Best Apple Peeler and Corer Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

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Because it is one of the most helpful implements for use around the house, an apple peeler is a tool that every household should have at their disposal.

The blade of an apple peeler is made of stainless steel, and this tool can quickly slice, core, and peel apples as well as potatoes. Apple peelers are also known as potato peelers. Utilizing this tool to peel potatoes is another possible use for it.

It is essential to include apples in your diet on a regular basis (source), whether you eat them raw as a snack or bake them into a pie for you and your family as a dessert. There is a proverb that says, “one apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and it is important to include apples in your diet on a regular basis.

The vast majority of us will find that peeling an apple to get it into the desired shape to be a difficult chore, which may discourage us from engaging in all of that labor.

Because there is now an apple peeler available to make your life simpler, you no longer have any reason to be concerned.

In addition to being able to remove the center of the apple, the vast majority of modern designs for apple corers also have the capability of slicing the apple.

If you buy one, peeling will be much easier and take much less time, and you can be sure that your children and other members of your family will get the vitamins that are absolutely necessary for healthy growth and development. If you don’t buy one, peeling will be much more difficult and take much more time.

In this article, we are going to focus on the most essential characteristics of the top five apple peelers and corers available on the market today, all of which are designed to fulfill the requirements that you and your family have. Apples can be prepared in a variety of ways, including peeling, coring, and slicing, and these are the types of tools that can accomplish all of those tasks.

5 Best Apple Peeler and Corer Reviews 2022

1 – Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler by Spiralizer

The magnesium die-cast that was utilized in the building of this specific model provides higher strength and lifespan when compared to its metal cousin, steel, and was employed in the creation of this particular model.

It features a winding rod that is chrome-plated and resistant to corrosion, and it comes with a safety cover to provide the highest level of protection for the user as well as others in the immediate area. In addition to this, it has a three-prong extension, which offers the utmost degree of stability and strength when it is being used.

This apple peeler has a 3-in-1 action, which means that it first removes the core of the apple, then slices the apple, and lastly slices the apple into rings, and it does all of this in a single, quick motion at the same time. The finished product is a natural wonder that is appealing to look at.

As a result of this, fruits, and apples in particular, will become “your go-to snack” owing to the minimal amount of time and effort that will be necessary to prepare them. This is because apples take the least amount of time and effort to prepare.

The Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler includes a handle made of poly for a solid grip, while the blades are made of stainless steel that has been chrome plated. Both of these components are created in the United States.

If you’re peeling an apple, for instance, the last thing you want is for the peeler to fall over and hurt you while you’re in the middle of the procedure. The base of the peeler is equipped with a rubber vacuum that is meant to sit on a tabletop and offer a tight hold on the surface. This is done to avoid the occurrence of the scenario described above.

If you’re searching for an apple peeler that can do more than just peel apples, this is the tool for you. Not only can it peel apples, but it can also slice through any fruit or potato, making your task much easier.

The completed product is durable and can be put to use for lengthy periods of time as a direct result of the excellent quality of the materials that were used in the manufacturing process. Because it often does not need the use of a manual or specific directions to be followed, it will be reasonably easy for you to put together after it has been brought to you.

Because it does not need a handbook or instructions to be used, and because it is highly steady while it is being used, it is great for senior persons who lack the stamina to peel while standing.

Spiralizer’s Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler is my favorite of their goods since it is so easy to clean and wash after each use. This makes it my top choice among all of their offerings.


  • It is durable enough to survive several applications.
  • It does not corrode easily in any environment.
  • An excellent choice for usage in difficult circumstances
  • Additionally, it may be used to a wide range of different kinds of fruits.


  • Because of its weight, it is both difficult to transport and difficult to store.
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2 – Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler

If you are interested in purchasing a peeler, one of the brands that I recommend the most is the Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler. It provides an exceptional and efficient performance, which is why it is one of the most popular choices among consumers.

Even though you have to manually turn the handle of the peeler, the process of peeling apples is made much easier and quicker by the fact that you have to pack the apple into the peeler as firmly as possible while turning the handle. This makes the task of peeling apples much more efficient.

The blade of this particular model is significantly more extensive than that of other models that are classified in the same category as it is.

