The 5 Greatest Frangelico Substitutes

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Have you ever been curious about Frangelico? So, I’ll tell you.

Frangelico is a liqueur with hazelnut overtones and a creamy texture.

This Italian beverage has been around since the early 18th century and originates in the Piedmont area of Italy.

It’s finest served straight or on the rocks, but it also works well in desserts and fondues.

Frangelico is best described as a boozy hazelnut and vanilla combination.

Having said that, Frangelico is not the simplest liqueur to replace if you want a comparable taste.

This article will cover the five finest alternatives that may be made using other items that are widely present in most kitchens.

What exactly is Frangelico?

This is a question that everyone has asked at least once, typically after being offered this delectable hazelnut liqueur.

Frangelico is a liqueur prepared in Italy from crushed cocoa beans and hazelnuts.

The original recipe was created in the Piedmont area of North-West Italy by a Franciscan from the monastery of San Fransico named Fra Angelico.

The origins of this liqueur are unknown, however it is said to have existed since the early 1800s.

Frangelico is often sipped straight or on the rocks, but it may also be used in dessert dishes and even fondues.

It has a sweet taste with strong hazelnut undertones and is often characterized as creamy.

It’s one of my favorite liqueurs, and I’m sure you’ll like it once you taste it.

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about Frangelico, let’s look at some of its alternatives.

The 5 Greatest Frangelico Substitutes

Frangelico is best described as a blend of boozy hazelnut and vanilla.

But, having a bottle of Frangelico in your liquor cabinet is not always realistic or sensible.

This is where replacements come into play.

Continue reading to learn about some of the greatest.

1 tsp amaretto (Almond Liqueur)

Amaretto is quite comparable to Frangelico, not only because they have significant parallels on their own, but also because it is an excellent substitute.

The taste of this liquor is sweet and nutty, with distinct almond overtones.

When you combine these two, the outcome is much greater.

You may prepare a great drink by substituting Frangelico and Amaretto for each other.

Nevertheless, one bottle of amaretto has just 28% alcohol and the remainder is sugar and water, making it significantly stronger than Frangelico.

To conclude, the taste of this liquor is extremely similar.

It also has a little reduced alcohol concentration, making it ideal for dessert dishes or drinking on its own.

Sambuca 2

Since it is an Italian liqueur, Sambuca is an excellent replacement for Frangelico.

It’s transparent and brewed with a star anise infusion, which gives it a pronounced licorice taste.

The ingredients list also includes a lot of sugar and black licorice root.

Apart from possessing aromas comparable to Frangelico, this liqueur is often drunk on the rocks with coffee beans and has other kitchen applications.

When substituting sambuca for Frangelico, keep in mind that it has a greater alcohol concentration.

This implies the liqueur will be stronger and more suited to drinking directly.

3 liqueur de café

This is another excellent replacement for Frangelico since coffee and hazelnut are complementary tastes.

It has a robust taste and is created by steeping roasted coffee beans in neutral grain alcohol or vodka.

This liqueur is often used in sweets like tiramisu and beverages like mochas.

You may get it in either coffee or hazelnut flavor.

But, keep in mind that hazelnut flavor includes somewhat more alcohol than coffee taste.

4 liqueur de praline

This liqueur is inspired by the iconic French praline sweet dessert.

It contains vanilla, sugar, and cream, as well as roasted and chopped nuts.

It’s really sweet, similar to Frangelico, but it also includes cream, which makes it even better.

As a consequence, the taste is comparable to that of a dessert or candy.

This liqueur complements a variety of dishes, including chocolate beverages and pastries.

Keep in mind that this liqueur has almost the same alcohol percentage as Frangelico, so it may also be consumed straight.

Nocello 5

Nocello, an Italian walnut liqueur, is another acceptable replacement for Frangelico.

It has a nutty, smokey taste and is produced with high-quality Italian walnuts.

Besides from being delicious in sweets and beverages, you can also use this liqueur in the kitchen since it has several applications.

The nicest thing about Nocello is that it has a little alcoholic bite, so it can be used in place of Frangelico in most recipes.

But, take in mind that it contains almost twice as much alcohol as Frangelico.


Frangelico is a popular hazelnut liqueur, although it is difficult to obtain.

Nonetheless, there are several replacements available if necessary.

When you combine all of these tastes and liqueurs, you may create nearly any hazelnut cocktail.

Besides from the tastes indicated above, there are many more that may be used as alternatives for Frangelico.

So, now that we’ve discussed several viable replacements for this popular liqueur, it’s time to put them to the test.

Enjoy your drink, and remember that these liqueurs taste identical to Frangelico.


Which is better Frangelico or amaretto?

The battle of Frangelico against.

The almond flavor of Amaretto is more delicate than the hazelnut flavor of Frangelico. When you open a bottle of Frangelico, the aroma is instantly filled with a strong nuttiness that carries through to the flavor. The almond taste typically blends into the sweet backdrop, making amaretto less obvious.

What is an alternative for hazelnut liqueur?

Amaretto: Made from apricots and almond pits, this sweet, almond-flavored liqueur of Italian provenance infuses the same richness as hazel nut liqueur and is therefore a viable alternative for hazel nut liqueur (the popular Frangelico hazel-nut liqueur widely in use).

What is the difference between Kahlua and Frangelico?

Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liqueur created from arabica coffee beans, sugar, and rum, while Frangelico is a hazelnut-flavored liqueur with a distinct and nuanced taste. Both are excellent in cocktails and may be substituted based on the taste profile desired.

Is Kahlua similar to Frangelico?

If you’re searching for a Kahlua alternative, Frangelico is a great option. What exactly is this? The tastes of the two liqueurs are comparable, and Frangelico may be used in the same manner that Kahlua can.

Is amaretto and Frangelico similar?

Amaretto and Frangelico are not the same thing. Amaretto is an almond liqueur with a mild almond extract taste, but Frengelico has a considerably more nuanced flavor with coffee, chocolate, and vanilla complementing the nuttiness.

Are Frangelico and Disaronno the same?

Disaronno has a nutty taste comparable to Frangelico, although it contains more alcohol. This cake is also created with an amber-colored cherry and almond paste mixture.

What is a non alcoholic substitute for Frangelico?

Frangelico is a kind of hazelnut or almond extract. Alternatively, hazelnut syrup. Galliano is an extract of licorice.

What is the famous hazelnut liqueur?

Frangelico (Italian: [frandliko]) is a brand of noisette (hazelnut-flavored) and herb-flavored liqueur colored with caramel coloring made in Canale, Italy. It contains 20% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is 40 proof. It used to be 24% ABV or 48 proof.

What liquor is in Frangelico?

Frangelico is a wonderful hazelnut liqueur made from Piedmont hazelnuts and mixed with coffee, chocolate, and vanilla ingredients. Frangelico is a surprisingly light and adaptable spirit that may be enjoyed on the rocks, as a shot, in your coffee, or in an espresso martini.

Do Italians drink Frangelico?

Frangelico is an Italian liqueur for hazelnut enthusiasts and toasted drinkers. It comes as no surprise that Italians like hazelnuts.

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