The 5 Greatest Chipotle Pepper Substitutes

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Chipotle Peppers are created from smoke-dried jalapenos, resulting in a hot pepper with a strong smokey taste.

Its unusual flavor is what makes Chipotle Peppers so famous, and it lends a distinct flavor to soups, salsas, and other foods.

Nevertheless, because to the extreme intensity, not everyone can get Chipotle Peppers or lives in a region where the peppers are not accessible.

Fortunately, depending on what you’re cooking and how hot you want it, various replacements may be utilized.

Continue reading to learn about the finest Chipotle Pepper replacements.

What exactly are Chipotle Peppers?

Chipotle is a condiment made from ripe smoke-dried jalapeño chili peppers.

They are often seen in Mexican cuisine.

Chipotle peppers cannot be purchased fresh, and they are also not cultivated anywhere.

These are homemade. There are several recipes accessible on the internet for preparing chipotle chiles at home.

If you don’t have any jalapenos, you may purchase peppers at the market and let them ripen.

So now the issue is, what substitutions may be utilized if you don’t have any of the components to manufacture chipotle peppers but still want a flavor that tastes as delicious as chipotle peppers?

5 Greatest Chipotle Pepper Substitutes

If you don’t have Chipotle Peppers but still want to give your cuisine a distinct kick and taste, the five substitutions listed below may help:

1 chili pepper

Hot peppers may be used in place of chipotle peppers. They can give chipotle heat to any meal.

Since everyone’s tolerance for spices varies, you may modify the quantity of heat to your liking.

Remove the seeds and inner membrane of hot peppers if you want a minimal taste of heat.

If you want it to be more spicy, leave the seeds and membrane in place.

Hot peppers are high in vitamin C and have a similar taste to chipotle peppers, so they may be used in any meal that calls for chipotle peppers.

2 smoked bell peppers

Smoked peppers are another excellent substitute for chipotle chiles. Chipotle gives any food a smokey taste.

If you substitute the chipotle with another spicy pepper, the meal will be hotter, but the smokey taste will be lost.

This is why smoked pepper is a great substitute for chipotle peppers, since it adds both heat and smoke to the meal, exactly like chipotle peppers.

Smoked peppers may be found in cans, jars, or even as dried, smoked peppers at any grocery.

3 Adobo-style Chipotle

Chipotle is made from ripe, smoked, and dried jalapeño peppers. They’re medium-hot with a smokey taste.

They enhance the taste of almost every meal in which they are used.

Adobo sauce is a savory sauce made with onions, tomatoes, vinegar, and spices.

When these two ingredients are mixed, they create an extremely flavorful sauce.

Chipotle in adobo sauce is simple to make at home. Chipotles in adobo sauce are also available at stores in cans.

To create it at home, a variety of recipes may be used.

4 Banana Peppers, Spicy

There are two kinds of banana peppers. The first are fiery banana peppers, while the second are sweet banana peppers.

They are known as banana peppers because they are long and yellow, similar to the form of a banana.

As they reach maturity, they change color. Spicy banana peppers are short and brilliant yellow.

They are tapered at the end. Hot banana peppers are somewhat spicy.

They may be filled as well as used as is in certain recipes.

They may simply be substituted for chipotle peppers, enhancing the flavor of any recipe.

5 Banana Peppers, Sweet

We already know that banana peppers come in two varieties: spicy and sweet, as we mentioned above.

The spicy banana peppers are well-known. Hungarian peppers are another name for sweet banana peppers.

They have the same form as hot banana peppers, but as the name implies, they are sweeter.

They also change color as they develop, exactly like hot banana peppers.

Sweet banana peppers are often mistaken for pepperoncini peppers.

Because of their name, sweet banana peppers may not seem like a good alternative for chipotle peppers.

Nonetheless, they may give a distinct taste to any recipe and serve as an excellent replacement for chipotle peppers.

They may be pickled and fried.


Chipotle peppers have a distinct taste. They offer a great peppery and smokey taste to any food that is difficult to mimic.

All of these alternatives have their own distinct taste that is quite close to the flavor of chipotle peppers, which is why they may be used in their place.

Therefore, the next time you don’t have access to your favorite spice, try the substitutions and see if they work for you.


What can I replace chipotle peppers with?

Ancho Chilis are a great substitute for Chipotle Peppers.

Mexican poblano peppers, dried and crushed, provide smokey aromas with a hint of spice. Ancho chilis have a sweet undertone that adds a new dimension to any recipe.

Is cayenne pepper similar to chipotle pepper?

Cayenne powder is manufactured from powdered, dried cayenne peppers, while chipotle powder is derived from smoked and dried jalapeo peppers. This imparts a smokey taste to chipotle powder, while cayenne powder is more scorching and spicy. Which powder you use truly depends on the taste you want to achieve in your recipe.

Can I substitute green chilies for chipotle peppers?

They may be used in place of green chilies in a variety of cuisines, including enchiladas, tacos, and burritos. When replacing green chilies with chipotle peppers, bear in mind that they are considerably hotter, so you may want to use fewer of them. The green chili pepper is a delicious accent to any dish.

Can I substitute chipotle peppers for jalapeño?

Chipotle (7,000 Scoville Units):

Smoking imparts a particular taste to chipotles, which may not be suitable for all recipes that call for jalapenos. Hence, although chipotle is an excellent substitution for spice, it may not be a desirable complement to a dish’s taste profile.

What ingredient is in chipotle peppers?

What is Chipotle if not for chipotles? The quick answer is no, it is not Chipotle. The chipotle chili pepper is a dried and smoked jalapeo created utilizing the age-old technique of smoking them over pecan wood for many days.

Is chipotle chili pepper the same as paprika?

Chipotle powder is much hotter than smoked paprika. As compared to chipotle powder, even the strongest smoked paprika will be quite light. A hot smoked paprika will have 500 Scoville heat units (SHU), while chipotle powder would have 2,500 to 8,000 SHU.

Which is hotter chipotle or cayenne?

Cayenne pepper powder has a much higher heat level than chipotle powder. Cayenne pepper has a Scoville heat unit range of 30,000 to 50,000, whereas chipotle pepper has a Scoville heat unit range of 2,500 to 8,000.

Which is hotter chipotle or cayenne pepper?

Chipotle peppers are not the same as red peppers. Cayenne peppers have a greater Scoville heat unit count than Chipotle. Chipotle contains just 2500 to 8000 heat units, the same as Jalapeo peppers, however Red pepper or Cayenne pepper has 30000 to 50000 heat units.

What type of chili pepper is a chipotle pepper?

A chipotle pepper is a smoked and dried jalapeño chili pepper. Chipotles are often created from the ripest red jalapenos, although they may also be made from less ripe green peppers. Chipotles are often used in Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine to add spice and flavor to meals.

Can you make chipotle peppers?

Chipotle peppers may be made by smoking them for 3-4 hours to allow them to absorb the smoke. The pepper should next be thoroughly dehydrated using a dehydrator or oven. But keep in mind that your oven or dehydrator will likely smell smokey for a few days.

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