Because of this one factor in particular, peeling can be done rapidly and successfully with only the bare minimum amount of effort and time required.

The Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler is built for efficiently peeling large quantities of apples while simultaneously removing only the fruit skin. It accomplishes this by simultaneously removing only the outer layer of the fruit. This helps to cut down on the total amount of fruit that is thrown away, which, in turn, helps you to keep more of the money that you’ve worked so hard to earn.

It has spike holders that keep the blades in place that are made of stainless steel, and the handle is made of tear-resistant nylon material. The blades are held in place by the spike holders.

A spring is loaded into the arm of the apple peeler, which enables it to easily slice through apples of varying sizes, colors, and textures. This peeler has suction grip feet, a corer slicer, and two additional blades, which allow it to slice an entire apple at once. Additionally, the peeler has a corer slicer. In addition, the peeler comes equipped with a corer and slicer.

You can continue peeling without having to worry that the machine will slip out of your hands or topple over because on the one hand, it is quick and simple to operate, and on the other hand, it maintains its stability, which enables you to continue peeling without having to worry that the machine will slide out of your hands.

It is also possible to use it without having to hold it in your hand while you are using it, which means that it will not create a mess in your kitchen. This particular model of peeler has a larger cutting surface in comparison to other similar peelers that are currently available on the market.

It comes with a bonus corer slicer and two additional blades, which comfortably cater for all of your peeling needs while also providing a powerful performance that will leave you happy and satisfied with the apple peeler. [Case in point] Because of this characteristic, the product is one of my favorites, and it’s also one of the reasons I recommend it to others.

Another essential detail to keep in mind is the fact that this peeler does not require the use of electricity.


  • There is no need for the use of electrical power.
  • User-friendly
  • When contrasted with the breadth of the blades on others
  • Additional corer and slicer blades, along with the bonus set, are included.
  • Design flaws that make the body unattractive

  • It is challenging to maintain its cleanliness.
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3 – Johnny Apple Peeler by VICTORIO VKP1010

This apple peeler is my go-to option since it has a sturdy body made of enamel-coated cast iron, a design that is one of a kind, and a handle made of wood; all of these qualities add to its beauty and streamlined look.

Because the blade is made of stainless steel, it is not only long-lasting but also resistant to rusting from the wet fruits, which prevents the apple from being tainted while it is being peeled.

It is capable of peeling, coring, and slicing the fruit all at the same time due to the fact that it is intended to do these three distinct functions simultaneously.

The base of the peeler is built with a robust suction foundation to provide a secure hold.

The user’s safety is not in any way jeopardized by the operation since it maintains a high degree of stability while it is being conducted, regardless of the surface on which it is performed, and because the end result remains unbroken.

Because of this, there will be a huge decrease in the possibility that any accidents that take place in the kitchen might end up being fatal.

The fact that this peeler can be adjusted to provide the user control over the depth of the cut is the characteristic that the vast majority of its users find to be the aspect that endears it to them.

Because the user has the freedom to core, slice, and peel the apple according to his chosen taste and preference, which ultimately results in customer delight, this particular model was built for the purpose of specifying how the apple should be peeled.

Since of the material that was used in its creation, not only is it long-lasting, but it can also sustain intense usage for longer periods of time. This makes it economically viable, especially for you as the customer, because you will save money in the long run. When purchasing the blades, you should exercise heightened caution due to the fact that they come with a warranty that is valid for a period of five years.

This apple peeler is one of my favorites for peeling apples since it can be customized to the specific needs and requirements of the customer. This makes it one of the most versatile apple peelers available.


  • While in use, very dependable and long-lasting in its performance
  • Versatile-can peel, slice, and core
  • Adjustable peeling blade


  • Adjustments to the peeler might be confusing for some people.
  • Be very careful not to lacerate yourself on the rough edges.
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4 – Kitchen Basics® Heavy Duty Apple Peeler

It has a sturdy, compact design, and it’s made from a strong metal that is rust resistant, which makes it highly durable and perfect for heavy usage because it can withstand wear and tear for a very long time, representing value for money for you, the customer. Because it can withstand wear and tear for such a long time, it is perfect for heavy usage. I really like using this apple peeler.

