How Does Horehound Taste? Is Horehound Candy Delicious?

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Horehound is a plant that grows all over the globe and has a very bitter flavor. To relieve a sore throat, the leaves may be made into tea or eaten.

It is also utilized in herbal cough and cold medicines, as well as confectionery. It is crucial to mention that pregnant women should not ingest horehound since it might harm the baby!

If you want to try horehound but aren’t sure what it tastes like, keep reading! This blog article will go into the taste characteristics of this fascinating plant.

What exactly is Horehound?

Horehound is a Mediterranean-growing perennial plant in the mint family. Horus, the Egyptian deity of the sky and light, may have inspired the name horehound.

Har-hun is an Old English word that meaning “downy plant,” referring to its white hair that gives it a hoary look.

The leaves and petals of the plant may be made into tea or eaten to relieve sore throats.

The leaves have a characteristic hairy texture and meatiness to them that makes the horehound a great herb. The plant may reach a height of three feet.

Since the perfume of the herbs leaves may become unpleasant when wilted, they are sometimes dried before use; yet, this procedure makes the horehound much more strong than before.

Horehound is a plant native to Europe and Asia that has spread to various countries, including the United States. This fragrant perennial has oval leaves covered with white woolly hairs and produces tiny blooms.

Horehound Health Benefits

Horehound has been used throughout history as a cough suppressant, expectorant (a chemical that encourages mucus ejection from the lungs and upper respiratory system), and antispasmodic medication for digestive difficulties such as gas or colicky discomfort in newborns.

According to research, horehound may aid with asthma symptoms such as coughing or wheezing.

It also possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities, making it an excellent option for wound care.

Horehounds also aid in the promotion of urination and the relief of discomfort linked with kidney infections or stones in persons who suffer from them.

What exactly is Horehound Candy?

Horehound candy was a sort of hard, sugar-coated confectionery popular in the nineteenth century. It is derived from an extract of the plant horehound (Marrubium vulgare) and has been used for therapeutic purposes since antiquity.

You may also create them at home using fresh or dried white horehound plant leaves.

Horehound candy has been around for generations and is still used in certain homes today. It may help with stomach pains, coughs, and sore throats.

How Does Horehound Candy Taste? How Does Horehound Taste?

First, let’s discuss the horehound’s flavor. It has a strong, bitter flavor and may be used to produce cough syrup or herbal drinks.

It may be used in the production of liqueurs and bitters. Before making tea, the leaves are frequently dried, crushed, and combined with additional herbs or spices.

Horehound candy may be made by sweetening them with honey, sugar, or molasses.

Horehound candy, on the other hand, has a sweet and sugary flavor with a licorice undertone. It has a softer taste than horehound but is still fairly potent.

How Does Horehound Smell?

Horehounds may be found in the wild in North America, Europe, and Asia. It is a low-growing perennial plant that thrives in moist environments such as ditches or along stream banks.

It is a plant with a strong, minty odor. When newly gathered, some say it smells like a combination of thyme, mint, and verbena. The aroma, however, grows more earthy and unpleasant as it dries.


For millennia, people have used horehound to produce herbal teas, iced drinks, and sweets. It is simple to cultivate in your garden.

Horehound candy tastes just how it smells. It has a sweet and syrupy flavor with licorice undertones. It goes nicely with various candy tastes.


How would you describe the taste of horehound candy?

The taste of Claeys Horehound candy blends mint and black licorice. A nostalgic sweet that may resurrect forgotten memories (or begin new ones).

Does horehound candy taste good?

Horehound is a plant that grows all over the globe and has a very bitter flavor.

Is horehound candy good for anything?

Together with decreased cholesterol levels, frequent ingestion of white horehound has been linked to lower blood sugar levels. According to the researchers, when horehound is put into the body, it can manage huge levels of glucose more effectively, making it a viable remedy for diabetics.

Is horehound candy good for a cough?

Horehound has a long history of usage for cough relief. The calming effect of slippery elm is due to its mucilage. Usnea also includes mucilage, which may aid in the relief of annoying coughs. Coughs are traditionally treated with wild cherry syrups.

Does horehound affect blood pressure?

Low blood pressure: White horehound has the potential to decrease blood pressure. This might result in low blood pressure. White horehound should be used with caution in those who have low blood pressure or who are using blood pressure drugs. Surgery: White horehound may help reduce blood sugar levels.

Does horehound candy taste like root beer?

Horehound, a member of the mint family, is typically characterized as tasting like a cross between root beer and licorice… We just call it delicious!

What is the best candy flavor in the world?

Strawberry is undoubtedly the world’s most popular candy flavor.

Does horehound candy help with nausea?

In European traditional herbalism, black horehound has largely been used to treat nausea, anxiety, or a combination of these ailments. It was also used to assist regulate menstruation and as a moderate expectorant.

What is the most favorable candy?

What is the most popular kind of candy?
Tamales are spicy.
Sour Patch Children.
Kisses from Hershey’s.
Tootsie Rolls.
Sweet corn.
Additional details…•October 24, 2022

Is horehound candy safe to eat?

When eaten in meal proportions, white horehound is LIKELY SAFE for most individuals. When used orally as a medication, it is POSSIBLY SAFE. But, ingesting high doses of white horehound is POSSIBLY DANGEROUS. High quantities may induce vomiting.

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