Best Santoku Knife Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

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Cooking is a wonderful experience that should be enjoyed by housewives and any other person who likes the art. Having the right tools even makes it more exciting.

Instead of using the conventional knife, there is a special kind of knife that makes cutting process more intriguing and that’s the Santoku knife.

Although you need the best Santoku knife to have an amazing experience.

A santoku knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife that originated from Japan. It has a beautiful design that makes handling and cutting easy and effortless.

This special kind of knife has three cutting functions: mincing, dicing and slicing.

5 Best Santoku Knife Reviews in 2022

1 – J.A. Henckels International CLASSIC 7″ Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

On our list of the top Santoku knives available to purchase on the market, the J.A. Henckels Santoku Knife comes in first place.

This cooking utensil, which is manufactured in Spain, is constructed from a material of superior quality and exceptional durability, and it makes the experience of cooking both simpler and more exciting.

Before included this knife on our list, we performed extensive study on its many qualities and sought the feedback of previous purchasers about it.

In overall, we were content with what we obtained, and we concluded that it would be prudent to put it on our list.

When you cook, it may be really frustrating when pieces of meat become caught to the knife you’re using. If you want to prevent this aggravating action while you’re cooking, you should seriously consider purchasing a Santoku knife that was manufactured by Henckels.

The hollow edges on the blade of this knife make it ideal for cutting fish, meat, and vegetables, and they also assist to prevent food from clinging to the blade.

The Henckels Santoku knife is constructed from high-quality German stainless steel, and its design includes a characteristic that makes it very sturdy, allowing it to withstand the test of time.

It also has a smooth transition from the handle to the blade, which contributes to its perfectly balanced design. The blade features a satin finish, which not only ensures precise cutting but also allows its edge to remain sharp for an extended amount of time.

It features a typical triple-trivet handle that is ergonomically designed, giving comfort and balance to the user.

The blade is resistant to stains, can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and features a polished hollow edge for cutting ultra-thin materials. Because the Henckels Santoku knife comes with a lifetime guarantee, you can be confident that it is an excellent addition to your collection of cooking implements.


  • Because of its sharpness, cutting is made simple and uncomplicated.
  • It is constructed out of materials that are both of excellent quality and long lasting.
  • The handle provides a grip that is both pleasant and secure.
  • Appropriate for ultra-thin slicing in situations when a regular knife may not operate as expected.


  • It does not include a knife guard in the package.
  • In order to get the most out of it once you’ve bought it, you may find that you need to sharpen it.
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2 – Imarku 8 Inch Pro Chef’s Knife,German High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

If we were to compile a list of the greatest Santoku knives in 2021 and leave out the Imarku Pro Knife from it, that would not be very kind of us.

This professional chef’s knife is crafted from German stainless steel of the highest quality. What sets this content apart from others?

It does not tarnish and it keeps its edge very well.

Because the blade is both sharp and single-edged, it is simple to cut through foods with a thinner consistency.

Regarding the handle of this knife, it is sturdy and long-lasting thanks to its construction.

The knife’s ergonomic handle makes for a more natural fit in the hand and helps relieve stress in the wrist.

Even when your hands are moist, the knife will not slip out of your grasp, making it not only safer but also more pleasant to use. People who like spending time in the kitchen or cooking will find the Imarku Chef’s knife to be an excellent investment.

Another fantastic feature that was taken into consideration was the knife’s adaptability. The blade of this kitchen knife may be used for a variety of different tasks.

Designed for effortless slicing of vegetables, meat, fruit, fish, sushi and sashimi, and other foods, this knife will make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable.

Because this kitchen tool comes with a money-back guarantee of up to one hundred percent and a warranty that lasts a lifetime, there is no need for you to be concerned about the quality of it.


  • It is not heavy and requires little effort to keep up.
  • has a blade that is both very sharp and single-edged.
  • It is crafted from superior quality components.
  • Featuring an ergonomic design that ensures a secure and comfortable hold


  • It is possible that you may need to sharpen the blade in order to bring forth its full potential.
  • There is room for improvement in the balance.
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3 – DALSTRONG 7″ Santoku Knife

Because it combines excellent design, awe-inspiring workmanship, high quality materials, and cutting-edge technology, this Santoku knife is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest Santoku knives you can get your hands on in today’s market.

This utensil for the kitchen has a price tag that prevents it from ever being improved upon from its current state.

The DALSTRONG Santoku knife is a remarkable cutting implement that has a high-quality finish and is well crafted to be used for all kinds of cutting, including dicing, mincing, slicing, and so on.

It is chilled using nitrogen in order to improve its flexibility, harnessability, and resistance to rust.

It has complete tang for superior strength and triple trivet for increased durability, both of which are included.

