How Do You Thin Beef Stroganoff? An Simple Way to Thicken Beef Stroganoff

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Beef stroganoff is one of the most well-known Russian meals that has spread around the world.

There are several ideas as to its genesis, but we shall not discuss them today.

It is worth noting that this meal has been popular for many years and continues to be so now.

We see that this dish has two components: the meat and the cream sauce.

You want a good balance of the two, so keep that in mind while you thicken your food.

In most situations, the meat will be thinly sliced and then cooked in boiling water to prevent it from becoming tough and chewy.

To thicken any stew or sauce for any occasion, just look for components that may be added to thicken it without compromising the taste.

To achieve this, you must first understand how things thicken and which substances may do so.

This article will discuss numerous methods for thickening and serving beef stroganoff.

How Do You Make the Best Beef Stroganoff?

Creating the greatest Beef Stroganoff in the world is not as difficult as it may seem.

You may cook a great meal that will delight even the most discerning guests by following a few basic principles.

The Meat: To seal the taste and give your meal a deep color, cook the meat in a hot liquid.

A slow cooker is ideal for this. Bring enough water to cover the meat to a boil, then add the meat.

Cook for a minimum of 2 hours on high or 4-6 hours on low.

The Ingredients: Don’t be scared to experiment with this recipe by adding your favorite herbs and spices.

You may also substitute a different kind of cheese for the sour cream if desired.

Instead of sour cream, use mozzarella or parmesan.

Instead of using onion powder, consider adding tiny chunks of sautéed onion to the meat while it cooks.

If you want a truly creamy sauce, don’t use entire sour cream.

To make this, combine equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise.

This will provide a rich taste without using too much of either.

Once the meat has been cooked, remove it and stir in a tablespoon of flour to the gravy.

Whisk this well and heat until it bubbles. Slowly pour in the stock while continually stirring.

Bring the mixture back to a boil after adding all of the stock, then stir in the sour cream and mayonnaise combination.

Some people believe that putting this meal over a bed of spaghetti will help soak up the sauce and improve the flavor.

Try it with just the sauce, or add some cooked spaghetti and heat everything together before serving.

Errors to Avoid While Cooking Beef Stroganoff

Despite the fact that Beef Stroganoff has a long history, numerous frequent blunders are still done while preparing this meal.

The first is the actual meat. If at all feasible, use soft slices of beef fillet, such as sirloin or rump steak.

The second common error is overcooking the meat, resulting in a dry, flavorless mess.

This may be prevented by immersing the beef fillet in a hot liquid for at least 2 hours on high or 4-6 hours on low.

The third error is using ground beef instead of steak, which results in a bland, flavorless meal.

If you must use ground beef, be careful to season it before browning it.

The fourth error is substituting sour cream or mayonnaise for the other.

You may use either one by itself, but not both if you want a smooth sauce free of clumps of unblended components.

The sixth error is using too little flour or not thickening the sauce enough.

Cooking the beef in a boiling liquid and then removing it produces a wonderful basic gravy that can be used to thicken any stew or soup dish.

4 cup water, which should be added to the heated liquid after the meat has been removed. 1 tablespoon flour, 1 tablespoon

Cook until it bubbles, whisking constantly.

To prevent lumps or a broken sauce, gently add the stock while continually stirring.

How Do You Thin Beef Stroganoff?

If you’re seeking for ways to thicken beef stroganoff, you have a few options.

Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, which are detailed below. Traditionally, beef stroganoff is thickened with milk or sour cream.

Nevertheless, depending on the components you choose, this might significantly alter the flavor of your finished meal, so it is better to explore by trying multiple ways until you find one that works well.

1 Increase the amount of thickening agents.

There are many typical ways for thickening beef stroganoff, including the following:

Add extra flour if necessary. Using additional flour can help thicken beef stroganoff without significantly altering the taste or texture.

But, too much will cause it to become gritty and clumpy. Increase the amount of stock.

More stock added to your beef stroganoff while it is simmering or boiling may help thicken the sauce without affecting the flavor too much.

2 Replace milk or cream with egg yolks.

While creating beef stroganoff, egg yolks may be used as a thickening.