Because it is designed to function in a 3-way operation, it is capable of coring, slicing, and peeling all at the same time. As a result, the amount of labor that you need to do will be reduced, and you will save both time and effort in the process.

It is versatile in the sense that the blade may be adjusted in order to fulfill the prerequisites of the particular activity that is being carried out at any given time.

The blades of this peeler run horizontally, which is another helpful feature. Because of this, it is feasible to set a container at the base of the peeler to collect the peeled skin and keep your kitchen neat.

Because its blade is constructed of stainless steel and because it is capable of performing its tasks with a high degree of accuracy, it is suitable for use in the kitchen. In addition to this, it can peel apples into spiral rings that are enticing for youngsters to consume. This contributes to an improvement in the children’s health while also providing them with a balanced diet.

The fact that this peeler has a safety mechanism built into it is one of the aspects of it that strikes me as very outstanding. The metal spike has a protective cap made of plastic that is placed over it whenever it is not in use. This keeps the home and everyone in it safe whenever the spike is not in use.

The peelers have a rubber base at the bottom that securely grips the surface they are being used on. This prevents the peelers from slipping and also provides stability when they are being used to peel.

Components for the kitchen that serve several purposes and are of commercial grade quality and sturdiness The Apple Peeler is one of the peelers that I consider to be among the best that are now on the market.


  • Solid metal design – robust to use
  • Resistance to the formation of rust
  • Outstanding for an extensive quantity of application
  • The suction cup at the bottom of the base allows it to attach to the surface of the counter.


  • There may be occasions when it is difficult to turn the handle.
  • It is possible to put yourself in harm’s way while the spikes are exposed.
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5 – Precision Kitchenware – Stainless Steel Apple Peeler

This peeler is made of stainless steel, which prevents it from rusting and makes it long-lasting. Because it can be used for a very long time, it demonstrates that it offers excellent value throughout the course of its existence.

The end result is uniformly and beautifully peeled fruit that has been peeled, cored, and sliced all in one swift move by the device. Because of the way the gadget was constructed, it is able to do all three duties at the same time.

The 3 in 1 action ensures that there is a higher level of precision and accuracy when it comes to peeling, minimizing wastage by removing only the fruit covers, ensuring that you get to enjoy the whole fruit, and ensuring that there is a higher level of precision and accuracy when it comes to peeling. Moreover, it ensures that there is a higher level of precision and accuracy when it comes to peeling.

You may have the perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon or the ideal snack for lunch, both of which will enhance your health while simultaneously improving your immunity due to the vitamins derived from the apple fruit. Peeling it only takes a few minutes and is fast and easy to do.

It completely changes an unpleasant and arduous activity into an enjoyable and straightforward experience that you will enjoy and take delight in carrying out in the kitchen.

One of the best apple peelers in my collection is the Precision Kitchenware – Stainless Steel Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer. This is due to the fact that the design of this apple peeler is very user-friendly.

It is easier to put together at the time of delivery since it does not need a manual book or instructions to put it together, and it is ready to be used immediately after it has been delivered.

Last but not least, the fact that it is lightweight (1.37 pounds) and has small proportions (approximately 10.1 by 5.9 by 4.3 inches) makes it much easier to clean and store away.


  • Execution with a very high degree of precision
  • Construction-wise, it was a simple affair.
  • Easy to clean and put away after use.
  • It is not susceptible to rusting and may be used for an extended period of time.


  • The suction base does not fare very well in terms of durability over time.
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Factors to Consider When Buying an Apple Peeler

Apple peelers are currently readily available on the market in a variety of designs and price points. Even though they are all wonderful and have designs that are substantial and long-lasting, you still need to be sharp to quickly identify their differences by looking at a variety of qualities. This is because you need to be able to differentiate between them.

If you are aware of this information, it will be much simpler for you to select the appropriate brand that is of the appropriate quality, is within your price range, and is long-lasting. If you are not aware of this information, it will be much more difficult for you to make this determination. Not only should it be one that peels your fruits to your desired taste and preference, but it should also be one that will cater fully to your peeling needs as well as kitchen use to prevent you from having regrets in the future. In other words, it should be one that peels your fruits to your desired taste and preference, but it should also be one that peels your fruits to your desired taste and preference,

When searching for an apple peeler to buy, there are a lot of different aspects to take into consideration in this process. Now that we know that, shall we find out?

