The 5 Best Butter Bean Substitutes

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Consider adding butter beans to your diet if you’re seeking for a plant-based protein.

Because of their mild taste and creamy texture, these beans are a good alternative for higher-calorie or animal-based proteins such as meat or cheese.

They may be sautéed, added to soups and stews, blended into dips, or simply turned into a simple salad.

Lima beans are another name for butter beans.

They are spherical, flat, and light green on the outside with a white inside.

Firmer butter bean cultivars offer a creamier texture than soft kinds.

Butter beans are not only delicious, but they are also nutritious.

They are high in protein, iron, magnesium, and potassium, which help with heart health and energy levels.

Other beans, however, may be utilized as butter bean alternatives since they have many health advantages.

Continue reading to discover about the five finest butter bean replacements.

What exactly are Butter Beans?

They are a kind of legume that may be consumed fresh or dried whole.

Butter beans have a creamy texture and nutty taste, making them one of the greatest alternatives for cream-based dishes.

But, butter beans may also be found in various dishes such as desserts, casseroles, and salads.

One of the many reasons they are so popular among home chefs and professionals looking for an ingredient that can take on a range of tastes is their adaptability.

So, now that you know what butter beans are and why they’re so popular, let’s look at some alternatives.

The 5 Best Butter Bean Substitutes

It is critical to maintain your meals healthy while still making them appetizing.

Butter beans are not only very nutritious; they are also a major component in delicious dishes such as vegan macaroni and cheese, butter bean veggie burgers, and butter bean soup.

The five substitutions listed below will enable you to replace butter beans in practically any recipe while keeping the tastes intact.

1 pound navy beans

Navy beans have a moderate taste and a soft texture, making them an excellent replacement for butter beans in recipes.

They’re also lot simpler to get by. Soak the beans overnight after purchasing them dry.

You’ll be able to transform them into creamier, protein-rich butter beans that will enhance the flavor of your vegan macaroni and cheese.

Moreover, navy beans are a fantastic addition to chili or any dish that calls for a thick, creamy consistency.

Cannellini Beans 2

Cannellini beans are another white bean, but they have a somewhat stronger taste that will provide a kick to your meals.

While the beans are harder than navy beans, their consistency allows them to be used in any dish that calls for butter beans.

Cannellini beans offer a distinct flavor to chili and thicken soups.

The beans may also be made into creamy spreads that go well with crackers or crusty toast.

Cannellini beans may also be used in vegan macaroni and cheese.

Just add the white beans in place of the butter beans to get a creamier consistency while retaining the taste.

3 cups chickpeas

Canned chickpeas can lend great richness to dishes without changing the flavor too much.

Depending on the recipe, you may either cut the chickpeas and add them to the dish, or you can make them into a creamier consistency and add that.

For example, in vegan macaroni and cheese, mash part of the chickpeas before mixing them with the navy beans for a smoother texture.

All you have to do is rinse the chickpeas, mash them, and pour them into the butter bean dish.

Just be careful not to overstir, otherwise the mashed beans may turn into a paste.

4 Northern Great Northern Beans

Great northern beans are another white bean that will add volume and richness to your dishes.

The beans also have a creamy texture, making them ideal for adding richness to recipes such as baked potatoes, chili, and soup.

To use these great northern beans in a recipe that calls for butter beans, just drain, rinse, and add them at the same time as the butter beans.

Thus, the next time you make vegan macaroni and cheese, use great northern beans instead of butter beans for a heartier, more creamy texture.

5 cups black beans

If you’re searching for anything to add a little sweetness to your dish, black beans are a great option.

The beans also provide far more bulk to your meal than alternative options.

To use black beans in vegan butter bean dishes, just drain and rinse them like navy or great northern beans.

Next, just as with the butter beans, add them all at once.

While black beans have a stronger taste, take cautious not to overdo it when combining the two.

You can also use the beans to give a sweet kick to vegan macaroni and cheese meals.


So there you have it, five butter bean alternatives to assist you avoid the inconvenience of not being able to cook your favorite dishes.

Each of these replacements has a creamy texture and mild flavor, so your vegan macaroni and cheese or other dishes will retain a lot of their original flavor.

Note that the most crucial component is to test each substitution in tiny amounts before incorporating it into a bigger dish.

You’ll be able to avoid the bother of running out of butter beans after you’ve found a suitable replacement.


What beans are the same as butter beans?

It turns out that lima beans and butter beans are interchangeable. Both words are used to describe the same species, Phaseolus lunatus.

What can I substitute for lima beans or butter beans?

Red kidney beans may be used in place of lima beans.

Are navy beans and butter beans the same?

Because of their buttery, creamy taste and starchy texture, lima beans are known as butter beans. 2. Navy Beans: Navy beans are the smallest of the white beans and have a faint ivory or white tint.

Can I replace butter beans with black beans?

Black Beans 5

The beans also provide far more bulk to your meal than alternative options. To use black beans in vegan butter bean dishes, just drain and rinse them like navy or great northern beans. What exactly is this? Next, just as with the butter beans, add them all at once.

What is most similar to butter beans?

The 5 Best Butter Bean Substitutes
1 – Navy Beans.
Chickpeas No. 2 (Garbanzo Beans)
Cannellini beans are number three on the list.
4 – Excellent Northern Beans.
Borlotti Beans are number five.

What are butter beans called in USA?

Lima beans. Although they are botanically the same bean, butter beans have various names depending on where you live. They are often known as butter beans in the South and the United Kingdom. In other parts of the United States, they’re known as lima beans (named after Lima, Peru, the bean’s origin).

What are the best beans to substitute?

Are you unable to consume beans or lentils? 8 alternatives (with bean-free refried beans and hummus recipe)
#1 Sourgum… #2 Tofu (and soybeans)….
#4 Tempeh… #3 Cauliflower Florets (or cauliflower rice)….
#5 Cashew and walnut nuts (or sunflower seeds)…
#6 Quinoa (as well as other grains)…
#6 Peas (or edamame)… #7 Mushrooms or Eggplant.
More to come…

What is the difference between butter beans and lima beans?

Lima vs. Butter Beans. Be assured, the two are in fact interchangeable. There is no distinction between lima beans and butter beans, however they are frequently offered at various stages of maturity.

What is the difference between butter beans and cannellini beans?

They are distinct because to their nutritional properties, flavor, and growth habits. Cannellini beans are richer in protein but lower in fiber and iron. Cannellini bean seed pods are short and broad in shape. Butter bean pods are long and slender.

Are butter beans known as anything else?

Let’s put an end to the age-old argument over butter beans vs. lima beans: the two are merely different names for the same legume.

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