Best Kitchen Tongs Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

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You know how people say looks can be deceiving? Well, the expression couldn’t be more accurate in the case of kitchen equipment.

Conventional kitchen tools can look relatively useless.


In practicality, they play crucial roles in making your everyday cooking ventures extremely simple and convenient as well. Kitchen Tongs is one of those classic examples.

Kitchen Tongs are arguably one of the simplest and also the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment. Irrespective of your cooking techniques, as long as you’re dealing with hot surfaces or food, kitchen tongs become essential.

Some of the best kitchen tongs in the market perform their versatile role with perfection.

From stirring your veggies/meat in a skillet, pulling out the perfect strand of spaghetti from a pasta pot to flipping a steak for a perfect barbeque, they are your ideal companion.

However, purchasing the perfect tongs for your kitchen can be a challenge.

An ideal kitchen tong should be durable, easy to use, and most importantly suit your unique cooking needs.

So, if you’re looking for your ideal pair of cooking tongs, here are some of the best products in the market that offer incredible value.

5 Best Kitchen Tongs Reviews 2022

1 – ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W 2 Pack Black Kitchen Tongs

Well, if you’re looking for a durable, versatile, and pocket-friendly kitchen tong, the ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE tong is your ideal product.

This 2 pack unit is unquestionably one of the best kitchen tongs in the market at present and also one of Amazon’s best-selling kitchen tongs as well.

The tong is built to last with a premium stainless steel construction and a non-detachable silicone head.

The silicon stripes on the top/bottom surface make it extremely convenient to use in high heat situations, as opposed to an all-body steel construction.

The pull ring technology also allows you to close/open the tongs manually. This helps you to facilitate more control while using them or when you want to store them away after use.

The non-stick flexible silicone tip is the icing on the cake. The silicon material prevents you from scratching your cookware when you’re flipping or stirring the food. It also has better heat resistance (up to 500°F) as well.

Overall, the ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE 2 pack kitchen tongs is quite possibly one of best picks if you want the best value for your bucks.


  • It comes with a set of 14” and 9” tongs
  • It has a non-stick silicone tip
  • The pull ring allows you to open/close the tong manually
  • Excellent value for money


  • Less durable due to silicon material
  • Average grip performance
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2 – HOTEC Stainless steel Kitchen Tongs (Set of 2)

If you’re disappointed by the underwhelming aspects of the first product in the list, the HOTEC kitchen tong is your ideal solution.

It comes with all the goodness that we mentioned earlier for the Allwin-Houseware tong, but with a bit higher price tag.

The product comes with a set of tongs (9″ and 12″) that are useful for different cooking purposes.

The construction material is the standard stainless steel with some strategic silicon material inclusions.

The most notable difference, however, is that the tip is of steel material. This ensures a better grip performance in almost every cooking scenario.

The pull ring, lock, and unlock mechanism also help you experience a smoother and easier operation when you’re grilling your stakes.

In addition, you can easily lock and tuck it away using the hanging loop as well.


  • Versatile operation with two different tong sizes
  • Pull ring lock/unlock system offer smooth operation
  • The stainless steel tip offers excellent grip
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Slightly higher priced
  • Easy to scratch your cookware due to steel tips
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3 – OXO 12-Inch Kitchen Tongs

If you’re in the market looking for kitchen tongs, chances are, you might have already heard of OXO.

They are one of those brands that have become synonymous with kitchenware over the years, and for good reasons, nonetheless.

This particular 12” kitchen tong from OXO is no exception.

It comes bundled with all the flagship quality that you can expect from a top-tier brand.

But, that obviously means you have to be a bit more flexible with your pocket size.

The unit features a high-end brushed stainless steel construction making it extremely durable and sturdy as well.

In addition, the handles and thumb rests are cushioned and non-slip for smooth and easy handling.

And of course, the pull ring locking/unlocking mechanism is available with this unit as well.

The overall quality of the OXO 12-inch kitchen tongs feels a notch above any other tongs in its segment.


  • The overall quality is superior to most other products
  • The pressure-absorbing rubber provides exceptional grip
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Best-in-class durability


  • Comes as a single tong only
  • High price tag
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4 – WALFOS Set of 3 Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs

The Walfos kitchen tongs are your best bet (not in the literal sense, of course!) if you’re seeking for the product that offers the most value for the least amount of money spent.

There is nothing that communicates value more than purchasing a product that immediately provides you with three distinct tong sizes right out of the box.

The kitchen tongs that come with the Walfos set come in three distinct sizes: 12 inches, nine inches, and seven inches.

