The 5 Greatest Corn Meal Substitutes

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If you keep up with the newest health and lifestyle trends, you’ve probably heard about Corn Meal.

It’s made its way into a variety of sweet meat recipes, including pound cake, pancakes, cornbread, and even savory dishes.

Although this famous ingredient is gaining popularity, it does have some drawbacks.

Cornmeal’s high fructose level is unhealthy and may induce inflammation, indigestion, and cramps.

Get ahead of the trend by seeking for healthier alternatives.

We did the research and compiled the finest Corn Meal replacements.

Check out the list for our top selections.

What exactly is corn meal?

So just what is Corn Meal? Cornmeal is dried corn that has been crushed into a fine flour.

Its texture may range from coarse to medium to finely powdered flour, and its color is often yellowish-white.

Corn Meal is used in numerous civilizations across the globe and is called by several names.

It has been used for decades and is found in a variety of cuisines.

Corn meal is simple to manufacture and may be done at home.

As a result, this is one of the reasons it remains a staple cuisine in several nations.

The 5 Greatest Corn Meal Substitutes

The following are the top 5 cornmeal substitutes:

1 tablespoon ground flaxseed

Grounded flaxseed is an excellent corn meal alternative.

It has a comparable texture, so you can simply include it into your recipes without concern.

Since ground flaxseed and corn meal have comparable consistency, the substitution ratio is almost the same.

Flaxseeds are also a more nutritious alternative to corn meal.

The health advantages of flaxseed have been highlighted by several notable experts and publications.

Flaxseeds, according to Elaine Magee (MPH, RD), a dietitian, may lower the risk of ailments such as diabetes, stroke, and even cancer.

Corn meal is thought to produce inflammatory responses, but flaxseeds may help decrease inflammation.

This suggests that flaxseeds may aid in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

2 tsp semolina

Semolina is another fantastic non-corn alternative to add in your diet that may be utilized as a replacement for corn meal.

It works well in sweetmeat dishes such as puddings, cakes, and cookies.

This component has a little sweeter flavor than Corn Meal and a comparable texture.

The substitution ratio should vary appropriately, with 1 tsp of Corn Meal = 1 tsp of Semolina being the most common.

Semolina has several health advantages, including a high fiber content, a low glycemic index, and a high iron content.

Moreover, Semolina is a better protein option since it provides the same advantages without the bad saturated fats found in traditional protein sources such as beef.

3 oats, ground

Ground oat is another excellent substitute for corn meal, with a distinct flavor but a comparable texture.

Ground oats are your best choice if you want an alternative that doesn’t have that corn scent or flavor.

While the texture is similar, the end product is creamier and thicker.

As a result, in a Corn Meal recipe, you may always alter it to a little lower ratio.

One teaspoon of ground oats is the finest substitute for one teaspoon of corn flour.

According to sites such as Healthline, ground oat is high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and offers several nutritional advantages.

If you have dietary limitations, this is a good replacement.

4 cups rice flour

Rice flour is a finer-grained, smoother flour than any Corn Meal replacement.

It has a creamy texture and a mild flavor, so it works nicely with the other components.

You may use the same quantity of rice flour as corn meal or adjust to your preference.

Since it is gluten-free, it may be used as an allergen-free replacement.

It is also a superior choice since it is high in fiber.

It keeps you satisfied and prevents binge eating.

Rice flour has several health advantages, including improved heart health, diabetes management, cancer risk reduction, and digestive health.

Rice flour also contains a variety of nutrients, including Vitamins B1 and B6, Selenium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and others.

5 Corn Meal

If you’re seeking for a Corn Meal alternative but still want that corn flavor, we recommend using corn grit.

It also has many similarities in terms of flavor, fragrance, and texture.

Corn grit, on the other hand, is somewhat bigger, so you can always crush it by hand for meals that demand precise quantities.

You may use equal amounts, but you can also use a specific quantity of corn meal.

Corn grits, according to leading health websites like WebMD, are a wonderful source of eye health and may help lower anemia risk.

It is also a good source of the Vitamin B complex.


While cornmeal is not a bad food, there are many other alternatives that offer advantages that cornmeal does not.

It should be noted that Corn Meal replacements may alter the taste and appearance of most foods.

We can guarantee you, however, that it tastes just as good as the original recipe.

There are several components and products that may be utilized in place of corn meal.

You may always try new cuisines and see which ones suit your taste the best.

Please also experiment with our list of recommendations.

We wish you a wonderful time.


What can I use instead of corn meal in muffins?

Corn flour is pulverized corn that has been finely ground. Much more than corn meal. It’s one of the greatest cornmeal alternatives in breads and cakes since its texture doesn’t interfere with the light and delicate texture of a cake as grits or another courser substitute would.

What is the same as cornmeal?

Grits are often offered for breakfast or as a side dish to other meals. Grits, like cornmeal, are prepared from dried and ground maize but have a finer grain. Grits are often created from hominy, which is maize that has been hulled with lime or similar alkaline substance.

What is a gluten free substitute for cornmeal?

5 – Ground Oatmeal

Use ground oats instead of cornmeal for a gluten-free alternative. Oats are a complete grain that is high in nutrients such as fiber and protein.

What is a substitute for cornmeal when frying fish?

There are various other foods that may be substituted for cornmeal. If none of the aforementioned ingredients are available, use crushed oats, masa harina, bread crumbs, ground flaxseed, polenta flour, broken cornflakes, or hominy grits.

How to make your own corn meal?

blend. …
Put the cornmeal in an airtight jar.
Jul 7, 2020
Grind the corn kernels in a blender or seed grinder.
Since the first pass will produce some uneven pieces, sift the powder into a basin and then re-grind the bigger bits.
You may need to do a third grind.

Can I use Jiffy instead of cornmeal?

Except for the addition of sugar and an additional leavening ingredient in the corn muffin mix, they are almost comparable. If you use corn muffin mix instead of cornmeal in a breading, batter, or pizza mix, the recipe will be sweeter and fluffier!

What can I substitute for corn meal?

These are all of my ‘next best’ suggestions for what to do when you run out of cornmeal.
Semolina. For a variety of reasons, this is my very favorite non-corn-based replacement! …
Oatmeal, ground. If you don’t want the corn taste, this would be a great texture alternative. … Rice flour…. Wheat flour.
Flaxseed meal.

What can I use flour instead of cornmeal?

One of the greatest non-corn replacements for cornmeal is coarse wheat flour. It’s a versatile ingredient that may be used in lieu of cornmeal in any dish, and it serves the same cooking function with a comparable texture. Substitute wheat flour for cornmeal by weight rather than volume. It will provide the most precise findings.

Can I substitute almond flour for cornmeal?

The taste of cornmeal without the added carbohydrates. Yes. Almond flour may be used for cornmeal in recipes such as… To make it an even better cornmeal alternative, add a few drops of sweet corn essence to obtain that lovely corn flavor.

What can I use instead of cornmeal for chili?

If you don’t have cornmeal on hand, tortilla chips may be used as a thickening in its place (though keep in mind that they will add more salt to the dish). Smash a few chips and toss them into the chili.

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