The 5 Greatest Gouda Cheese Substitutes

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Cheese is used in a variety of ways, including cooking, eating with crackers, and even matching with a bottle of wine.

One of the most prevalent and popular cheeses in this category is Gouda.

Its mild, caramel, and nutty taste make it an excellent option for cooking.

But, Gouda cheese may not always be available in your pantry.

We often forget to include them to our shopping list or even realize we’re out of this cheese.

The good news is that many other nutty-flavored cheeses can readily substitute Gouda.

What Exactly Is Gouda Cheese?

Gouda is a Dutch-origin cheese that is difficult to overlook or overlook.

Because of its flexibility and taste character, this cheese is found in many people’s households.

This yellowish or orange-looking cheese is ideal for sandwiches, cheese spreads, and even preparing mac & cheese.

Gouda has a sweet flavor and a wonderfully creamy texture.

This cheese is created from cow’s milk and is quite popular nowadays.

It’s also worth noting that Gouda cheese has a lengthy history, with references dating back to 1184.

As it matures, the flavor of this cheese becomes more strong and nutty.

The 5 Greatest Gouda Cheese Substitutes

Here are five Gouda cheese replacements for your convenience.

1 pound Muenster cheese

Munster cheese is one of the greatest replacements for Gouda cheese since both are made from cow’s milk.

But it isn’t all.

We all know that Gouda cheese is ideal for pizza, burgers, and even wine tasting.

If you run out of this cheese, Munster is a fantastic substitute.

American Muenster cheese has a subtle nutty and earthy taste as well.

Moreover, much as Gouda cheese improves with age, Muenster cheese does as well.

The texture is likewise similar, with the Muenster being soft as well.

Substitution ratio- If you want to replace Gouda with Muenster, use the same quantity you would normally use for Gouda.

2 oz. Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack cheese is another cheese that works well as a replacement for Gouda.

This cheese, which is similarly made using cow’s milk, has a yellowish hue and is semi-hard.

Yet, the taste is quite close to Gouda cheese.

If you’re short of Gouda, you may use this cheese in your recipe.

If you’re seeking for Gouda cheese, you’re most likely wanting to match it with wine.

We’re here to inform you that Monterey cheese goes great with wines like Pinot Noir.

Monterey cheese’s mild, nutty, creamy, and buttery taste and texture make it an excellent substitution for crackers, quesadillas, or sandwiches.

Substitution Ratio- You may use the 1:1 ratio whether you’re grating them, garnishing them, or using them as cubes.

Three Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is ubiquitous in households owing to its popularity, affordability, and adaptability.

Cheddar, like Gouda, is an excellent option for preparing dishes and dinners like as grilled sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and even matching with wine.

Plus, as an added bonus, Cheddar has health advantages.

This light yellow and orange cheese is similarly made from cow’s milk.

The great thing about Cheddar is that it comes in a variety of flavors.

But, the taste and texture of all the variants have one thing in common: they are all creamy and nutty, exactly like Gouda cheese.

Cheddar may be used in lieu of Gouda in a 1:1 substitution ratio since both cheeses have the same texture and flavor.

4 Havarti Cheddar

Havarti cheese is quite popular and widely available in Denmark.

This is one of several types of cheese that may readily be substituted for Gouda cheese.

While you may have to spend a little more for this one, the fact that it is quite comparable in taste and texture to Gouda cheese does not alter.

It is not difficult to identify Havarti cheese.

It’s semi-soft and creamy, with the sweet, creamy, and nutty flavor of Gouda.

Moreover, this cheese is made with pasteurized cow’s milk.

It goes well with fruits, wine, and even dry crackers.

Substitution ratio- For Gouda cheese, use the same quantity of Havarti cheese as specified in the recipe.

5 lbs. Gruyere

Last, but certainly not least, we have Gruyere cheese.

This cheese is a wonderful replacement for Gouda since it has a mild, nutty, and creamy taste.

When this cheese is young, it has a fruity scent, making it great for sandwiches, pizzas, soups, salads, pasta, and even wine pairings.

The texture may alter somewhat, but the taste is the same.

Gruyere cheese has a gritty texture and is compact.

This cheese, like Gouda, is known for its ability to age exceedingly well.

This cheese is widely available in most stores.

Substitution ratio- For the same quantity of Gouda cheese that you would use in a recipe, you may substitute the same amount of Gruyere.


It is well known that different types of cheese are incredibly beneficial to your health, which is why they are commonly used in cooking.

Gouda is a popular cheese because of its flavor, texture, and availability.

But, you may not be able to locate it everywhere, or you may have just forgotten to get it.

The good news is that Gouda cheese tastes and feels comparable to many other varieties of cheese.

Therefore replacing this cheese is simple.


Can you substitute cheddar cheese for Gouda?

The taste of gouda cheese is sweet and nutty, but the flavor of cheddar cheese is less sweet, more buttery, and overall stronger. In many cheese recipes, Gouda and cheddar may be used interchangeably. The taste distinctions between the two are slight but evident.

What is Dutch cheese similar to Gouda?

Edam cheese, like gouda cheese, is a native Dutch cheese manufactured from cow’s milk. It’s a semi-hard cheese with a light yellow inside and a red paraffin wax coating. This Dutch cheese, unlike gouda, is prepared using semi-skimmed milk, which accounts for its somewhat less buttery taste.

Is mozzarella a good substitute for Gouda?

Mild gouda is a great mozzarella replacement for melting into meals like mozzarella. Since it is light and pleasant, young gouda may be substituted for mozzarella in quiches, hot sandwiches, and pasta dishes.

What French cheese is similar to Gouda?

Mimolette is a cheese that is historically made in and around Lille, France. In France, it is also known as Boule de Lille, after its birthplace, or vieux Hollande, after being influenced by the Dutch Edam cheese.

What other cheese does Gouda taste like?

The texture of aged gouda is comparable to that of parmesan, with hard cheese crystals and a more crumbly texture. Aged gouda has a rich, nutty, caramelly flavor that is sometimes compared to butterscotch. Both old and young gouda are excellent in their own ways.

How is Gouda different from other cheeses?

The inside of Gouda is smooth and velvety, with a soft white color. Except for aged Gouda, which is deeper gold in color, sharper and saltier in flavor, and firmer in texture, the flavors are bland and smooth. Low-fat Goudas are also manufactured.

What is the best cheese in the world?

What are the world’s greatest cheeses? According to Taste Atlas, Parmigiano Reggiano and Gorgonzola piccante are at the top of the list of the world’s most popular cheeses, followed by Burrata, Grana padano, and Oaxaca cheese (from Mexico, often known as quesillo) in the top five.

Is Gruyère like Gouda?

Gouda is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese from the Netherlands. It’s most recognized for its many applications and tastes, which vary depending on how long it’s been aged. In a pinch, younger gouda may be used in lieu of Gruyère since it melts quickly, but cheese won’t have the same taste.

What Danish cheese is like Gouda?

Vesterhavsost. This delicacy originated in North Jutland and is translated as “North Sea Cheese.” It ripens for many weeks in the salty sea air, resulting in a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a somewhat salty and nutty flavor. It’s known as “the Danish equivalent of Gouda.”

What’s the closest thing to Gouda cheese?

The 5 Greatest Gouda Cheese Substitutes
1 – Havarti.
2 – Pepper Jack Cheese.
Cheddar cheese is number three.
4 – Emmental Cheese from Switzerland.
Gruyere cheese is number five.
Feb 20, 2023

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