Sharp Edge

The construction and design of the peeler are two of the most important aspects; the peeler should have a solid, razor-sharp edge that is capable of cutting through the core of the fruit in such a way that only the outer layer of the fruit is peeled away from the fruit.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a decent edge and a poor edge, but the most important thing to look for in a peeler is that it tears only the natural product and not how accurately it cuts.

Countertop or Handheld

The overwhelming majority of apple corer designs call for the tool to be used on a flat surface and have a handle that is intended to be employed for the process of peeling fruit.

They are able to resist heavy-duty usage when they are being used for tasks like as coring, slicing, or peeling. As a result, it is crucial to choose the one that has a reliable construction mechanism and a firm hold on the surface that it will be used on.

The great majority of apple peelers that are meant to be used in the house are designed to be used on counter-tops and are equipped with a rubber suction base. This is because counter-top usage is the most common application for these peelers. This eliminates the risk of the peeler slipping and causing the user to suffer any kind of injury.

Apple peelers that may be held in one’s hand are the choice for peeling apples in a business environment that is the most productive, the fastest, and the one with the least amount of difficulty to operate, hence their use is highly advised.

Electric or Manual

When purchasing an electric peeler, you should pay special attention to the question of whether or not the device uses the AC power option.

You can continue to use your apple peeler even if there is a power outage or if you are at a picnic with your family outside. This feature is important because it allows you to continue using your apple peeler even if there is a power outage. Even in conditions like these, you should still be able to use the peeler if it is powered by AC.

Your time in the kitchen will be much more enjoyable when you use an electric peeler because they are easy to operate and take up less time than manual peelers.

When using a manual peeler, on the other hand, there are models that can be purchased that do not require the user to hold the peeler while it is being used; all that the user is required to do is place the apple on the peeler and start turning it with their hands.

This kind is for people who want to have more control over the peeling process, whether they’re peeling potatoes or fruit. It’s for people who want to have more control.


You will be better equipped to make decisions, which will enable you to acquire the apple peeler of your choice, which will alleviate the burden of laborious work and make the process of peeling apples a little bit simpler and more enjoyable for you. The information that was included in the previous article will assist you in making these decisions.

This is the perfect present to give to your significant other, your children, or your parents on holidays and special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays because it will add a touch of glitz and glamour to their kitchen. Other examples of such occasions include Christmas and Thanksgiving.

After a significant amount of time spent researching and analyzing various products, the Spiralizer Apple/Potato Peeler emerged as the undeniable victor. This piece of machinery is constructed to function dependably for a very extended period of time. The fact that it can be utilized for apples, potatoes, and various other fruits is of secondary importance in comparison to the fact that it is exceptionally user-friendly and adaptable.


Can you Spiralize zucchini with an apple peeler?

Although I use it to make veggie pasta salad/slaw, it can also be used to make pasta out of zucchini. Simply “peel” the zucchini with the peeler to create little vegetable “pasta” strips, and there you have it!

What is the best choice for coring apples?

What Are The Best Apple Corers?

  • Cast magnesium durable apple corer is our pick for best overall product….
  • OXO Good Grip Apple Corer is the Best Budget Option….
  • The Progressive Thin Apple Corer makes the best slices….
  • The Newness Stainless Steel Apple Corer is Ideal for Working with Pineapples…
  • The Cuisipro Red Apple Corer is the Most Popular Model for Use in the Home…
  • Best Devider: OXO Good Grip Steel Apple Corer.

Which apple slicer is the best?


  • The OXO Good Grips Apple Slicer comes out on top as the best product overall.
  • 2 Apple Slicers from Utopia Kitchen, each with a Sharper Blade.
  • The 3 SCHVUBENR Professional Apple Slicer has a construction that is built to last.
  • 4 Something New Large Apple Slicer – Significantly Bigger Than Most Others.
  • 5 SAVORIVING Apple Slicers That Are Simple to Clean Up After Using

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