The 5 Greatest Fresh Thyme Substitutes

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Thyme is a prominent herb that is well-known for its culinary contributions, notably in Italian meals and a variety of other savory dishes.

Thyme is often used by cooks in a variety of foods and recipes, including spice mixes, sauces, dressings, marinades, and bread.

Nowadays, most people use thyme in a variety of recipes, and it has also become a popular component in cosmetics and hygiene products.

Thymol, a natural molecule present in thyme oil, has antifungal and antibacterial activities.

It is also the best ingredient in popular dishes such as roast turkey, chicken, or stuffing, and it can be found in numerous dried spice mixes.

What exactly is thyme?

Thyme is a herb that originates in the Mediterranean area and is related to basil, oregano, shiso, and mint.

Thyme is distinguished by spherical green leaves that grow in clusters on woody stalks.

The most common thyme you may have encountered has a minty, earthy, and citrus taste.

The most intriguing aspect of this herb is that it comes in over a hundred kinds, most of which are noted for their tastes, such as caraway thyme, orange thyme, and zaatar thyme.

5 Greatest Fresh Thyme Substitutes

Any fresh herb may be used as a replacement for thyme in both savory and sweet dishes.

These are the five greatest replacements for fresh thyme that may be used in stews, soups, and meat recipes.

1 tsp oregano

Oregano is an excellent alternative for thyme since it has comparable minty, earthy, and bitter characteristics as thyme.

Oregano also has a herbal, spicy flavor that helps your food seem magnificent and intricate.

Use fresh oregano in a 1:1 substitution for fresh thyme, and dried thyme in a 1:1 substitution for dried oregano.

If you wish to replace fresh oregano for dry oregano, use half the quantity of dried oregano for the amount of fresh thyme in your recipe.

This is because dried thyme may be rather potent, and using it in the same proportion as fresh thyme may result in an unbalanced taste.

2 sprigs marjoram

Marjoram is also a good alternative for fresh thyme.

You may use dried or fresh marjoram for fresh thyme.

This plant, like oregano, has minty and woody undertones, but it has a more delicate and sweeter taste.

Additionally, when substituting marjoram for fresh thyme, use a 1:1 ratio alone for a more balanced taste.

But, if you use dried marjoram instead of fresh thyme, use half the quantity, and if you use fresh marjoram instead of dry thyme, use double the amount of marjoram for a more balanced taste.

3 Basil

Basil is also a good substitution for fresh thyme.

Basil is in the same family as thyme, and you may use it in lieu of thyme in a variety of cuisines.

Since fresh basil is quite sharp and licorice-like, you may replace half the quantity of fresh basil with fresh thyme.

Fresh basil may be substituted for dried thyme in a 1:1 ratio.

If you wish to use dried basil, keep in mind that it has a more muted flavor, so use the same quantity as fresh thyme and double the amount for dry thyme for a more natural and true flavor.

4 Savoury

Savory is another herb that may be used in place of fresh thyme.

This plant is a member of the mint family and has strong and peppery overtones with a savory taste.

Fresh savory may be substituted for fresh thyme in a 1:1 ratio, and dried savory can also be used in a 1:1 ratio.

When using fresh savory instead of dry thyme, use twice as much dried thyme.

As a substitute to fresh thyme, use half the quantity of dried savory.

5 Sage

Sage is also regarded as one of the finest thyme alternatives.

Sage has a subtle piney mint and lemony taste, as well as an earthy flavor, making it an excellent substitute for fresh thyme.

Sage is often found in tomato-based meals, creamy pasta, and sauces and marinades.

As a substitute to fresh thyme in a recipe, use half the quantity of sage.


Thyme is a common herb that tastes similar to other ingredients, which is why it is known as orange thyme, oregano thyme, caraway thyme, and so on.

It’s also distinguished by its strident lemony, minty, and sweet fragrant taste.

Finding a replacement for fresh thyme is simple since there are various herbs that may be used in lieu of fresh thyme to make your recipe more delicious and delectable.

You may also experiment with other herbal components to make your own genuine cuisine for your loved ones; not only that, but it also helps you to become a better and more imaginative chef.


What herb is closest to thyme?

Oregano. Fresh or dried, oregano is an excellent thyme alternative. The flavors are remarkably similar, both being in the mint family, and the transition is practically subtle. You can use oregano for thyme in almost any dish, regardless of the cuisine.

What tastes the same as thyme?

Since it has an earthy, savory, and somewhat bitter flavor, oregano is a superb alternative for thyme. Fresh oregano may be used in place of fresh thyme in a 1:1 ratio. Basil belongs to the same family as thyme, making it a suitable replacement. Fresh basil tastes sweeter and more vibrant than thyme.

How do I substitute dry thyme for fresh?

1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves = 2 teaspoon dry thyme. How Much Dried Thyme Does It Take to Make a Sprig? If you don’t have a sprig of thyme on hand, a reasonable rule of thumb is to replace 1

Can you replace thyme with parsley?

Although parsley has a brighter flavor and is less earthy than thyme, it may also be used as a replacement on its own. It is an excellent substitution for fresh thyme in a cold meal, such as a dip or salad. Fresh thyme may be substituted for fresh parsley in a 1:1 ratio.

What can I substitute for thyme and rosemary?

Thyme and sage are suitable alternatives to rosemary. Additional alternatives include marjoram and oregano, which are also members of the mint family.
If you don’t have any rosemary on hand, you may substitute one of the following:
Seasoning from Italy.

What is the equivalent sprig of thyme?

2 teaspoon dried thyme. One teaspoon dried thyme equals one tablespoon fresh thyme. 1 sprig fresh thyme is equivalent to 1

Can I use bay leaves instead of thyme?

Can I substitute bay leaves for thyme? Since that bay leaves have a fragrant faint minty taste, it’s reasonable to assume that they may be used to substitute thyme in a variety of recipes, particularly in beef, fish, and lamb-based stews and meals.

Does 2 teaspoons dried thyme equal much fresh thyme?

Using Dried Herbs Instead of Fresh

The following is a basic rule of thumb for the dried-to-fresh herb ratio: Use one-third the quantity of dried herb as fresh herb in the recipe.

Which is stronger fresh or dried thyme?

Dried herbs have been dried and often crushed, concentrating their taste and making them more effective than fresh herbs. Since fresh herbs contain more water, they are less potent.

Does dried thyme taste the same as fresh?

Dried thyme maintains much of the taste of fresh thyme and may be used in place of fresh in many recipes. When replacing dried thyme for fresh, use around one-third the amount of fresh thyme called for in the recipe since dried thyme has a considerably stronger taste than fresh.

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