The 5 Greatest Anchovy Paste Substitutes

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Anchovy paste isn’t everyone’s favorite ingredient in a variety of cuisines.

Yet, many people are unaware that this ingredient can elevate any meal to the restaurant level with its robust taste.

Anchovy paste is extensively used in Vietnamese, British, Filipino, and Italian cuisines.

What are the finest anchovy paste substitutes? Umeboshi Paste, Miso Paste, Asian Fish Sauce, Anchovy Fillets, and Capers are among them.

What Exactly Is Anchovy Paste?

Anchovy Paste is a kind of fish paste prepared from anchovies.

Several people use it as a condiment as well as a main component in a variety of meals such as Scotch Woodcock and others.

Several people have used it for ages to provide flavorings to foods as well as nutrition.

Water, crushed anchovies, spices, and vinegar are the primary materials used to make this paste.

Anchovy paste will not make your food smell fishy, nor will it give you foul breath.

Morocco, for example, exports a lot of this commodity.

5 Best Anchovy Paste Substitutes

Let’s have a look at some of the other options for your anchovy paste:

1 tbsp. umeboshi paste

This delectable Japanese condiment may be used in place of anchovy paste.

Umeboshi is pink in color and has a taste and texture akin to anchovy paste.

This paste is made from pickled plums and is high in calcium and iron, as well as having powerful antioxidant effects.

Traditionally, it is served as a side dish to accompany rice.

Umeboshi Paste has a strong scent as well as an acidic and salty flavor.

Just be sure to drain all of the water from your Umeboshi before using it.

Ratio of Substitutes You may use Umeboshi Paste for the Anchovy Paste called for in the recipe.

2 Fillets of Anchovy

Another excellent option for the paste would be Anchovy Fillets.

Since the fish in the fillets has not been cured, the flavour will be somewhat different.

Moreover, during the canning process, both oil and salt are added, making them very salty.

When you’re using anchovy fillets in the recipe, remember to adjust the liquid and salt accordingly.

You should be able to find these at your local grocery.

Ratio of Substitutes One anchovy fillet equals around a teaspoon of your anchovy paste.

3 capsicums

It refers to green buds that resemble peas that grow on the caper shrub.

Capers are often used to flavor pickled or preserved olives.

Capers are often sold in cans with vinegar and salt added, making them an excellent substitute for anchovy paste.

The capers’ texture and fiber content are pretty outstanding.

Since they are often used in seafood dishes, salads, and sauces, they are readily found in grocery shops.

Nevertheless, you should always discard the liquid before using it since it might become overly acidic or salty.

Ratio of Substitutes If your recipe calls for 1 tsp anchovy paste, you must also use 1 tsp capers.

4 Chinese Fish Sauce

This sauce has a strong and foul flavor, but it’s incredibly wonderful, particularly in soups, fried rice, stews, and noodles.

But, instead of salads, this substitute should be utilized with meat and other sauces.

The sole exception is Caesar’s Salad.

Because of its powerful scent, you should use it with caution.

When you replace it, you won’t notice a significant difference in taste.

One of the best things about this sauce is that you can readily get it at your local grocery store.

Ratio of Substitutes If your recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of anchovy paste, substitute Asian Fish Sauce.

5 tablespoons miso paste

Last but not least, you may use miso paste for anchovies.

This paste has long been popular in Japanese cuisine, and it is now making inroads into more Western nations.

Miso paste is quite salty and thick.

It gets its robust taste from Koji and salt seasoning.

Koji in this context refers to a fungus used for saccharifying meals.

This method ferments and alcoholicizes foods such as rice.

If you want your food to have the proper consistency, use this thick paste.

You should be aware that anchovy paste is often greasy and thick, while Miso is dense and dry.

Hence, throw some oil in to balance out the consistency.

Ratio of Substitutes You may use the same proportions as for the anchovy paste.


Anchovy paste contains a variety of minerals and vitamins that provide a variety of health advantages.

Anchovies are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which promotes heart and brain health.

The paste complements many foods, but the alternatives are as effective.


What can I sub for anchovy paste in Caesar salad?

Worcestershire sauce includes anchovies, so it’s a good substitute if you can’t obtain anchovy paste.

What is similar to anchovies?

Substitutes for Anchovies and Worcestershire Sauce. Interestingly, anchovies are one of the key components in Worcestershire sauce.

How do I substitute fish sauce for anchovy paste?

Per anchovy fillet, use 2 teaspoons fish sauce. Hence, in dishes where anchovies are used to enhance taste, feel free to substitute 1 anchovy.

What can I substitute for 1 tablespoon of anchovy paste?

Soy sauce has a much more liquid texture than anchovy paste, but it has a comparable taste and amount of saltiness. If you’re only looking for a taste boost, soy sauce is a wonderful replacement.

What does anchovy paste do in a recipe?

Nonetheless, the danger of overpowering your meal, as entire anchovies may, is limited since anchovy paste doesn’t make your food taste too fishy. Instead, it adds depth to the taste, enhancing the attributes of the other components.

What is a vegetarian substitute for anchovies?

We hit on a strong combination after some experimenting: miso combined with ground toasted nori (toasting brings up the nutty taste of the seaweed). Miso is high in glutamates, whereas nori contains both glutamates and ribonucleotides (including some of the same ones that are in anchovies).

What is the equivalent of anchovy paste to anchovies?

2 teaspoon anchovy paste. 1 anchovy fillet = 1 anchovy fillet

How do I substitute Worcestershire sauce for anchovies?

As Caesar suggests, you may use one to two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce in place of anchovies to get the desired subtle “fishy” taste.

Why is anchovy paste being discontinued?

Pioneer will no longer produce Pecks Anchovette and Redro fish pastes. According to the corporation, customers are no longer interested in minced fish kept in a jar. With its worldwide network, Pecks may yet find a way back into the country, but Redro’s time in the country is certainly over.

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