The 5 Greatest Amaretto Substitutes

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Amaretto is a liquor with an almond taste created from crushed apricot kernels.

Despite the fact that the distinct taste provides depth and a distinct kick to so many drinks, it is sadly rich in calories, carbohydrates, and sugar.

You can’t always drink as much as you want if you’re on a diet or want to keep to your macros more carefully.

If you have a recipe that asks for Amaretto but you don’t like the flavor of almonds, there are various different liqueurs you may substitute.

Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that best meets your requirements.

If this is the case, there are five terrific Amaretto replacements that you may use without breaking the bank on calories.

What exactly is Amaretto?

Amaretto is a sort of liquor with an almond taste. It may be used as a cocktail mixer or added into baked products.

It is an essential component of any home bar. The drink originated in Italy, and there are well-known versions that use Amaretto.

The liqueur has a sweet and nutty taste and may be used to temper certain strong spirits.

Even though the liqueur has an almond taste, it may not really contain any almonds.

Amaretto is an Italian word that means “little bitter.”

The liqueur has a honey taste as well as some bitter overtones.

It is the foundation of several cocktails, but if nothing to balance it out, such as citrus or bourbon, it may become thick and syrupy.

Although though Amaretto is recognized for its almond taste, high-end Amaretto uses apricot pits instead.

There are also some liqueurs that are a mix of the two.

The taste is created by combining extracts with the basic liquor.

Some amarettos have botanicals such as vanilla in the liqueur.

They may be sweetened with burned or black sugar, which imparts an amber hue to the liqueur.

5 Greatest Amaretto Substitutes

These are five Amaretto replacements that may help you avoid calories, carbohydrates, and sugar.

1 glass hazelnut liquor

When it comes to tasty alcohol, hazelnut liquor is one of the first names that spring to mind.

It may be used as the greatest Amaretto alternative available on the market.

It is available in bottles at your local grocer.

The Halzenut liqueur, like Amaretto, is a flavored nut liquor that includes alcohol.

The alcohol percentage ranges from 21 percent to 29 percent.

Nonetheless, some of the greatest liquors may contain up to 20% alcohol.

The hazelnut liqueur tastes similar to Amaretto, but the hazelnuts provide a nuttier and sweeter flavor.

It is the ideal choice for baking and coffee.

Muffins and cakes will be luscious and creamy, with hints of booze, and their nuttiness will be retained.

2 Almond Extraction

Even though it is not a liquor, almond extract is an excellent alternative for Amaretto.

The extracts are created from high-quality almonds, or they might be prepared from almond oil.

A flavorless and neutral alcohol may be blended with high-quality almond.

Since the alcohol acts as a preservative, the extract will have a lengthy shelf life.

Almond extract is a concentrated liquid that has a bitter flavor.

When used to flavor beverages and meals, almond may provide the perfect blend of bitter and sweet.

When using almond as a replacement for Amaretto, use a tiny amount in comparison to Amaretto.

3 marmalade

If you like baking and have consumed an excessive amount of marzipan, this is the taste you will always consider.

Marzipan is used in a variety of pastries and cakes, but it may also be used to flavor meals and beverages.

Marzipan is a confection made from corn syrup, egg white, sugar, and almonds. It has a sweet taste and a silky texture.

Marzipan may be dissolved in hot water to produce a syrup and then added to the drink, or it can be melted straight into the dessert or coffee.

4 Coffee Spirits

Coffee liqueur does not have a nutty flavor, but it does have the robust flavor that consumers want when drinking Amaretto.

If you can’t get almonds, the strength of the coffee will suffice.

If you prefer coffee, you may use this as a substitution for the Amaretto.

The alcohol content of coffee liqueur is the same as that of hazelnut liqueur.

Coffee liqueur may be a terrific addition to coffee, adding a unique depth of taste.

Since it is sweetened, it will not taste bitter.

You may start the following day with an iced coffee and some booze.

5 Chocolate Spirits

Chocolate is a beloved forerunning taste for many individuals all around the globe.

This is why chocolate liqueur may be used in place of amaretto.

Yet, you should not anticipate to taste nuts or almonds; instead, you will receive the complex depth of the chocolatey flavor that nothing else in your baked goods, beverages, or desserts can accomplish.


Even though Amaretto is difficult to replace, these substitutions may serve as alternatives and inspire delectable variations to meals and beverages.

There is no way you will go wrong if you choose these alternatives.

Make sure you just change the amount to get the desired aggressiveness.

Amaretto liqueur does not always utilize almonds or almond extracts since the extracts might occasionally be fake.

The artificial extract contains benzaldehyde, which is present in bitter almonds.


What can I substitute for amaretto in tiramisu?

If you don’t like Amaretto, you may use Frangelico, Marsala wine, brandy, or skip the alcohol entirely.

What is something similar to Disaronno?

While there is no Aldi Disaronno, Belucci Amaretto is a delicious Disaronno substitute to enjoy on its own or with a couple of ice cubes. You may also mix it with coke, but it will become quite sweet. Excellent if you have a sweet tooth.

What Italian liqueur is like amaretto?

Disaronno Originale (28% abv) is a sort of amaretto—an amber-colored liqueur with a distinct almond flavor, despite the fact that it does not include almonds. It is manufactured in Saronno, Lombardy, and is distributed globally.

Can you substitute Grand Marnier for amaretto?

Tiramisu Replacement for Amaretto Liqueur

Another possibility is to mix one part Grand Marnier with one part orange essence. This mixture will give the tiramisu dish a hint of sweetness. Lastly, try a mixture of one part coffee liqueur and one part almond essence.

What is the closest thing to amaretto?

Amaretto’s finest substitute is hazelnut liqueur. It has a comparable alcohol percentage and taste profile, with a nutty undertone. As a result, it may be used in the same cocktails as amaretto. Moreover, hazelnut liqueur is excellent for enhancing the rich nutty taste of your favorite amaretto-based pastries.

What is a non-alcoholic substitute for amaretto?

In most circumstances, almond syrup is the finest non-alcoholic substitute for amaretto. Since they both have an unique almond taste, almond syrup is an ideal option for baked goods or beverages that need a sweet, almondy flavor. What exactly is this? Almond syrup may be used in place of amaretto at a 1:1 ratio.

Is amaretto the same as Grand Marnier?

Grand Marnier contains the essence of its eponymous liquor. It has a strong citrus flavor from fresh orange puree and orange peel oil. This recipe contains no alcohol. Amaretto is an almond liqueur with black cherry and sweet almond oil flavors.

What smells like amaretto?

Amaretto Fragrances
Orgasmo Hilde Soliani, female 2013.
Trussardi Aperitivo Porta Nuova Milanese 2020.
J-Scent Ume Plum Amaretto 2022 unisex.
Female Stradivarius No 101 Silk, 2019.
Female 2017. Amouage Blossom Love.
Fine’ry. Not Yet Another Cherry…
Female 2018. Keiko Mecheri Rebel Hearts.
Al Haramain Fragrances Rose Junoon.
More to come…

What is Aldi’s version of Disaronno?

ALDI sells Bellucci Amaretto in 70cl bottles.

What is a cheap amaretto?

Amaretto di Amore is the best budget option.

Sometimes a simple pour of something cheap is all that is required—enter Amaretto di Amore. This mahogany-colored liqueur is bursting with tastes of burned caramel and sugared almonds, leading to a thick and powerful aftertaste that isn’t excessively sweet.

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