You will find that it is much simpler as a result to manage many distinct sorts of culinary situations all at the same time.

The varied sizes of tongs come in useful for a variety of different culinary methods as well.

The tongs have an ergonomic design and are made of a material that is 100 percent food grade stainless steel 304, which also gives them remarkable durability and stiffness.

The handles include a cushion made of heat-resistant silicone that is non-slip and provides good grip. Additionally, the cushion is resistant to heat.

The pull ring technology is included in the Walfos kitchen tongs that come as a basic feature of the product.

When you are using it, this function guarantees that the control is smooth, and when you are not using it, it ensures that it takes up as little space as possible.


  • Included in the package is a set of tongs in three distinct sizes.
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Ergonomic design
  • A comfortable place to lay one’s thumb


  • Not the most durable
  • The pull ring mechanism is not the most fluid in its operation.
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5 – DRAGONN Set of 2 Kitchen Tongs

DRAGONN is yet another example of a luxury company that does not skimp on the quality of the items it manufactures for the kitchen.

Therefore, if you are searching for a product that is both dependable and of great quality, the DRAGONN kitchen tongs are as good as it gets in this industry.

The construction quality is remarkable, and as a direct result, the stiffness and longevity of the product are also of the highest possible level.

Additionally, the smooth and polished finishing on the tongs gives them a considerably more upscale and premium feel than the other products in the same category.

The handles are made of a cushioned, non-slip silicone material that provides a comfortable thumb rest and a great grip that assures little hand strain. Both of these features help to ensure that the user experiences as little hand fatigue as possible.

The non-stick silicone substance used for the tong tips further lowers the likelihood that the tongs would rust after extensive use.

The non-stick coating on the tips of the tongs makes it less likely that they will leave scratches on the surface of your grill or pan.

In contrast to other, less expensive items, the locking mechanism maintains its fluid motion even after extended use.

The DRAGONN kitchen tongs are an excellent product to consider investing in if you are looking for something that is not only fashionable but also high-end and practical.


  • Unrivaled excellence in construction
  • Finished in a chic and upscale manner
  • Ergonomic design that prioritizes a user’s ease of use and functionality
  • A straightforward and unobstructed locking mechanism


  • The steel tips are more effective at attaching themselves to meals than their silicone counterparts.
  • Premium-tier price 
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If you aren’t sure exactly what you want, purchasing kitchen tongs may be a nightmare since there is such a wide variety of options available on the market.

Fortunately, all of the goods that are described above are examples of some of the finest kitchen tongs that are now available on the market. You need just think about the culinary needs of yourself and your family as well as your financial constraints.

We are certain that you will be pleased with your purchase of the ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W 2 Pack Black Kitchen Tongs. This product is the best option available for achieving the optimal balance between outstanding performance and the appropriate amount of money to spend on a pair of culinary tongs.


What are the three types of tongs?

There are typically three different styles of serving tongs: buffet, salad, and scissor-style. Tongs for serving food may be fashioned out of a variety of materials, similar to the utilitarian design, including metal or steel, plastic, wood, or bamboo. It is common for buffet tongs to have a tip that is triangular or scalloped, which makes it simpler to pick up and serve a variety of items.

What tongs to use?

You may use them to stir spaghetti, serve salads, flip meat on the grill, open wine bottles, and even reach those hard-to-reach places in your cupboard. Tongs used in the kitchen need to be able to withstand harsh conditions, such as high temperatures and sharp objects like lobster claws. Think of them as your kitchen’s daring, all-purpose accessory appendage.

Why do tongs have scalloped edges?

EDGES THAT ARE SCALLOPED These black serving tongs have built-in scalloped edges that are designed to offer an extra-firm hold on the food you are using them on.

What tongs are used for grilling?

5 Best Grill Tongs Reviewed for 2022

  • OUR BRAND. …
  • OUR BRAND. …
  • Locking tongs with a length of 18 inches and made of stainless steel by Broil King….
  • Locking Tongs with a 16-Inch Blade from OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel…
  • Tongs for the barbecue measuring 16 inches long and made by GRILLHOGS…
  • Steven Raichlen 20-Inch Ultimate LumaTong With LED Light. …
  • The Weber Deluxe Stainless Steel 2 Piece Barbecue Tool Set is a must-have for every backyard chef.

How long should a kitchen tongs be?

Tongs with a length of 12 inches are just the right size for most tasks in the kitchen. They are long enough to keep your hand away from dangers such as heat and oil splatter, but they are not so long that they are difficult to use in confined spaces.

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