The 5 Greatest Eggplant Substitutes

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In the United States, the most popular eggplant kinds are Italian and globe eggplant, which have a teardrop shape with lustrous purplish-black skin and a thick stem cap.

You may also get eggplant in a number of hues, including purple, white, and purplish-black, as well as yellow, light green, reddish, and striped varieties.

This purple vegetable is often used to add color, texture, and taste to a variety of recipes.

But, for individuals seeking for healthier choices or those with food sensitivities who may have dietary limitations.

These are five eggplant alternatives that have the same flavor and texture as the purple-hued produce and can be used in any recipe that calls for it.

What exactly is eggplant?

Together with okra, zucchini, and tomatoes, eggplant is a member of the nightshade family.

Eggplant comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and it blooms throughout the summer months.

This vegetable comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from little globes around 2-inches in diameter to tubular versions about 12-inches in diameter.

The eggplant seeds are simple to prepare.

Eggplant is well-known for its flavor and texture, which makes it popular in meals such as ratatouille, Mediterranean cuisines such as baba ghanoush and caponata, and filled eggplant in the form of an aubergine, or even latke.

It’s also used to make creamy spreads for bagels and sandwiches, as well as to thicken soups, stews, and sauces.

Cooking eggplants may be difficult since they are not particularly moist or soft, and although some people like the flavor, others do not.

Several consumers complain about the texture of the eggplant since it may be harsh if undercooked, making it difficult to digest.

But, you may still make delicious meals using eggplant alternatives that taste quite close to the original dish.

5 Greatest Eggplant Substitutes

1 pound portobello mushrooms

Most individuals prefer mushrooms over eggplants; those who do may substitute Portobello mushrooms for eggplant.

Throughout South America and Europe, portobello mushrooms are widely accessible.

These mushrooms are well-known for their huge size and umami flavor.

Portobello mushroom looks most like eggplant and tastes highly tasty like eggplant.

This eggplant alternative may be used in meals such as red or white spaghetti and oven-roasted pizzas with parmesan cheese.

Because of its delicate and juicy texture, this mushroom is also a vegan-friendly replacement for meat.

Portobello mushrooms may easily be substituted for eggplant in a variety of cuisines.

But, you should be aware that Portobello mushroom may be pricey in certain countries where it is imported.

Shiitake Mushrooms 2

Shiitake mushrooms are another option that may be used in place of eggplant.

If you can’t get Portobello mushrooms, you may use shitake mushrooms for eggplant.

These mushrooms are large and taste like umami qualities. They are typically found in Asian nations.

This variety of mushroom is often used in soups, stir-fries, and stews.

The greatest part about consuming Shitake mushrooms is that they have medicinal characteristics that may aid with a variety of common health conditions.

The shiitake mushroom is utilized in Chinese medicine; it is dried, powdered, and drank like tea.

This tea may aid in the recovery of ill persons.

three zucchini

Zucchini is often used as an eggplant alternative since it has a similar flavor and texture but is sweeter.

This veggie cooks quickly as well.

Yet, zucchini lacks the harshness of eggplant.

Those who dislike mushrooms may substitute zucchini with eggplant.

Zucchini is a kind of summer squash that is also known as a courgette and has a taste and texture similar to eggplant.

This vegetable was first produced in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

When cooked, zucchini tastes similar to eggplant since it has a mild flavor and a less mushy texture.

Not only that, but it is a highly nutritious vegetable that is high in vitamins and minerals.

It is a great substitute for eggplant that has a comparable flavor and helps you keep a balanced diet.

Zucchini may be used in stir-fries, pasta dishes, stews, and soups.

It is also the most often used vegetable in ratatouille, a French vegetable meal.

When eggplant is unavailable, zucchini is the finest substitution; it still lends a more savory flavour to the meal.

Cooking zucchini for too long may cause it to lose its texture.

4 Okra

Okra is also a great substitute for eggplants, particularly in the summer.

Okra has two edible parts: seeds and pods, both of which taste like eggplant.

