kind of cured beef that is rich in taste and popular in Italian cuisine.

It is essentially a chunk of pork cheeks and hence has a significant degree of fat.

When you cook using Guanciale, expect the meal to be elevated.

Guanciale is, without a doubt, a taste bomb.

Guanciale is seasoned with a variety of spices. This includes things like pepper, thyme, and fennel.

Some manufacturers even incorporate garlic, making it an excellent compliment to any cuisine.

The fats will melt away as you cook with this, leaving you with a lovely food.

Guanciale has a greater flavor and taste than other cured beef products.

The 5 Greatest Guanciale Substitutes

These are five of the greatest substitutes for Guanciale.

1 pound pancetta

Pancetta is an excellent replacement for Guanciale.

While these cured meats originate from various parts of the pig, the manufacturing method is the same.

This imparts comparable flavors to Pancetta and Guanciale.

Pancetta is made from pig belly, which is likewise heavy in fat content.

Guanciale is very tough to come by.

Hence, although the taste and texture are not identical, they are quite similar.

Moreover, Pancetta is widely accessible in almost every grocery shop and supermarket.

Pancetta may be used to replace Guanciale in soups, sauces, and casseroles.

Substitution ratio- Since Pancetta does not have the same strong pig scent as Guancile, you may use a 2:1 substitution ratio.

2 Bacon

Bacon is an excellent replacement for Guanciale since it is readily available and inexpensive.

Most people mistake Guanciale for smoked beef, but it is not.

It is, however, curable. As a result, bacon is one of the greatest substitutes for Guanciale in any dish that asks for it.

But be sure you use unsmoked bacon.

If all you have in your cupboard is smoked bacon, that’s OK too.

Just boil it for a minute or two in boiling water to eliminate the smokey taste.

The taste is comparable to Guanciale.

However keep in mind that bacon has less pig scent and fat content than Guanciale.

Substitution ratio- If the recipe asks for one Guanciale, substitute a couple slices of bacon instead.

3 Lardo

Lardo is one of the few cured meats that comes close to Guanciale.

If you want to render lipids and achieve the greatest pig taste in your meal, use Lardo instead of Guanciale.

Unlike most other cured meats on the market, Lardo has the greatest hog taste.

Lardo has a buttery texture that complements foods like pizza and bread.

In addition, you will obtain a herbal taste.

You may easily consume it raw or cooked, according on your preferences.

Substitution ratio- Use the same quantity of Lardo as you would typically use for Guanciale.

4 Salted Pork

Salt pork is another cured meat that may be used in place of Guanciale.

The pork is salty, as the name implies, but not too so.

You may always rinse it before using it in recipes and soups to decrease the salinity.

Since this cured meat is made from pig belly, it is high in pork fat.

Everyone may readily get salt pork. It is widely used in supermarkets.

It is quite similar to bacon, but salt pork has a higher concentration of lipids that can be rendered down.

This will give incredible levels of flavor to any sauce, soup, or meal.

Replacement ratio- You may use a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio depending on how rich you want your meal to be in fats and pig fragrance from salt pork.

5 Jowls of Pork

If Guanciale is not accessible where you live, we propose using Pork Jowl instead.

Both pork jowl and Guanciale are made from the same part of the pig, the cheeks.

As a result, you will essentially obtain the same sort of fat content and taste.

While making various sauces, you must render the fats.

This is why hog jowl is an excellent replacement for Guanciale.

Pork jowl has a higher fat content than other varieties of cured meat.

Just be sure to use less salt in your meal since pig jowl is salt-cured.

Substitution ratio- If you wish to use pig jowl instead of Guanciale, use the same quantity as specified in the recipe.


Everyone like pork, not only because it is delicious, but also because it has health advantages.

This is why pig products such as Guanciale are so popular in many different cuisines throughout the globe.

Yet, this hot and aromatic substance is prohibited in other nations.

But, this does not exclude you from finding suitable substitutes.

There are several alternatives.


What is a substitute for guanciale in Amatriciana?

Pancetta dolce is the first option for Amatriciana sans guanciale. Pancetta dolce, a sweet or smoked meat derived from the belly of the pig, might be a good substitute for guanciale. The sweet variety of amatriciana is the proper one. It seems fatty, with thin layers of flesh.

What is a substitute for pork cheeks?

If hog cheeks are unavailable, pork shoulder (cut into 2-inch slices) may be used in their place.

Is speck a substitute for guanciale?

Tyrolean Speck’s Finest Applications:

It may be used in lieu of pancetta and bacon in some recipes, notably as a topping or flavoring element, but it will not work as a guanciale alternative owing to the variations in taste and texture caused by the latter’s greater fat content.

What is guanciale called in English?

Since it originates from the jowl of the pig, guanciale (which translates to pig cheek) is often more fatty and less meaty than bacon or pancetta.

What is the closest thing to guanciale?

Pancetta is a well-known Guanciale replacement that is widely accessible in the United States. It is a salami prepared from pig belly. It’s salted, seasoned, and cured similarly to true Guanciale, but with a slightly distinct taste and texture. Pancetta is often used to flavor and thicken sauces and soups.

Why is guanciale banned in the US?

During the 1970s until 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration prohibited the importation of guanciale and other cured meats from Italy, fearing that they could contain swine vesicular disease.

What can I use instead of guanciale pork?

The 5 Greatest Guanciale Substitutes
Pancetta is number one.
2 – Bacon.
Prosciutto is number three.
4 – Lardo.
Chorizo is number five.
Mar 5, 2023

What are beef cheeks called in USA?

Beef cheek meat, also known as barbacoa meat, is fantastic in tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and other cuisines. What exactly is beef cheek meat? Beef cheeks grow from the cow’s face, near the jaw muscle. Our cheek meat has a delightful, melt-in-your-mouth texture and classic taste.

Is hog jowl the same as guanciale?

Guanciale is cured pig jowl (cheek) in a salt and spice mixture. The changes are subtle, but they are there. Guanciale is a specialty of central Italy (not coincidentally, not far from where we come from).

Why is guanciale so expensive?

Guanciale is sliced from the cheek while bacon comes from the back, abdomen, and side of the animal. It is a more costly cut of meat since there is less accessible flesh per animal. It’s also not as common as bacon.

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