How Does Fish Sauce Taste? Is Fish Sauce Delicious?

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Fish sauce is a condiment produced from salted fish juice and meat.

It originated in Southeast Asia, but it is now found worldwide.

Fish sauce may be used to prepare or flavor foods such as Pho soup, Pad Thai noodles, stir-fried veggies, and other dishes.

Many people dislike the scent of fish sauce, but what does it taste like? Don’t worry if you’re not sure what it tastes like, just keep reading.

What exactly is fish sauce?

Fish sauce is a fragrant Asian condiment that lends a salty, umami taste to a variety of meals. It is usually created by fermenting fish with salt and water.

Fish sauce may be used in place of soy sauces or oyster-flavored sauces in recipes.

This spice will give the meal the same delicious flavor.

This condiment will provide a salty bite to your soup without overpowering the other tastes.

Fish sauce may improve any Thai cuisine by adding umami to each mouthful.

In Asia, there are numerous sorts of fish sauces depending on how they are created.

One of the most frequent forms is Vietnamese fish sauce, which has a clear amber tint, while Filipino fish sauce is a lighter brown color.

Thai fish sauce is often sweeter than fish sauce from other Asian nations because it contains more sugar.

There isn’t just one variety of this condiment in China; instead, there are many various varieties of sauces, each with its own distinct features.

What Fish Is Used to Create Fish Sauce?

Many individuals love eating fish sauce with their meals.

It’s used to enhance taste and saltiness, but what precisely is in it? The fish sauce begins with anchovies, which are little fish found in the sea.

The anchovies are gutted and fermented for up to two years in a huge barrel with salt.

The finished drink contains around 50% water, 40-50% anchovy extract, and additional components such as sugar and vinegar.

Some companies may also utilize additional kinds of fish or shrimp paste, although these are uncommon additions.

How Does Fish Sauce Smell?

It is derived from an old way of preserving fish and is prepared by fermenting salted anchovies with saltwater and draining the liquid to produce this salty brown paste.

When initially experienced, some individuals find Fish Sauce repulsive because they equate it with decaying fish or sewage.

Many people, however, have loved the taste profile when cooked correctly in meals ranging from Thai curries to Vietnamese pho noodle soup.

For untrained chefs, the aroma might be overpowering, but having learned how to utilize this spice correctly, it can become an important part in many meals.

How Does Fish Sauce Taste?

Have you tried fish sauce before? So it’s a salty liquid that smells like the ocean and tastes better than any store-bought dressing.

Fish sauce is an umami-packed condiment that may be used for more than simply dipping sauces.

It has a strange yet intriguing taste profile of saltiness blended with traces of sweetness from leftover sugar and acidic undertones mostly from fermented anchovies.

This sauce is also high in vitamin B12, which helps to fight against neurological damage and mental diseases such as dementia and depression.

Fish sauce may be found in a variety of Asian dishes.

Yet, it developed in Thailand and Vietnam to preserve fish by adding salt to them (thus taking away their natural water).

It was then allowed to ferment for months before being consumed.

After the flavor has been adequately captured, you will notice that particular umami flavor coming through with salty notes followed by a touch more sweetness on your tongue than you would get with a typical table-salt seasoning.

Top Fish Sauce Brands

Fish sauce is the most important and widely used condiment in many Asian cuisines, yet what constitutes excellent fish sauce differs from person to person.

Every brand has its own characteristics and flavors, so you won’t be dissatisfied no matter which one you choose.

These are some of Amazon’s best-selling brands for you to try: Thai Kitchens Fish Sauce is a Top Seller with over 15000 ratings; Red Boat Fish Sauce is handcrafted in Vietnam using centuries-old processes, making it one of our top selections.

The first firm, Thai Food, makes a high-quality product that has the correct combination of salty and sweet tastes while being consistent throughout the bottle.

This brand’s goods also include no MSG or preservatives.

Red Boat Fish Sauce, on the other hand, is created with anchovies, salt, and water.

In Phu Quoc Island, a family has been making the sauce for almost 40 years.

This fish sauce brand was not only top-ranked on Amazon but also earned outstanding reviews such as This stuff is excellent. or It lacks the strong umami flavor seen in other kinds.

Is Worcestershire sauce synonymous with fish sauce?

Worcestershire sauce is a sour, spicy, and salty condiment that is often made with anchovies.

It is based on a classic English recipe that is often used to flavor meat and other meals.

Worcestershire sauce varies from fish sauce in that it is a fermentation product to which other components such as sugar or molasses have been added.

Fish sauce is made by fermenting fish such as anchovies, herring, mackerel, or shrimp in salt water brines.

The end product has a powerful umami flavor that is comparable to but not identical to Worcestershire Sauce.

Is fish sauce superior than soy sauce?

Fish sauce is a common ingredient in many Asian dishes, yet it is unfamiliar in North America.

It has been used for generations to give flavor and scent to foods such as pho or ramen noodles; yet, soy sauce may be more popular than fish sauce since consumers are less aware of the other options.

So, is fish sauce superior than soy sauce? The answer may be determined by your culinary preferences and the other components in the meal you’re creating.

Fish sauce has a saltier flavor that may be overpowering, while soy sauce is gentler.

But it doesn’t mean one can’t be used in lieu of another if that’s all you have.

What is the Purpose of Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce, as noted multiple times in this essay, is a mainstay in Southeast Asian cuisine.

The rich umami taste it lends to foods, as well as its capacity to keep for years without losing power, make it a favorite.

The majority of today’s fish sauces include additional sugar and preservatives.

Yet, certain types are still manufactured in the traditional manner—without any additives whatsoever—and are worth finding out if you want the greatest tasting version imaginable.

Fish sauce, a salty and flavorful condiment often found in Thai cuisines like pad thai, may also be used to marinade meats or vegetables.

The condiment has also been used as the foundation for salad dressings.

Fish sauce may also be used as a dipping sauce for finger foods like spring rolls or fried wontons.


Finally, it is a mainstay in many different Southeast Asian cuisines, but it can also be found all around the globe.

It has a strong scent and a salty, acidic, and savory taste. It tastes much superior than how it smells.

Try incorporating fish sauce into one of our favorite Vietnamese meals, Pho Ga Noodles with Chicken (a staple dish at most ph restaurants).

For added taste, sprinkle with fresh cilantro.

The end product will be delicious, with no artificial substances added to your dinner.

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