Best Cherry Pitter Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

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A cherry pitter is a highly useful piece of equipment that may be used to remove the stone from a cherry while leaving the flesh of the fruit intact.

The device resembles a plunger, and it works by having the user press down on the fruit in order to force the seed out of the other end.

There is a diverse selection of cherry pitters available on the market today, suitable for both home and professional usage.

The ideal cherry pitter for home usage has to be simple to use, in a position to remove pits without causing harm to the cherry’s flesh, and not too expensive.

In the kitchen, you may make significant time savings by using an appliance that is deceptively simple and unassuming. This makes them incredibly adaptable since they can also be used to pit other fruits that are around the same size.

In this piece, we take a look at three cherry pitters that, in our opinion, are among the finest that are presently available on the market.

If you have been on the fence about purchasing this instrument, now is the time to make a decision and choose one of the three options presented to you.

5 Best Cherry Pitter Reviews 2022

1 – OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

Do not confuse the low cost of this cherry pitter with a lack of efficiency in its operation. Undoubtedly, this caught us off guard.

Cherry pitting is a breeze with this die-cast zinc pitter, which is built to last and has a design that makes it easy to use.

The handle features a feature that prevents it from slipping and is very good at absorbing pressure.

Additionally, it is quite easy to handle and use due to its softness.

With this pitter, you won’t have any trouble pitting as many cherries as you like, even all at once.

The pit holder on this pitter is of a significant size, allowing it to accommodate even the biggest cherry, such as the Rainier kind. This is yet another fantastic feature of this pitter.

It is also possible to recess it in order to make room for the pits of olives and cherries. It is also removable, making cleaning much simpler.

In addition to that, it has a splatter guard that prevents fluids from splattering not only on the working surface but also on your clothing. In addition to that, it features locks that can be closed so that it is simpler to store.

The fact that this cherry pitter comes in two different hues — black and red — contributes to its status as our top pick.


  • Great quality
  • Grips that are non-slip while still being able to absorb pressure
  • Large sized pit holder
  • Included in the package is a splatter protector.


  • The plastic hinges have problems with their durability.
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2 – Leifheit 37200 Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher Container

This cherry pitter is a fantastic alternative that is also quite economical.

It can remove the pits from six cherry at once, which not only saves time but also helps keep costs down.

The fact that the prongs are composed of zinc contributes to the device’s exceptional robustness and dependability.

You don’t need to be concerned about the base sliding about since it is equipped with a non-skid surface.

Because the holder for the pits is rather large and can accommodate a good number of pits, it is not necessary to take it out after each usage.

Additionally, it collects all of the juice, allowing you to keep both your hands and the working space clean throughout the process.

In addition to this, it can be removed, which makes it not only simple to use but also simple to clean.

The fact that taking apart and reassembling the base does not involve any effort contributes to the base’s overall ease.

Because it is also possible to lock the container, it is an excellent choice for storage. This cherry pitter can be cleaned in the dishwasher and comes in a vibrant shade of red.


  • Can remove the pits from six cherries all at once.
  • The non-slip foundation, which provides increased stability
  • Removable base for convenience
  • Very inexpensive


  • Not particularly long-lasting
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3 – Obecome Cherry Pitter

To make this pitter, all you need is a pair of tongs or a tool of a similar kind. This heavy-duty pitter is made of zinc alloy and has a commercial grade construction.

It is also non-corrosive, which makes it extremely simple to maintain and long-lasting, all of which are benefits of this material.

The fact that you only need one hand to operate this pitter is without a doubt one of its most advantageous characteristics.

Because of its simple and uncomplicated design, it is an absolute pleasure to use and clean. You may remove the pit from olives as well as cherries of any size.

Because it is made out of zinc alloy, it does not get stained easily by cherry juices as other materials might. Additionally, it may be cleaned in a dishwasher.

The fact that this cherry pitter does not need any assembly and can be used right out of the box adds to the ease with which it may be used.

A cherry recipe is included in the form of an eBook, which is a pleasant added touch. In addition to that, the manufacturer offers a return policy that is valid for a total of one hundred and twenty days.


  • Extremely simple to operate.
  • Non-corrosive
  • Stain resistant
  • Very durable


  • If you pit a lot of cherries, this may not be the best option for you.
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It’s one of those instruments, like a cherry pitter, that you don’t know you need until you really start using it. But if you have one of these in your kitchen, you will notice a significant decrease in the amount of time you spend preparing food, which is an excellent benefit.

These cherry pitters are of the highest quality and come in a wide variety of designs. However, in our perspective, the OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter comes out on top, and we don’t mean that as a pun. The fact that it is both non-slip and shock-absorbing, in addition to having a splatter shield, is what sets it apart from the competition and makes it a winner.


Which cherry pitter is the best?

Our Favorites

  • The OXO Good Grips Quick Release Multi-Cherry Pitter is our pick for the best overall product.
  • The OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter is our pick for the best handheld tool.
  • Best Budget: Suuker Cherry Pitter.
  • The Leifheit Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher Container is the Most Suitable for Large Amounts of Cherries.
  • The ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter is the tool that works the best for pitting little cherries.

Do cherry pitters work?

It is possible to pit cherries by hand; however, a cherry pitter may save a lot of time by swiftly pitting the fruit and preparing it for use in preserves, pies, and other culinary applications. Olives may also be pitted using one of these handy devices.

Is there a hack for pitting cherries?

You just need a bottle that is empty and has a narrow opening for this. A beer bottle is ideal; however, we are just making use of this particular adorable bottle since, well, it’s adorable. While holding the cherry carefully, pass the chop stick through it from one side to the other in order to extract the pit.

What is the best way to pit cherries without a pitter?

You may easily remove the pit from cherries if you have a robust straw (like these metal straws made of stainless steel) or a decorative tip. It even works with chopsticks! Simply place the straw or decorative tip in the area where the stem joins to the cherry, and then, while working over a bowl, press through until you feel the pit. This may be done with any method.

Is a cherry pitter the same as an olive pitter?

It is possible to pit cherries using everyday items found about the home or at an office, but it is much simpler and, most likely, safer to use an implement that was developed expressly for this purpose. Because olives and cherries have almost the same dimensions, shape, and consistency, the vast majority of pitters designed for cherries may also be used to remove the pits from olives.

How do you use multiple cherry pitters?

When you open the pitter, the fruit drops into the bowl, and the easy-to-remove pit tray captures up to 75 pits. All you need to do is position the effective and adjustable pitter over a bowl, fill it with as many as six cherry at once, and push the button. Repeat until pleased. The legs fold inward to make storage more compact, and the whole thing can be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly.

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