The 5 Best Sweet Rice Flour Substitutes

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At any time, a sweet rice flour dessert may give a memorable finale to a big supper.

Since it is such a versatile component, there are several recipes to select from.

Of course, it may not always be accessible at home or even at the shop.

The good thing is that you may swap it with a variety of flours.

In the following sections, you’ll find a list of the top five sweet rice flour alternatives.

What exactly is Sweet Rice Flour?

It is made from crushed short-grain white rice and is popular in Asian cookery.

Although being glutinous, it is gluten-free.

It is also becoming popular in many areas, with people purchasing it to bake a variety of products.

There are several brands available, so you should have no trouble finding one.

Sushi rice and sweet rice flour are the same thing.

The most famous food linked with this grain is mochi, a Japanese delicacy.

It is starchy and sticky, making it an ideal baking ingredient.

It may also be used as a thickener in a number of cuisines.

Let’s explore what flours we can substitute.

5 Best Sweet Rice Flour Substitutes

1 cup of coconut flour

It may come as a surprise, but coconut flour works well as a replacement for sweet rice flour.

It’s sweet and light, with a distinct but not overpowering taste.

While not as sticky, it may be used to make a variety of products when the other material is unavailable.

Add an ingredient to make it stickier, as well as eggs to keep it wet.

To get a great dough, gradually add additional water. Since coconut flour is gluten-free, it is a healthful option.

It has the most fiber of any flour. Increase the amount of coconut flour used.

Appropriate ratio:

1 cup sweet rice flour is equal to 1.

5 cup coconut flour.

2 tablespoons sorghum flour

Sorghum flour is pulverized sorghum grain, an ancient cereal that makes a great alternative for sweet flour rice.

This simple grain, grown in several places of the globe, is gaining popularity these days.

Sorghum, often known as milo, is a significant feed item for both humans and cattle.

It is also utilized in the manufacturing of biofuels and alcoholic drinks. It has a sweet yet mild taste and is less sticky.

Thus adding a binding agent would be ideal. It is also gluten-free, thus it is quite nutritious.

It may be used in a variety of recipes, particularly ones that call for whole wheat flour.

Use the same quantity of sorghum flour. Nevertheless, adjust the water or flour as needed.

Appropriate ratio:

1 cup sorghum flour Equals 1 cup sweet rice flour (add extra starting with one tablespoon if needed).

3 tablespoons tapioca flour

Tapioca flour, made from cassava root secretions, is a suitable alternative for sweet rice flour.

It has comparable characteristics in that it is starchy, sticky, and has a chewy feel.

In terms of sweetness, you may add a little sugar to a dish to make it taste the same.

It is also a versatile component since it may be used as a binding agent and thickening in puddings and flatbreads.

Tapioca flour is high in minerals and has several health advantages.

It is high in iron and calcium and is beneficial to the heart and digestive system.

Appropriate ratio:

1 cup tapioca starch Equals 1 cup sweet rice flour (add some sugar if necessary).

4 teaspoons potato starch

Another strange ingredient, but potato starch may be substituted for sweet rice flour in a variety of recipes.

The starch is derived from potatoes and has no taste.

As a result, you may use an equivalent quantity in a recipe.

Potato starch may be used as a thickening and binding agent, as well as to keep baked foods moist.

It’s also delicious in yogurt, smoothies, and overnight oats. It’s also fantastic in fast bread and muffins.

Since potato starch has therapeutic characteristics, using it in your cuisine may improve your health.

According to research, resistant starch is beneficial to health, and it is one of the most concentrated sources of resistant starch.

It may aid in weight reduction programs and improve heart health.

It may possibly aid in the prevention of colon cancer and improve digestive function.

When not baking, add one or two teaspoons to your daily diet.

Appropriate ratio:

1 cup sweet rice flour is equal to 1 cup potato starch (add a little sugar).

5 tablespoons almond flour

While not identical to sweet rice flour, almond flour is included for one reason.

It is a healthy alternative since it contains few carbohydrates and is gluten-free.

It is undeniably less sticky. If you wish to utilize it in a recipe, you need add a binding agent.

A healthy glutinous flour is a fantastic option. Sweet rice flour has a somewhat sweet flavor, while almond flour has a nutty flavor.

As a result, the end product may taste somewhat different.

Almond flour, which is high in nutrients, may be beneficial to your health.

Protein, Vitamin E, magnesium, fat, saturated fatty acids, and carbohydrates are all present.

It is also higher in fiber than conventional wheat flour.

Appropriate ratio:

1 cup sweet rice flour is equal to 1.

1 pound almond flour (add some sugar as required).


With at least five excellent options, not having sweet rice flour on hand should not be an issue.

Include one of these into your recipes as required.

Cooking may be enjoyable if you follow the proper techniques and use the appropriate products.

Also, you will enjoy tasty foods every day, which will benefit your health.


What can I use instead of sweet rice flour for kimchi?

If you don’t have glutinous rice flour, you may use cornstarch.

What is similar to sweet rice?

It’s easy to forget that if glutinous rice is unavailable, many other forms of rice may be substituted. Glutinous rice substitutes include Jasmine rice, Sushi rice, Arborio rice, and white rice.

Can I substitute almond flour for sweet rice flour?

Almond flour is a terrific alternative to rice flour that is both grain-free and paleo-friendly. Since almond flour has a similar texture to rice flour, it may be used in many of the same recipes.

What can I use instead of Korean sweet rice flour?

Alternatives to sticky rice flour

Rice flour is the most effective glutinous rice flour substitute. Additionally, most rice flour replacements, such as potato starch, cornstarch, and tapioca starch, may also be used to replace sweet rice flour.

Can you make sweet rice flour?

Rice flour cannot be converted into sweet rice flour. The flours’ names are indicative of the kind of rice used to manufacture the powder. Rice flour is manufactured from white rice, either medium or long grain. Sweet rice flour is created from glutinous flour and is often sold as such.

Is sweet rice flour the same as?

Another gluten-free rice to keep on hand is sweet rice flour, also known as glutinous rice flour. It’s created from short-grain glutinous rice that’s been finely ground (sticky rice).

Is tapioca flour the same as sweet rice flour?

Sweet rice flour, also known as sticky rice flour, imparts a characteristic chewy texture to baked foods, comparable to tapioca flour. This gluten-free baking alternative is best used to bind, moisten, and sweeten components.

Can you use white rice flour instead of sweet rice flour?

The simple answer is no! Rice flour and sweet rice flour have distinct characteristics, and you’ll need them for a variety of culinary activities. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between rice flour and sweet rice flour.

How do I substitute rice flour for sweet rice flour?

flour made from white rice

Despite the fact that they are both forms of rice flour, they cannot be used interchangeably. To substitute 1 cup of sweet rice flour, combine 23 cup white rice flour and 13 cup starch such as arrowroot or tapioca.

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