The blade of this tool is very sharp, and it is crafted from high-quality steel imported from Japan. This steel has a high degree of toughness, which allows it to retain its edge and function exceptionally well.

The inside of the steel is sandwiched between many layers of high carbon steel, which results in the steel having exceptional stain resistance, durability, and strength.

When in use, the DALSTRONG knife’s finely tapered blade and impeccable balance provide the user with comfort and peace of mind.

It features a tiny rectangular divot in it, which improves the non-stick characteristic and minimizes the surface resistance.

The handle is impervious to the effects of moisture, heat, and cold. Additionally, the handle’s ergonomic shape is intended to provide comfort as well as agility, and it is constructed from a material of military-grade durability.

This knife comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a promise that you will get your full purchase price if you are not satisfied with it. This is done by the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction with the product.

Home cooks, culinary students, professional chefs, and others may all get this knife as a gift for a variety of occasions, including weddings, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, and Christmas.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Extremely simple to clean up.
  • triple-riveted, which allows for more maneuverability
  • Finished to a high standard


  • After purchasing, the blade will need to be sharpened.
  • If your hands are moist, the handle might be very slippery.
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4 – Victorinox 7 Inch Fibrox Pro Santoku Knife

If you ask any skilled chef who specializes in Japanese cuisine, they will tell you that if you have a culinary knife with this sort of capability, it will make cutting much simpler and more interesting.

Dicing, mincing, and slicing are the three primary uses that may be accomplished with this knife.

The Victorinox Fibrox is built with the goal of providing outcomes that are flawless.

The year 1884 marks the beginning of production in Switzerland of this knife, which has been in existence since that year. It is designed for skilled individuals who work with knives.

With this knife, slicing vegetables and fruits into small pieces is a breeze, and you won’t have to worry about any of the pieces clinging to your knife while you work.

This occurs because to the fact that the blade has hollow edges, which enables air to pass between the blade and the food slices. This causes everything to glide down more easily.

When we were compiling our list of the top Santoku knives currently available on the market, one of the most important factors that we looked at was how long the knife will last. The superb stainless steel that is used in the construction of the blade is what gives it its quality of lasting for a long time.

The blade is made of high carbon steel, which not only offers excellent edge retention but also ensures that it is as sharp as possible. This contributes to the overall good performance of the tool.

The fibrox handle is designed with a delicate texture and a function that prevents it from slipping, so using it is not only pleasant but also risk-free.

You can purchase with confidence knowing that you are getting a sturdy and long-lasting kitchen equipment thanks to the lifetime guarantee that comes with it.


  • It is of a very high standard.
  • The edge of the blade is razor-like.
  • It is easy to maneuver because to its low weight.
  • has a superb sense of equilibrium.


  • It looks like a bargain handle.
  • The tip of the blade seems to be rather narrow.
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5 – DALSTRONG Santoku Knife – German HC Steel – 7″

We believe that DALSTRONG is without a doubt one of the top manufacturers of kitchen equipment, which is why we have included two of their goods on our list.

When you have this instrument in your kitchen, cutting is not only easier but also more exciting.

The DALSTRONG Gladiator is a gorgeous piece of work because to its jaw-dropping design, incredible workmanship, cutting-edge technology, and use of premium materials.

The premium price tag is justified by the exceptional cutting performance that this knife provides for its owner.

The blade has a remarkable degree of sharpness and is fashioned from high-carbon German steel that has been meticulously polished to resist discoloration and oxidation.

Because food particles are prevented from clinging to the knife thanks to the hollow divots, the knife stays clean during use. It has a smooth and pleasant grip thanks to the handle, which is constructed of pakkawood and triple-riveted for added strength.

This knife may be used for dicing, slicing, and mincing food thanks to its adaptable design.

Because of the high-quality materials that were utilized in its construction, this knife is very long-lasting, flexible, and robust, and it has a low resistance to slicing. Because of the long length of the blade, there is sufficient space for the user’s knuckles.

The Gladiator, like the original Dalstrong knife mentioned above, also has a full one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

This culinary utensil is beloved by the vast majority of cooks, both amateur and professional. Therefore, you should not worry about its level of quality.


  • Extremely acerbic and remarkably well-rounded
  • The components that went into its creation are of a superior grade.
  • Handle has an ergonomic design that provides a pleasant and secure grip
  • Food particles are unable to adhere to the divots because they are hollow.


  • The weight makes it difficult to manipulate.
  • After making the purchase, you may need to give it a sharpening.
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As a result of the market being stocked with a variety of distinct varieties of Santoku knives, it might be challenging to choose the one that is ideal for your needs.

Before you go out and purchase this knife, there are a few important factors you should keep in mind so that you can choose the best one. In the next paragraph, this essay will go into more detail on these aspects.

