The 5 Greatest Feta Cheese Substitutes

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Feta cheese has a salty, sour taste that may be harsh or mild.

It has been commonly created and used in Greece since ancient times, and it is currently a favored sort of cheese for many people.

Yet, it may not be widely accessible in many regions.

So, what should you do if you want it but can’t have it? The good news is that there are many other forms of cheese, some of which are comparable to feta cheese.

You may therefore substitute them.

In this brief article, we will look at the five finest feta cheese replacements.

What exactly is Feta cheese?

Feta is a white cheese made entirely of sheep’s milk, however it is sometimes blended with goat’s milk.

As previously said, it originated in Greece but is now a popular table cheese in many families worldwide.

It is soft yet compact, with very few or no holes and no rind.

You may eat it plain or with a drizzle of excellent oil like olive oil.

It also goes nicely with pastries and salads, and it tastes great when grilled.

Apart from tasting delicious, feta has a number of health advantages.

It is rich in phosphorus and calcium and so beneficial to bone health.

It also has a variety of minerals and vitamins. Nevertheless, since feta has a significant amount of salt, it should be consumed in moderation for optimal health.

5 Greatest Feta Cheese Substitutes

Various individuals have different perspectives on this truth. Nonetheless, the types listed below are the most highly recommended.

1 pound ricotta

Ricotta is an Italian fresh cheese made from goat, cow, sheep, or Italian water buffalo milk.

It has a milder taste than matured cheeses and a softer texture due to its high moisture content.

You may now obtain older varieties that have undergone extensive processing.

Home cooks and experts alike prefer ricotta as a feta alternative since the two have a similar feel.

But, since ricotta is sweet, you must add salt to get the taste of feta.

If you don’t want it to be overly salty, you may use it as is.

Ricotta may be used as a topping in burgers, salads, omelets, pizzas, and pastries.

Appropriate ratio:

You may use it whatever you choose, but be careful not to let the cheese overpower the flavor.

10g feta equals 10g ricotta (add more or less according to requirements).

2 pound cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is another option that is often advised as a feta cheese substitute.

It is made from cow’s milk and has a moderate flavor and creamy texture.

It is made differently since the cheese is obtained by draining rather than pressing.

It has less salt and fat than feta, yet both have a comparable protein content.

Cottage cheese’s crumbly texture makes it an excellent alternative for feta.

It goes well with sweets, pizza, meat, and salads.

You may also construct a delectable dish using noodles, cottage cheese, black pepper, and fried onions.

If the flavor is too light, season with salt.

Appropriate ratio:

When it comes to cheese amount and ratio, it all comes down to personal choice. Yet, if you must proportion it,

1 gram of feta equals 1 gram of cottage cheese.

3 lbs. goat cheese

Goat cheese is also one of the top five feta cheese replacements. It is a goat milk product, as the name implies.

When feta is unavailable, chefs and ordinary cooks alike suggest it as a substitute.

There are two types of cheese: matured hard cheese and fresh soft cheese.

Feta and goat cheese both have a salty flavor and may be used interchangeably.

Nevertheless, unless you use matured cheese, the latter is creamier.

It is a good diet choice and goes well with salads, desserts, spaghetti, and other dishes.

Goat cheese also contains components that are good for your health, such as minerals, vitamins, protein, and healthy fat.

Appropriate ratio:

Both feta and goat cheese have comparable tastes that complement any cuisine. Hence, in terms of proportions, you may use the same amount.

As an example:

5 tablespoons feta equals 5 tablespoons goat cheese.

But, take it gently since they both have a high salt content.

4 pieces halloumi

Halloumi is reported to have originated in Cyprus and is mostly prepared from goat and sheep milk.

Because of the ingredients, it is also suggested as a feta alternative. New and unaged varieties, on the other hand, are sweeter than feta.

Matured halloumi is an excellent option for a tart taste. If you are unable to create it at home, get it from a market.

The packaged variety is quite similar to feta.