This is a common method for thickening beef stroganoff because it creates a rich, creamy sauce without significantly altering the flavor.

Here are some basic techniques to making egg yolks an efficient thickening agent:

Take the cooked beef stroganoff meat and put it aside.

Increase the heat to high and add 2-3 egg yolks to the sauce, swirling frequently with a whisk or wooden spoon.

Return the cooked meat to the sauce when the egg yolks have thickened somewhat.

Continue to whisk until everything is well heated, then serve immediately.

3 As a thickening agent, use corn starch.

Corn starch may be used as a thickening agent in beef stroganoff, however this is not a common approach.

This approach works best whether you want to use just corn starch or combine it with additional thickening agents.

4 Continue to add ingredients.

You may also use additional ingredients to make your beef stroganoff thicker.

For example, adding some sour cream to your simmering sauce can help it thicken without affecting the flavor too much.

Another component that may be used for this is onion.

For example, adding some onion while the sauce is simmering can help thicken it and offer a little additional flavor.

5 Make a Roux Foundation.

Another thickening ingredient that may be used to thicken beef stroganoff is a roux foundation.

It is widely used in meals such as gumbo, and it works by mixing flour with a fat to form an emulsion.

This combination will then be used to thicken your beef stroganoff.

Roux bases are popular because they thicken sauces without affecting their texture or flavor.

6 Just let it to simmer.

You may also prepare beef stroganoff without thickeners since the longer it simmers, the thicker it becomes.

The one disadvantage of this approach is that if you leave it boil for too long, the sauce may get extremely dry and break apart.

Therefore it will take some trial and error to get a perfect consistency, but this process is still worth trying.


To summarize, beef stroganoff is a great meal that everyone enjoys.

Other folks, however, like to thicken beef stroganoff to make it creamier.

You may do this using a variety of means, including the ones indicated above.

All of these strategies will work well if used appropriately and experimented with until you discover the one that works best for you.


How do I make my beef stroganoff thicker?

Stir the flour-water mixture into the meat mixture in the saucepan. This will immediately thicken! Stir in the sour cream until the mixture is smooth. If the mixture is too runny, add more flour-water combination; if it is too thick, add more sour cream.

How to thicken beef stroganoff without flour or cornstarch?

Sour cream – Instead of flour, full fat sour cream thickens the sauce.

How much cornstarch to thicken beef stroganoff?

As with the flour, add the cornstarch gently so that the sauce does not get too thick. Cook for several minutes after adding 1 to 2 teaspoons at a time before choosing whether to add more.

Is beef stroganoff sauce supposed to be thick?

Stroganoff sauce is a sour cream gravy thickened with flour prepared with beef stock.

How do you make beef sauce thicker?

Flour is the most widely accessible sauce thickening. If your sauce is too thin, consider adding a slurry (equal parts flour and water whisked together) or beurre manie (equal parts melted butter and flour kneaded together to produce a paste)—both are excellent thickeners for rich and creamy sauces like steak sauce.

How do you make homemade thickener?

Make an equal mixture of cornstarch and cold water. Mix everything together until it’s smooth. Add into your sauce and simmer, stirring constantly, over medium heat until the sauce achieves the desired consistency. Using a spoon, taste the sauce.

What can I use if I don’t have flour to thicken sauce?

Arrowroot or cornstarch

Gluten-free alternatives to flour thickening include cornstarch and arrowroot. They’ll also keep your sauce clean and free of cloudiness. For every cup of liquid in the recipe, use around 1 tbsp. Pour the cornstarch slurry into the saucepan after combining it with equal parts water.

How do you make gravy thicker without flour or cornstarch?

6 Alternatives to Cornstarch for Thickening Sauce
Sauce should be reduced. Simmering your sauce over low heat will allow the water in the sauce to evaporate and the sauce to thicken organically.
Add the egg yolks…
Create a roux….
Prepare a beurre manié.
Mix in the pureed veggies.
Employ a different thickening agent.
Jan 18, 2022

How much cornstarch to thicken 2 cups of stock?

2 to 2 cups of gravy. If you add powdered cornstarch to a hot liquid, it will clump. 1 tablespoon cornstarch is required to thicken roughly 1 1

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