In order to make the process of purchasing a Santoku knife simpler and more fruitful for you, we have compiled a comprehensive analysis of the very finest Santoku knives currently on the market.

Our observation is based on analysis of market data as well as conversations with consumers who have previously purchased and used this cooking utensil.

What to Look for When Buying a Santoku Knife

The following are some considerations to make before you rush out to the store to get a Santoku knife:

  • Handle
  • Blade
  • Durability
  • Sharpness
  • Price


The shape and size of a knife’s handle influence how comfortable it is to hold and operate the blade. Before you go out and purchase a Santoku knife, it is imperative that you give some thought to the ergonomics of the handle.

In addition to this, the material that the handle is constructed from is of utmost significance. The ideal option for you would be a Santoku knife that has a natural feel to it and a strong grip.


Stainless steel is often used in the fabrication of a knife’s blade. The blade of a Santoku knife should have a length of roughly 15 to 20 centimeters as a rule. It is important to evaluate the thickness of the blade as well since a blade that is manufactured with less material is more likely to snap if it is put through strenuous use.

The blade may also be found in a variety of forms and dimensions. Depending on how you feel about things, you may choose to go with either the wider or the narrower variety.


Everyone, without exception, wants to spend their money on something that will provide them outstanding service and remain in good condition for a considerable amount of time. The concept of durability comes into play at this point. It is important that the components that go into producing a knife be of a high caliber.

Because there are a variety of companies that produce knives, it is very feasible to come across ones that are of a lower quality on the market. So you must make sure you choose lasting items from respected manufacturers (we shall review the best Santoku knife for you as your read on).


The degree of effort that you put into cutting anything with a knife is directly proportional to how sharp the knife is. Cutting tasks may be completed more quickly and with less effort if you use a knife that is sharp. However, while using a knife that is very sharp, one must exercise more caution so as not to cut themselves on the blade.


When shopping for a Santoku knife, this is the very last factor that you need to take into consideration. You may still get a Santoku knife that meets your needs at an affordable price, despite the fact that there are high-quality knives available that come with incredible attributes.

Before heading to the market, you should thus have a plan for how much money you want to spend on this kitchen gadget in order to make your purchasing experience easy and certain.


The purchase of a Santoku knife is an absolute need if you have a strong suspicion that you will spend the majority of your time in the kitchen engaged in some kind of activity or another.

Your time spent in the kitchen will be greatly enhanced by the ease, fluidity, and accuracy with which this knife performs all cutting tasks. They are crafted using superior materials, which contribute to their great strength and longevity.

However, we believe that the J.A. Henckels International CLASSIC 7-Inch Santoku Knife is the greatest of all of these kitchen utensils that have been described above. You may make a good decision by selecting any one of them. It not only operates very well, but it also has a quality that allows it to withstand use for an exceptionally long time.


What santoku knife is best?

Since they have a straight edge and a blade shaped like a sheep’s foot, Santoku knives, or to give them their full name Santoku bocho knives, which translates as ‘three uses’, are great for mincing, dicing, and slicing. Their full name literally means ‘three uses’. These knives are a modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese vegetable knife, which has a blade in the shape of a rectangle.

Who makes the best Santoku?

Best Overall: Miyabi Evolution 7: Santoku Knife

The greatest santoku knife features a blade that is 7 inches long and has hollow edges to prevent food from clinging to it. It was designed in Germany and manufactured in Japan. It is designed to withstand Western-style chopping methods as well as Asian-style rocking motions, and it provides comfort as well as scalpel-like accuracy.

What is the best kitchen knives on the market today?

  • Chef’s Knife Made by Wüsthof Called the Classic Ikon…
  • Knife used in the kitchen by Misen….
  • Material Kitchen The Knife That Is 8 Inches Long…
  • Wüsthof Classic Santoku with a 5 Inch Hollow-Edge Blade…
  • Rosewood-handled Victorinox chef’s knife with a 10-inch blade…. Victorinox chef’s knife.
  • Santoku Minato Knife Series Nakiri Knife. …
  • The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Euroline Stainless Damascus 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is made under the name of Bob Kramer.

Who makes the highest quality knives in the world?

Here are the top knife brands, ranked for affordability, quality, longevity, and sharpness.

  • The Amazon. The Wüsthof.
  • Enso. Amazon. …
  • Miyabi Cutlery. Miyabi Cutlery. …
  • Yoshihiro is a brand of cutlery. Amazon. …
  • Cutlery made in Chicago. Cutlery made in Chicago…
  • Zwilling. Zwilling. …
  • Avoid Using Cutlery. Shun. …
  • Five and Two The number five….

How much should I spend on a santoku knife?

The santoku knife, which costs $75, is very sharp and offers great value for the money. It is comparable in quality to the Mac chef’s knife.

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