The 5 Greatest Endive Substitutes

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Endive is a leafy vegetable that is also known as curly or Belgium. Radish, arugula, chicory leaves, watercress, napa cabbage, and romaine lettuce are excellent alternatives for endive.

You may use any of these alternatives depending on the meal you’re creating to get the desired taste, appearance, and crunchiness.

What exactly is Endive?

Endives are a kind of green leafy vegetable that belongs to the chicory family.

Endives have a somewhat bitter, earthy taste that is akin to coffee.

Curly and Belgian variants of this leafy vegetable are available.

Belgian endive is most likely the most prevalent. Endives are related to chicory, which is why all endive cultivars are bitter.

Radicchio is the chicory family’s closest relative.

Endives are best described as having a balanced bitterness, a hint of sweetness, and a leafy taste similar to lettuce.

If you’re wondering what the best Endive replacements are, look no further. Therefore here are the 5 greatest Endive alternatives to help you enjoy your food even if you don’t have endives.

5 Greatest Endive Substitutes

1 cup arugula

Arugula is a great replacement for endive and is also known as rocket in certain locations.

Arugula is a tasty green leafy vegetable that is simple to prepare and wilts rapidly, which is why you need a lot of it to bulk out a salad.

It is important to note that arugula is not bitter like other greens, but it does have a distinct taste that may clash with other components.

The rocket leafy vegetable may remind you of that classic ingredient in prosciutto.

It tastes best when not heated, so avoid using it in sandwiches or soups.

Only in cold foods does it taste better.

Radicchio 2

Radicchio is a leafy vegetable often used in Italian cooking.

In fact, it is the finest Endive alternative for cooking Italian dishes.

When eaten raw, it has a very bitter flavor, but when cooked, the harshness decreases, which means that if you add some salt and pepper while boiling it, it will be pretty good.

If you wish to use radicchio instead of endives, bitterness may not be a problem.

Radicchio may be eaten raw, braised, cooked, or diced in a salad; you can use it anyway you choose.

This green vegetable comes in two shapes: oval and round; choose the proper form to make your meal more appealing.

Radicchio Treviso does not grow round, but rather stretches, and like other chicories, radicchio has a robust structure and distinct bitterness that pairs well with delicate lettuces, as it balances the sweetness of lettuce when mixed with it.

Radicchio tastes best when grilled, roasted, or sautéed in oil and mixed with spaghetti.

Watercress 3

Watercress is another leafy green vegetable with a bitter flavor similar to arugula, but with a more spicy, sharp, and peppery flavor.

Watercress is an excellent alternative for endive since it adds crunch to the bitterness.

The leaves of this plant are luscious and meaty, with a pleasant sweet taste.

The leaves are generally dark green with white veins, indicating that if you wish to replace watercress, be sure to purchase fresh.

Watercress tastes similar to arugula, however the former has a somewhat peppery flavor.

Watercress has a neutral taste that makes it a great addition to any salad.

Watercress does not need to be cooked; its taste stays unchanged, and it only wilts little when heated.

Nonetheless, most people prefer to eat fresh watercress in cold meals.

This veggie substitution is delicious in sandwiches.

Watercress includes sulforaphane, which helps to combat cancer, according to the experts.

Watercress tastes bitter because it contains sulforaphane, which contains sulfur.

4 romaine lettuce leaves

This leafy vegetable is usually used in salads and has a particular taste and flavor that distinguishes it from other green vegetables.

It is often used in Mediterranean cuisine, but it also works well as a salad or sandwich alternative.

It has the same appearance as endives but lacks the bitterness of endives.

Those who dislike bitterness may substitute Romaine Lettuce.

This leafy vegetable has longer and darker leaves than endives.

Choose a smaller, younger romaine head that tastes better than the highly colored varieties.

Additionally, the ruffled leaves of romaine lettuce make a significant impact.

Nonetheless, romaine lettuce is an excellent alternative for endives in salads, soups, plate dressings, and so on.

5 Cabbage Napa

Napa Cabbage is the greatest option for endive if you don’t want to deal with too much bitterness or spiciness.

It has a moderate flavor and goes well with lettuce since it balances off the bitterness.

Napa cabbage resembles romaine lettuce in appearance, but its leaves are paler in color and have rounder leaf margins than romaine lettuce.

Despite it is referred to as cabbage, it is more akin to iceberg and romaine lettuce.

The napa cabbage leaves are enormous, bigger than a fully grown romaine lettuce.

This green vegetable works well in any meal.


Discovering Endive replacements is rather simple since most of the above-mentioned green leafy substitutes taste the same.

Some of these replacements, however, lack the characteristic bitter flavor of endive leaves.

All of these substitutions should be used in the same quantity at first, and then increased as needed to get the crunchiness and taste that you like in your meal.


What vegetables are related to endive?

Belgian endive, curly endive, escarole, frisée, and radicchio are all members of the chicory vegetables family of leafy greens. Each variety has an attractive hint — or more than a hint — of bitterness and is accessible all year.

Is arugula and endive the same thing?

Arugula, radicchio, frisee, escarole, curly endive, Belgian endive — they’re all close relatives, so close that they’re almost all called by the same name; and they’re among the trendiest of greens, so almost every mid- and upmarket salad you eat these days contains some type of chicory.

Is endive a lettuce or cabbage?

Belgian endive is a tiny, cylindrical head of lettuce (approximately 6 inches long) with densely packed pale yellow leaves with somewhat curling edges.

What vegetable is similar to chicory?

These are our top six chicory substitutes:
1) The rocket (Or Arugula)
2) Raddichio.
Escarole 3) (or Endive)
4) Lettuce Romaine.
Watercress (5th).
Dandelion Root.

What can I substitute for endive or escarole?

Escarole is an endive that has a somewhat bitter taste yet a robust texture. It resembles green leaf lettuce but has thicker leaves. Sautéing reduces the bitterness. If you can’t get escarole, use curly endive or kale instead.

What can I substitute for endive and escarole?

What can you substitute if necessary? Chicory or endives are your best options, although they aren’t always readily available. — Arugula and spinach are suitable bitter replacements. Any dark leafy green would do.

What is endive called in America?

It is also known as chicory in the United States and chicorée frisée in France. The fact that frisée also refers to greens delicately wilted with oil adds to the confusion. Escarole (var. latifolia) has large, light green leaves that are less bitter than the other types.

Is Romaine an endive?

To summarize the major nutrients and differences between endive and romaine lettuce: Endive and romaine lettuce are both abundant in vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, and potassium. While endive has more pantothenic acid, romaine lettuce contains more vitamin B6. Endive has a lot of calcium.

What’s another name for endive lettuce?

This leafy green has a number of names (depending on the type), including chicory, frisée (pronounced free-ZAY), and curly endive.

Why is endive so expensive?

Endive may be more costly than lettuce or other chicories. This is due to a mixture of the agricultural procedure (which is lengthy and tough) and the high expense of often importing from Belgium. It’s well worth it because of the delicious taste!

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