The 5 Best Bean Sprout Substitutes

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If you like Asian cuisine, you’ll know that bean sprouts are also known as bean shoots or moong sprouts.

Whatever you name it, this vegetable has a great flavor and is an important ingredient of many Asian cuisines.

Yet, preparing this veggie might be time-consuming at times.

This is particularly true if you can’t get bean sprouts in your neighborhood or if you’re preparing for a special occasion and want to spice up the dish.

You may experiment with different flavors to get the ideal taste.

In this post, we will explore five such bean sprout substitutes that you might use based on what you are cooking.

What exactly are Bean Sprouts?

Bean sprouts are produced by the germination of beans. They seem delicate and are obtained after germination.

Unfortunately, you cannot get sprouts from any bean since certain beans can only be germinated.

Bean sprouts are often used in Chinese cuisine.

The sprouts have a somewhat sweet and crisp taste, which makes them a favorite raw or semi-cooked food.

Cooking sprouts destroys vitamin C, which is why they should be stir-fried, served raw, or steamed to preserve it.

  • While preparing bean sprouts at home, be sure to use only high-quality beans.
  • When purchasing bean sprouts from a shop, make sure they seem fresh, are free of dirt, and are not slimy.
  • The sprouts will seem crisp, but not limp.
  • Avoid damp and mushy sprouts since they will lose moisture when exposed to vitamin C.

5 BEST Bean Sprout Substitutes

1 cup soy sprouts

Bean sprouts may be replaced with sprouted soybeans.

These definitely have a stronger bean taste than the light mung bean sprouts.

Soybean sprouts may be used in a variety of cuisines, including stir-fries.

Utilize young soybean sprouts that are tiny in size.

Long-tailed soybean sprouts have a harsh flavor and will overpower a meal.

Soybean sprouts are an excellent replacement for bean sprouts.

You may either eat them raw or prepare them along with your meals.

What’s more, contrary to popular belief, the flavor of the soybean sprout will not be overbearing.

Snow Peas 2

Snow peas resemble little seeds inside pods and are entirely edible.

Snow peas may be finely cut in lengthwise strips and used in a variety of dishes that call for bean sprouts.

Snow peas have the same texture and form as snow bean sprouts, but they have a herbal taste.

Shredded carrots may be substituted for the sprouts, but they will not have the same flavor, even if they are the same form.

Raw or cooked, shredded carrots have a pleasant taste.

3 Cabbage (Green)

To provide the crispness necessary for the bean sprouts, thinly sliced green cabbage, napa cabbage, or bok choi may be used.

Green cabbage, napa cabbage, or bok choi may be substituted for raw sprouts.

After cooking, the greens will shrink to half their original size.

If you wish to purchase these items, go at the Asian market or the produce area.

They may also be found in the supermarket’s fresh vegetable area.

4 mushrooms enoki

Enoki mushrooms are the same color and size as bean sprouts.

The caps of such tiny mushrooms resemble bean sprouts, while the mushroom stems resemble bean sprout tails.

Enoki mushrooms should be purchased when they are still fresh in the produce area.

The mushroom should not be overcooked and should be utilized where a crunchy texture is desired, such as in sandwiches or salads.

The mushroom will taste mild with a spicy aftertaste.

Mung Beans 5

Mung beans may be sprouted on your own. It might take four or five days to complete.

After growing, place the sprouts in a paper towel or newspaper and place them in the refrigerator, where they will keep fresh for up to 2 days.

Rinse the beans and place them in a moist cloth.

Cover the beans with a moist paper towel and store them in a dark, warm area.

Inspect them every 3 or 4 days. The beans will be ripe when you start to notice sprouts.

The same procedure should be followed with various varieties of beans.


You may combine the sprouts, baby corn, broccoli, and zucchini with additional seasonings to form a crisp complement to the main meals.

Other tastes, such as white pepper, salt, and soy sauce, may be added.

If you want to create healthy yet tasty rice, combine it with steaming rice, garlic, and butter.

They may be used to stews, gravies, and soups that need a nutritional boost over the dish.

Fill noodle rosti, parathas, spring rolls, and steamed wontons with the chopped bean sprouts.

Sprouts may be used to chop suey or noodles in Thai and Chinese dishes.

You will have a nutritious supper regardless of where you utilize the bean sprouts.

To produce a nutritious dinner, the sprouts will be paired with other vegetables or fruits.


What is a good replacement for bean sprouts?

Sunflower sprouts may be used in place of bean sprouts in recipes. They are made from sunflower seeds and have a similar texture and taste like sunflower seeds, making them an excellent complement to stir-fry dishes, soups, and salads. Sunflower sprouts are strong in A, C, and E vitamins, as well as iron and calcium.

What is a substitute for bean sprouts in chop suey?

Bean Sprout Substitutes

Enoki mushrooms are the same size and shape as bean sprouts, and although they lack the crunch, they do provide natural umami. Thin celery matchsticks are a wonderful alternative if your recipe asks for the sprouts to be briefly fried in a stir fry, such as chow mien or pad Thai.

What other vegetable do bean sprouts taste like?

They’re mostly utilized to provide a crunchy, juicy component that absorbs the taste of the other components. Some compare the flavor of mung bean sprouts to fresh green peas. As you can see, various individuals will have varied ideas on how particular items taste.

What are the lowest carb bean sprouts?

Mung bean sprouts provide 5.9 grams of carbohydrates (2 percent DV) per serving, whereas soybean sprouts have 9.6 grams (3 percent DV). Many individuals who adhere to a rigorous low-carb diet have macronutrient goals.

What is a good substitute for bean sprouts in pad thai?

If your family is allergic to bean sprouts, replace them with thinly sliced bok choy. It won’t appear exactly the same, but it will have a comparable textural component. Tamarind adds the most flavor to the sauce, but it might be difficult to locate.

What is the healthiest bean sprout?

Kidney bean sprouts are very abundant in antioxidants including vitamin C and melatonin.
1. Bean grows from the kidney
53 calories.
Carbohydrates: 8 g.
Protein content: 8 g.
1 gram of fat.
79% of the Daily Value for Vitamin C (DV)
Folate: 27% of the daily value.
Iron: 8% of the daily value.
Nov 13, 2019

Are canned bean sprouts as good as fresh?

While canned bean sprouts are readily found at the grocery store, it is worth the additional effort to hunt for fresh bean sprouts. Fresh versions are and will always be significantly better in terms of flavor and texture.

What kind of bean sprouts are used in Chinese cooking?

The two primary varieties of bean sprouts used in Chinese cookery are mung bean sprouts and soy bean sprouts, and they are quite different: Mung bean sprouts are sensitive and crisp, with a little soft bean and a smaller stalk.

How to make your own bean sprouts?

How to Grow Bean Sprouts in a Jar Image Gallery
Rinse and sort the beans. Mung beans and lentils sprout the quickest and easiest.
Fill the jar halfway with water and add the beans. Fill the glass jar halfway with cold, clean water.
Taking a bath…
Drain and rinse…
Repetition is required.
The last stage for alfalfa….
Wash, then eat!

What are the best vegetable sprouts to eat?

The Finest Alfalfa Sprouts to Eat and Grow. Alfalfa sprouts are one of the most popular, mainly because they go with everything! … Broccoli…. Fenugreek…. Green Pea…. Lentil…. Mung Bean…. Mustard.
More to come…
•Feb 3, 2021

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