This vegetable may be used in a variety of Asian recipes, including stir-fry dinners, soups, salads, stews, curries, and many more.

Okra, on the other hand, has a faint grassy flavor and, when cooked, has a flavor similar to eggplant.

The primary distinction between the two veggies is that okra has a slimy material that eggplant does not.

Okra may be used as a thickening in slow-cooked dishes such as casseroles.

Yet, since it tastes bitter, it is not ideal for many recipes.

Before cooking okra, marinate it in vinegar for approximately an hour and then properly dry it.

This method may eliminate the vegetable’s sliminess.

If you’re making a quick, high-heat meal like stir-fry, you don’t need to soak the okra.

5 Vegetables with Roots

If you can’t locate a suitable alternative for eggplants, you may use root veggies.

Root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, and potatoes may be used in a variety of recipes to mimic the flavor of eggplant.

Use root vegetables in slow-cooked dishes to give the dish a more pungent and robust taste.

Root vegetables may also be used as a thickening in curries, stews, and casseroles.

It is also an excellent substitute for spicy moutabal dip, since various root vegetables may be used in lieu of eggplant.

Celeriac, rutabagas, and turnips are the finest and most widely available vegetables.

It is critical to utilize this root vegetable alternative in dishes that need longer cooking times to ensure that the texture softens appropriately.


Because of its soft texture and mild taste, eggplant is the finest vegetable to add to any cuisine.

It is also regarded as the greatest vegetable since it rapidly absorbs the flavors of other components.

If you don’t like eggplant, you may use eggplant alternatives in eggplant-based dishes.

These alternatives have a comparable texture to eggplant and a flavor that is similar enough to eggplant.

These veggies may also improve the flavor of your cuisine, so try substituting them for eggplants in your favorite recipes for a new flavor.

You may also use these vegetables if you can’t locate eggplants in the grocery.


What foods are like eggplant?

Okra is also a great substitute for eggplants, particularly in the summer. Okra has two edible parts: seeds and pods, both of which taste like eggplant. This vegetable may be used in a variety of Asian recipes, including stir-fry dinners, soups, salads, stews, curries, and many more.

What can I use instead of eggplant in eggplant Parmesan?

In my situation, I’ve had a few huge zucchini appear out of nowhere, and this dish, a twist on eggplant Parmesan, is one of my favorite ways to utilize them. The modification here is quite simple: I just use zucchini instead of eggplant.

What is the same as eggplant?

You may be familiar with them as eggplants or aubergines, but they are the same plant. The Brits favor the latter, but we use the former in North America.

Can you substitute eggplant for zucchini?

Eggplant. You may not have considered it previously, but common eggplant may be a decent substitute for zucchini if the latter is unavailable. Apart from their similar form, zucchini and eggplant have similarities in texture and the many ways they may be cooked.

What vegetables are in the same family as eggplant?

Tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, and peppers are all members of the Nightshade plant family. Tobacco is also a member of the nightshade family. Nightshades are distinct in that they contain trace levels of alkaloids.

Which vegetable is also now as eggplant?

In many places, eggplant, Solanum melongena L. (2n = 24), often known as aubergine or brinjal, is an important solanaceous vegetable crop. It is indigenous to India.

What is the closest thing to eggplant?

Zucchini, cauliflower, butternut squash, carrots, and beets are all excellent substitutes for eggplant in terms of taste and texture.

What can I use instead of eggplant in ratatouille?

Carrots as an eggplant alternative

I used carrots instead of eggplant as a replacement. Carrots get sweeter as they simmer, and the longer they cook, the more they sweeten. This onion is a delicious yellow onion.

When should you not use eggplant?

When purchasing an eggplant, the flesh should be firm yet yield slightly when squeezed before rebounding. If your eggplant is mushy to the touch, it’s a sign that it’s starting to rot. Also, if the flesh of the eggplant is sticky, you should discard it.

What is the American version of eggplant?

Eggplant (US) (US)

This is a purple veggie with a green stem. The term “aubergine” is derived from French. Aubergine (UK) (UK)

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