How Does Elderflower Taste? Is Elderflower Delicious?

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Who hasn’t heard about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal elderflower-flavored wedding cake?

These unusual blooms are abundant in the United Kingdom and are often used to produce a variety of sweets, beverages, and preserves.

Outside of the United Kingdom, however, elderflowers are less well-known and are not a frequent component.

Therefore we completely understand if you have any doubts about these tasty blossoms.

Continue reading if you want to discover what an elderflower is and what it tastes like.

In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about elderflowers, as well as how to utilize them to make delectable sweets and dinners.

What exactly is Elderflower?

The blooms of an elder tree are known as elderflowers. These exquisite flowers are usually seen in the United Kingdom throughout the months of May and June as a harbinger of spring.

They may be found in portions of Northern Europe and North America.

The hue of elderflowers is often cream-white. These blooms resemble a star and are encircled by brilliant green foliage.

Aside with its culinary applications, it is also often employed in alcoholic beverages, like as the well-known St. Germain liqueur.

How Does Elderflower Taste? Is Elderflower Delicious?

Elderflowers do not have the same potency as lavender or rose. They are instead employed to provide a little flowery taste.

Chef Jamie Oliver described the aroma of the blooms as somewhat musky and sweet, while the Independent defines it as flowery and fragrant, delicate but intense.

Like other edible flowers, the blossoms have a little herby taste. Nonetheless, they are more sweeter than the others.

In terms of flavor, it tastes fairly similar to lychee.

Elderflowers are less nutritious than other herbal flowers, yet they are still beneficial. They are high in antioxidants and help to strengthen the immune system.

Elderflower extracts, according to a WebMD research, are effective in treating colds, the common flu, sinusitis, diabetes, bronchitis, and constipation.

How to Prepare Elderflowers

Elderflowers may be used in a variety of ways. Elderflowers are an excellent alternative for therapeutic uses as well as making tasty beverages and pastries.

Elderflower syrup is widely used for baking or creating cakes and sweets. Elderflower cordials are syrups made from elderflowers. It is available at any shop and is simple to manufacture at home.

Just soak the cleaned flowers in sugar syrup and add some preservatives.

You may keep it in your fridge and it will last a long time. You may use it in doughnuts, summer fruits, pastries, and many other things.

Elderflowers are moderately poisonous and taste strange when consumed uncooked. But, if you ingest it uncooked, it may induce nausea and vomiting.

This is why elderflowers are boiled before being consumed.

Cooking the flowers will so eliminate all hazardous compounds and render them safe for ingestion. Elderflower goes nicely with lemon, cilantro, strawberries, pears, and many other flavors.

If you wish to use it as a medicinal drink, boil it with some ginger and lemon zest. This is an excellent method for treating sinus problems and the common cold.


Elderflowers are often sautéed or fried for garnishing reasons, in addition to the applications listed above.

They are an excellent choice for those who want a delicate sweet floral flavor rather than scent.

Therefore, if you haven’t tasted this fantastic flavoring before, now is the chance. Spring has here, and so have the lovely blooms.

This season, get yourself some elderflowers and create yourself a wonderful treat or drink.


Does elderflower taste good?

Elderflower flavour is one of the hottest trends in food and beverage flavoring right now. Its distinct taste profile has been characterized as fresh, fruity, and delicate, with overtones of pear, lychee, and tropical fruit.

What flavour is elderflower?

So, what’s it like to eat? Elderflower has a delicate flavor (it’s still strange to conceive about flowers in terms of ‘flavors’). They’re often musky, but not all elderflowers taste the same – the ‘Black Beauty’ type supposedly tastes like a cross between a grape and a lychee.

Is elderflower sweet or bitter?

How does elderflower taste? Elderflower has a gentle floral sweetness flavor with lychee, peach, and vanilla overtones. The floral taste is distinct from lavender or rose floral flavors. Elderflower tastes more crisp and delicious than other edible flowers.

Why is elderflower so good?

Elderflowers have a high antioxidant content, are anti-inflammatory, and may help encourage good skin healing and reduce skin irritations.

What does elderflower taste similar to?

The elderflower taste profile is characterized as being very fresh, fruity, green, and somewhat flowery, with hints of pear, lychee, and tropical fruit. A profile that combines the unusual (unique floral) with the familiar (pear) and intriguing (lychee) is often the basis for greater appeal.

What is similar to elderflower?

Cow parsley, cowbane, pignut, hemlock, pyracantha, red osier dogwood, rowan, and hawthorn are some of the trees, flowers, and plants that might be mistaken for elderflower.

How much alcohol is in elderflower?

Natural Elderberry With aromas of sweet citrus and fragrant honey, Elderflower Liqueur liven up any drink. 20% ABV.

Does elderflower taste like apple?

It’s fruity, but more like light citrus and pear than apples, fragrant but not overpowering, and almost medicinal in a way.

What liquor has elderflower in it?

StGermain is a French liqueur prepared from fresh elderflowers that are hand-picked once a year in late spring. Every bottle of StGermain includes up to 1,000 of the finest elderflower blooms to achieve its delightfully natural taste, resulting in a delicately constructed, flawlessly balanced, and refined liqueur.

Can elderflower upset your stomach?

When consumed in large quantities, elderflower is POSSIBLY SAFE. Certain elder tree components contain cyanide-producing chemicals that may induce nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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