Best Chinois Strainer Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

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A chinois strainer, sometimes known simply as a chinois, is a kind of strainer that is ideal for use with purees, sauces, and dusting powder on many types of cuisine.

It is quite recognizable due to the fact that it is conical in form and has an extremely tiny mesh. Other sorts of sieves, such as a flour sifter, are not at all comparable to this one in any way.

When it comes to both the preparation of food and the presentation of it, having the greatest possible chinois strainer may make all the difference.

It is essential to carefully sieve and separate the liquids from the solids when preparing dishes with a soft consistency like soups and other similar cuisines.

Because of this, having this instrument in the kitchen may be a big help in a lot of different ways.

Today, we take a look at three examples of chinois that, not only in terms of their characteristics but also their overall quality, impressed us immensely.

Before settling on a single option, we give careful consideration to the perks and drawbacks of each candidate. Continue reading to discover the answer!

5 Best Chinois Strainer Reviews 2022

1 – New Star Foodservice 38071 Chinois Mesh Strainer

This Chinese strainer is an excellent example of both quality and workmanship, and as a result, in our view, it is unequivocally deserving of first place.

In addition to the other components, the top, the handles, and some of the other sections are constructed of strengthened stainless steel.

The mesh portion has an exceptionally fine design, which makes it ideal for letting liquids flow through while yet very successfully holding the solid section of the component.

The handle is made of a hollow material and has rounded corners. Even for lengthy periods of time, holding it is a really pleasant experience.

You are going to really like the reinforcing bars that are on the chinois since they make it easy to rest it while you are using it without squishing the small mesh.

The hook that is right opposite the handle is yet another useful feature of this product. Because of this, it is quite simple to set the strainer down on its stand or in a bowl so that you do not have to continue holding it while the liquid drains out.

You may use to strain soft foods or to rinse other products like spaghetti and noodles with them. Both of these uses are possible with them.


  • Construction made of stainless steel
  • really small openings
  • Versatile to use
  • Because it has hooks and a stand, storing it is quite convenient.


  • Not appropriate for straining big quantities at once
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2 – HIC Harold Import Co. 43657 Chinois Fine-Mesh Sieve

New Star Food Service brings us another another excellent chinois strainer with this model.

This strainer, in contrast to the one we started with, has holes rather than a mesh for filtering the liquid.

On the other hand, the quality is almost same.

Because its construction is built of 18/8 stainless steel, it is unquestionably designed to resist frequent usage in business settings.

The size of the hole is just right so that liquid may travel through it without any problems while the solid component, such as the seeds, pulp, and skins of fruits and vegetables, can be retained.

The handle, on the other hand, might have been improved as the wires that make it up may cause it to be a little bit uncomfortable if you use it for an extended period of time.

However, the hooks and the addition of a stand make it possible to rest it in a way that is extremely simple and practical without causing any damage to the mesh.

There are two different versions of this chinois strainer cum china cap available to choose from.

You have the option of using a strainer with a perforation size of 3 millimeters, which is on the more coarse side, or one with a perforation size of 2 millimeters, which is on the more fine side.

Each of these iterations is offered in a total of five distinct sizing options.


  • Outstanding in both build and quality.
  • Simple in both operation and storage
  • There are two different options available.
  • Fine mesh around a robust frame


  • The handle is not particularly pleasant to hold in your hand.
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3 – Matfer 17360 Exoglass Bouillon Strainer

This chinois is sold as part of a set that also includes a wooden pestle and a chrome stand in addition to the strainer.

The strainer is made of high-grade stainless steel, which gives it a long lifespan and makes it simple to clean and maintain.

The strainer has a very thin mesh, which makes it easier to strain as well as mesh whatever is being strained through it.

The way that this one is handled is quite effective.

It is a substantial piece with curved edges that makes it quite pleasant to use. It is made of the same high-quality stainless steel as the other component.

The chrome stand makes taking a break in the middle of usage easier. When it comes to storing and resting the chinois strainer, the hook is also quite helpful and convenient to have.

Of course, in addition to bowls, you may also choose to relax in a pot. You may crush the ingredients with the pestle, and it can also be used to help strain the liquid.


  • Very solid and long-lasting in its application
  • Suitable for the dishwasher and simple to clean
  • The grips are strong enough to endure the heat.


  • Large size makes it rather difficult to store
  • The cost is a little bit excessi
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Having access to one of these chinois strainers is going to make your life much easier. They are so simple to use, and as a result, they make the process of cooking much less difficult and much more enjoyable.

When you have one of these strainers on your kitchen counter, it won’t take you long to prepare purees, soup, and meals for your baby.

The New Star Foodservice Chinois Mesh Strainer is our pick for the best chinois strainer because it offers a winning mix of quality and use, earning it the title of “best chinois strainer.”


What kind of strainer is best?

Our Top Colander and Strainer Picks

  • The LiveFresh Micro Steel Colander is our pick for best overall.
  • The Qimh Collapsible Over the Sink Colander is our pick for the best over-the-sink colander.
  • Best Mesh Strainer: Cuisinart Mesh Strainers.
  • The All-Clad Stainless Steel 5-Qt Colander is another another high-quality metal colander.
  • Best Budget: KitchenAid Classic Colander.

What’s the difference between a chinois and a strainer?

Both the chinois strainer and the China cap strainer have a very similar appearance; however, the chinois strainer has a much finer mesh basket than the China cap strainer. Both types of strainers have the form of a cone, are compatible with the use of a pestle, and often include a support to keep them in place.

What size strainer is best?

A strainer with a diameter of 3-1/8 inches is just the thing for sifting through a cup or two of tea or a few bites of food. Choose the sieve with a diameter of 7 5/8 inches if you just cook for yourself or have a household that does not need a large amount of food. If you want to filter fruits or leafy greens, you need a large strainer, such the one that has a diameter of 9 inches.

What is the difference between a china cap and a chinois?

The China cap is an implement that is quite similar. A China cap is a strainer that takes the form of a cone, similar to a chinois; however, the holes of a China cap are significantly bigger than those found in a chinois. China caps do not result in a smooth texture but instead produce a product with a more grainy consistency. They are useful for separating bigger debris, such as seeds, from foods that are more delicate.

What’s the difference between a strainer and a sieve?

In the kitchen, a strainer is a wide bowl-shaped device that is pierced all over with holes. Its primary function is to separate liquids from solids, such as pasta from the water in which it was cooked. Sieves are used to filter larger particles from smaller ones and are constructed out of wire mesh that is encased in a frame. You may also use a sieve to prepare purees, or to drain sauces and soups after they have been made.

What’s a fine mesh strainer?

Strainers with fine mesh, on the other hand, have baskets that are constructed of steel mesh that is woven very finely. These strainers often feature handles and resting hooks. These are ideal for sifting dry materials as well as straining particles from liquids, such as when preparing stock. Other uses include removing sediments from liquids using a strainer (like de-clumping and aerating flour for baking).

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