Since halloumi is so adaptable, it has grown in popularity all across the globe.

It may be eaten in a variety of ways and even substituted for meat.

Appropriate ratio:

When swapping feta for halloumi, there is no absolute proportion.

You may utilize it according to your needs and preferences. But, if you wish to measure.

10gm feta equals 10gm halloumi (always begin with smaller dose and increase whenever needed).

5 Fresh Queso

Queso fresco, made mostly from unpasteurized goat’s milk and sometimes from cow’s milk, is an excellent substitute for feta cheese.

Despite Spain is the most probable point of origin, Mexico is often referenced in conjunction with queso fresco.

It’s crumbly and soft, with a moderate flavor. It has a decreased salt content.

As a result, if you’re aiming to reduce your salt intake, this cheese is an excellent choice.

When you purchase cheese at the market, it is essential to consume it quickly since it may not be as tasty as when it is fresh.

Queso fresco is one of the most well-known and commonly available cheeses on the market.

Appropriate ratio:

Depending on how much you want, add queso fresco to your meal.

But if you’re going to proportion it, go measure for measure like the other variations.

10g of feta equals 10g of fresh cheese.


These are the top five best substitutes for feta cheese. If you don’t have feta cheese on hand, you may substitute another sort.

Finally, the ratio is a matter of personal preference.

To replace feta cheese for any of the above, add a bit less or more according to your taste and desire.

Cotija, mozzarella, Roquefort, and mizithra are also good rivals.

Tofu and walnut cheese, although not quite cheese, are regarded appropriate vegan substitutes for feta.


What is the closest tasting cheese to feta?

Ricotta has a similar flavor to feta cheese, but it has more moisture. Ricotta may be used in place of feta in any recipe, and it has less sodium and a slightly sweeter taste.

What Italian cheese is similar to feta?

They both seem white, somewhat chalky, and hard on the cheeseboard. Quartirolo and Feta are two cheeses from Italy and Greece, respectively.

What cheese is the same as feta cheese?


This cheese tastes quite similar to feta. Halloumi, like feta, is a Greek cheese. Feta is normally prepared from sheep’s milk, while halloumi is created from a blend of sheep’s and goat’s milk.

What is the best non dairy substitute for feta cheese?

Tofu cheese is an excellent vegan counterpart for feta cheese, providing a low fat, high protein alternative that is as nutritious as it is tasty. A big block of firm tofu, a tofu press, and a generous coating of our feta marinade are required.

What crumble cheese is like feta?

Queso fresco is crumbly like feta cheese and goes well with salads, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, and burritos. But don’t limit it to Mexican dishes; queso fresco may also be used over omelettes or, as previously said, as a feta substitution in other recipes.

What Middle Eastern cheese is similar to feta?

Jibneh Arabieh (Arabic: ) (also jibni) is a soft white cheese popular across the Middle East. It is especially well-liked in the Persian Gulf area. The cheese tastes mild and salty, comparable to feta.

What Mexican cheese is most like feta?

Cotija cheese is named after the town of Cotija in the Mexican state of Michoacán. This hard, crumbly Mexican cheese is mostly prepared from cow’s milk. While young, it is white, fresh, and salty, resembling feta cheese greatly.

Is ricotta or feta better?

Feta’s vitamin and mineral profiles are more diverse and diverse. Ricotta has less calories, salt, and carbohydrates and is less expensive. Ricotta has a lower salt content, which is a more significant distinction between them.

Is feta the same as queso fresco?

The distinction between the two is based on origin: queso fresco is from Spain and Mexico, whilst feta is from Greece. Both cheeses are mild, crumbly, and soft. Nonetheless, feta might be a little saltier than its Mexican version.

Is feta cheese similar to mozzarella?

Feta cheese, Cotija cheese, paneer cheese, and halloumi cheese are all excellent replacements for melted mozzarella. Feta cheese, like mozzarella, may be eaten raw and does not need cooking to bring out its salty and sour taste.

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